How to read body langauge

Reading body language: It seems that reading body language is the new “thing” that everyone wants to know how to do. There are many technical items that go along with non verbal communication skills or reading body language.

These technical items can either make or break your abilities to read others and what their body language means.

Non verbal communication skills can be used for getting the guy or the girl, landing the perfect job or even making that impossible sale that your office could not imagine ever landing. What about flirting with men or women and how do you know if someone is flirting with you?

What communication is will be determined by the people who are interacting with you, what body language us will also be determined by the person or the people who are watching you.

If you would like to learn how to read people know that it is an art that takes some effort and is not instant but what good upper hand skill is there that you can learn from some quick notes?

Who wants to learn how to read body language?

That would be:

  • Sales people who want a competitive edge
  • Police officers to see who is lying and who is telling the truth
  • Amateurs who just want to have fun
  • pick up artists to see if they can use some seduction to land a girl or guy for the night

You are right there isnt a shortcut for any success but it can be fun reading the body language of other people in just about any situation.

For you to learn non verbal skills or how to read body language it is a journey that is well worth the time and effort, once you have the basics down of positions, proximity and even micro expressions you can then move into more complicated information like thelobster claw of deception”.

Reading body language gives you an unfair upper hand when having to deal with people in good or bad situations and can even help you make more money or have more fun with friends.

It doesn’t matter what culture or part of the world you are from people use body language wherever you are but each action can differ from one location to another. Give the thumbs up sign here in the United States and it means a good thing while used in other parts of the world this sign or signal can be found downright offensive.

It is important for you to know what each sign or signal in body language can be understood or interpreted as in order for you to communicate more effectively.

Sometimes body language can be a covert skill that can be used in negotiations or tense situations to give you not just an upper hand but a powerful tool that can change your life when done correctly.

Reading body language requires you to understand what reactions are created from people when they perceive what an action means. Body language really matters when someone believes that an action, sign or signal has a specific meaning. What happens when the person in wrong in interpreting your nonverbal communication and you react in a way to their beliefs that allows them think of you in a negative way?

You then react again and the situation becomes complicated once more.

This site was developed in a way to be fun and educational all at the same time. Some of the videos on reading body language or non verbal communication are ridiculous but that is part of the fun of building content for you to learn from.

Leaving comments or questions about the articles here do make it more interactive for you as you can also have a chance to ask about what a body language sign or signal may mean.

It doesn’t matter where you start either on page 1 or page 100 of the blog as each page was written to help get you to the next step. All of the articles on reading body language were written while keeping in mind that most people are looking to learn about body language for fun.

The best place to learn how to read body lanaguge like an expert or even to understand and interpret social situations for work, fun or even to gain more relationships open here.

Reading Body Language expert Scott Sylvan Bell
Reading body language with Scott Sylvan Bell
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