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Reading body language: There are many things that need to be done in order to become an expert at reading body language.


The best option that you have first is to go out in public and watch people and their interactions. This can be done at a park, at the mall, a large store or even at a bar.


Body language law of reaction

One of the first things that you would need to know and understand before becoming a body language expert is the “law of body language reaction”. The reason that you should know about this law is because it will determine the body language or nonverbal reactions that people have. The law states that people will react to whatever they think that your body language means whether it is accurate or not.


Body langauge expert Scott Sylvan Bell in Las Vegas
Body Language expert Scott Sylvan Bell interviews Influence expert Dr Kevin Hogan


This becomes very important when it comes to reading body language because you must know that one action of the body can cause a person to have a belief and it can be accurate or it can be wrong.


People will react to body language myths because it is something that they heard or saw on the internet or passed on by an instructor who may have heard or seen something wrong.


In order to become a body language expert the “law of body language reaction” will have to be understood so that misinterpreting nonverbal reactions does not  happen.


Reading body language and understanding interactions like an expert

You will want to watch the interactions between people and how close that they stand or sit to each other. Understanding and interpreting the proximity of people of the distance between them can help indicate what type of relationship that they have. The relationship will help determine what should be normal for the distance between the people.


Proximity of body language will set the stage for the type of body language that can or will be present between people at any interactions.


The normal body language of men or women can change and be different depending upon the situation. The changes that can take place may happen with stress or the group of people who are involved.


Being a body language expert would help you decipher and understand what the interactions mean between groups, men or women.


When looking at seduction a body language expert could tell who is the real deal vs the guy who thinks that he is a pick up artist. That would mean that some of the guys out there who think that they are pick up artists do not convey the correct body language.


Confidence or fear can be read through the actions of the body along with facial expressions. There are a few expressions that are universal to everyone on this planet. These microexpressions can help determine the mood of situation along with the proximity of the people that are being read for body language. The 6 most common expressions that a face can make are:

  • ·         Disgust
  • ·         Surprise
  • ·         Anger
  • ·         Fear
  • ·         Sadness 


These signs and signals of the face are determined by the lips, eyes and checks. Learning how to read microexpressions are a key to becoming a body language expert. You may see that one person that you are observing is surprised while the other person has disgust that would help you understand that something could be going on that needs to be scrutinized or may be an area of concern. This area of concern combined with the reactions from the people involved would allow you to read their body language of nonverbal actions.


Body language of body parts

Being a body language expert you would also need to know what interactions of body parts mean between people.

  • ·         What a hand signal could mean
  • ·         What the tilt of a head could mean
  • ·         How people touch other people and with it signifies or could possibly mean
  • ·         The direction of peoples feet and what it could determine and if the person is interested in you or the business proposal
  • ·         Where the shoulders are pointing and what it means
  • ·         What a person is looking at or who they are looking at
  • ·         How the eyes interact with people


Reading body language to understand the signs and signals of nonverbal communication

Some people want to learn how to read body language to catch a liar, there are some specific actions that happen when people lie.

  • ·         The face may become flush
  • ·         The blinking rate may increase
  • ·         The body language of the liar may cause them to touch their face, nose or ears
  • ·         The body language of the liar may cause them to start shifting in their seat
  • ·         The liars body language may not even tell they are lying if they are good at what they do


These are all possibilities of lies or lying but not definite actions that prove so. Learning how to read body language like an expert will help you understand that a single actions does not definitely mean that something has happened it means that something is wrong.


Anxiety and stress can cause a man or woman’s body language change. This stress can make the person seem like they are lying or not being truthful. Base lining a person to see their normal reactions to any type of stimulus that creates a change in the body is what the experts do.


Sometimes when looking at proximity, the direction of the body, the touch associated with people and the context or location of the event being read gives the expert enough information to give an educated guess as to what is going on in the minds of people under review.


When the body language expert is right about the actions of what the men or women are doing they look like they have the ability to read minds. This capability to be a mind reader is what makes an expert look good.


The ability to read people does take time and effort to learn. Learning how to read microexpressions is more than a skill it is an art form since the facial expression can be a fraction of a second.


One of the best places to look to become a body language expert is the tabloids because most of the pictures of celebrities happen as a surprise. It doesn’t mean that the description in the title is correct but the pictures do give a real view of the man or the woman who is in the photos.


Reading body language is a skill you can learn while interpreting the signs and signals of peoples nonverbal communication. Learn how to become a body language expert to understand the actions of others.

 For the Youtube chanel for body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell go here: 

Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell

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