Body language of impatience

Body language of impatience has a few key components that can help you understand and interpret what signs and signals you can watch or see and almost immediately determine impatience. Now there is always the temptation to believe or to think that you know exactly what an action of the body means and therefore what the other person or people are thinking. Base lining or watching the man woman or child to determine their normal behavior patterns is always important to ensure that you read their message right. You will want to watch the person for a few moments to determine normal patterns or routines that they have.

It may be that you are the coolest person on the planet and everyone likes to hang out with you but what about when that person that is with you needs to be somewhere else or they are uncomfortable in their surrounding? You may find that the signs and signals of impatience show through and if they are not deal with your message may be lost.


 People can be impatient for many reasons but you will really find that there are really 2 reasons almost everything will fall under:

  • ·         They are not interested in what you have to say or offer because they are busy
  • ·         They have somewhere to be because they are busy and they are not interested in what you have to say or offer


As you watch and read the body signals of a person you can work with the top down approach and that is to start with the head and move down the rest of the body.


Impatience and the body language of the head, shoulders and torso

You may find that when anyone has somewhere to be they may not keep eye contact with you or may turn their head slightly while talking to you almost as if they are talking out the side of their mouth. The head of the person may even nod their head away from you as a nonverbal way to try and escape form the situation. Where you would normally find good eye contact with the person if you know them and now they will not hold it for very long chances are good that something else is going on and they would rather be somewhere else.


When you look at the trunk of the body, the shoulders or even the torso when there is impatience you may also see that there is a shift away from you to a door or someone else, their proximity to you may change. The level of the shoulders may change and tilt away from you or the man, woman or child will lean away from you. This may be a sign that the person you are with does not want to be with you or they need to be somewhere else.  

In some instances you may see the breathing pattern change and the person starts to take deep breaths.


Body language of the infamous hand roll

There has been a time where either you have done this or someone has done the action of rolling their hands or arms to you. This sign or signal is a way for the person to say without saying let’s get this ball rolling or move on. If you are a persuader or influencer your commitment to a message or a time has overstepped its bounds and chances are good you are about to lose the arrangement or agreement. This hand or arm roll may also be used with the head nodding as the impatience wears into the conversation. At first these signs may be subtle with a finger roll and may lead into full blown hand and arm rolls.   


A common set of body language signs of impatience paired together.

The changes in the body language may include groups or clusters of different actions along with the shifting of the body and or torso.

  • ·         Hand and arm rolls
  • ·         Glaring of the eyes
  • ·         Loss or lack of eye contact
  • ·         Micro expressions of contempt 
  • ·        Shaking of the head  
  •           Deep breaths and or sighs
  • ·         Foot tapping
  • ·         A body tilt toward the door
  • ·         A change in proximity
  • ·         Signs of pouting in the face
  • ·         Over animation in the arms and head
  • ·         Feet shifting away from you

There may also be some ever so subtle signs and signals that may even be considered convert could include the feet and hands of the person who is impatient. It may just be that the person who is impatient is slightly pointing their hand or starts to point a foot away from you.


Verbal actions coupled with nonverbal actions   

Impatience not only changes the nonverbal actions of the body but may also include the verbal attributes of another person wanting or having to be somewhere else. The pace of the words may speed up along with sentences that become shorter when impatience is present. Answers to questions may also become “yes” or “no” answers to get away faster.

Couple the all of the actions of the body along with the nonverbal actions and you spot when impatience has set in.


What to do with the signs of impatience

There will be times that you will read the signs of impatience and there is a right way to deal with the situation. You can use a phrase similar to “I sense you have somewhere else to be”. Now this can be done wrong if you are not patient and it isn’t vocalized the right way and if that is the case the nonverbal actions of the man or the woman will really change and they will react to you in a negative way.


Remember to be patient as you read the body language of others and that your reactions can cause more problems than what you started with.


Learning how to read body language can increase you effective communication skills.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading body language and or nonverbal communication.


Now go implement!


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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains the nonverbal actions of impatience: Video credit



Body language of successful women


Body language of successful women: Having the ability to read body language like an expert  can help you in many situations whether professional, personal or even when it is dangerous. Understanding the cues or nonverbal actions that men and women take will allow you the ability.


Women have some specific traits that they have when it comes to body language and typically women are softer when it comes to their actions and what they do than what you would find with the body language of a man. This is not a judgment or a bad thing it just is what it is.  


The approach that women have when working with others is different than what a man might do and this ranges from the way that they walk up to a man or woman and what body language or nonverbal actions that they use.


Women have come far in the short span of the last 50 years just going back that far it wasn’t common for a woman to own a business or to be successful without a man. It’s a great and fantastic thing that it is more and more common to see successful women.


When it comes to the nonverbal signs of successful women there will be plenty of “maybe’s and “possibly” statements as there is no exact uniform body language of successful women or men just some common threads that may or may not happen as with any other reading of nonverbal actions.


As a general guide you will always want to baseline the man or the woman that you want to read the body language of especially if you are going to interact, you will not want to have some issues with the law of reaction.  


When successful women read your body language or nonverbal actions know and understand that you will be under far more scrutiny than you would be of that of a successful man, they will know what to look for.


Body language of successful women and confidence

Typically for all of the issues that have held women successful women back they will normally show good signs of confidence. The successful women will normally glide while they walk and it will seem like its even. The eye contact may be stronger than normal as successful women have probably been “eye checked” to see how serious they may be about their business strategies and or tactics and this may really be the case when a man doesn’t believe that “she” will be able to succeed.   Women can tell when a man or another woman lacks confidence as they have been approached for dating and can interpret the bad sigans and signals from the lack of confidence.


Body language of successful women’s hands and touching others  

Typically women take better care of their hands than what men do. You may notice that a successful woman has possible manicured hands and clean skin. A woman who is successful may or may not touch others but when she does it will be appropriate to make sure that the wrong message is not sent to the recipient especially if the recipient is a man. To put it simply a successful woman will know where to touch and where not to no matter what her hands look like.


Pay attention to how you touch a woman successful or not for them it will be a comfort zone issue. Know that the general rule is that it is ok to touch a woman after they have touched you in limited locations like particularly on the back of their arm from the shoulder to the elbow. Now for the guys who think that they are pick up artists or alpha males the men may think that these rules do not apply to them.


If you are a man or woman reading this women will be looking at your hands to determine what they can decipher about you without even talking.  


Body language of successful women’s clothing

You may find that successful women dress well, now that doesn’t always mean expensive cloths but you will find that most of the time successful women will make sure that their presentation of what they wear is acceptable to the other women and men around them.


If you get the chance to ask women who they dress up for whether its shoes, clothing, makeup, accessories and they will normally say that they way that they look is for other women to not be judged by them. This may not be the case for men, for the most part men only worry about what woman think (this is not a 100% for every man).


A successful woman will show through he nonverbal signs of her clothing that she is a force to be reckoned with especially if she is used to seeing the micro expressions of contempt.


Women whether successful or not will typically pay attention to how other women and men are dressed and make their decisions based upon what they see.


Body language of successful women’s accessories

You will find that successful women will typically know the limitations of what accessories should be worm in each occasion. You may find that “she” has bracelets, earrings, pendants on a chain or a ring that are tasteful but not excessive. This is not a 100% rule as some successful women make sure that you know she has money and the diamonds and gold will prove it.


You may find that the successful woman is carrying a nice purse and that her accessories have to match what she is wearing.



Body language of successful women’s shoes

Men typically don’t understand that for women shoes are an accessory that can make or break an outfit whether a woman is successful or not it is typical for women to pay close attention to shoes but not just theirs, but your also.


For some women dirty shoes are a deal breaker especially if you have not taken care of yours. That means that they better be cleaned and or polished and this could be for a man or a women. Women usually pay more attention to details and make their decisions based upon “gut instinct” more than what men do.


If you tell a woman that you are successful the shoes that you wear as a man or a woman may just give away whether you are telling the truth or fabricating your abilities.    


Body language of successful women’s nonverbal actions

Successful women will understand the rules of proximity even if they don’t know a name like “bell bubble”. Women can be more intuitive when it comes to dealing with others and may have a better sense of paying attention to what their body is doing so that they do not have to answer for it later.


A successful women will pay attention to your nonverbal actions to see if what you are saying will match up to what your body is saying or doing.


It is not ever a good idea to lie to someone but lying to a successful woman would be a mistake especially if they have kids because they are used to seeing kids make things up to not get into trouble. If she thinks for a second that you are not being truthful chances are you are done and will not get a second chance.  


Body language of successful women and double standards

Over the years with women being around business the unofficial rules have relaxed but there still is plenty of room to make changes. You may see successful women show the signs of frustration while dealing with others especially if there are double standards as to what they are doing and dealing with men. Women can touch other women or men but its not the other way around for women getting touched by men there is a double standard but that isn’t a bad thing.



Body language of successful women as times change

It’s a good thing to see women making their way more into the business world. A recent article said that 70% of all new businesses being started are by women. It will be interesting to see the types of changes that move forward as women become more successful and the culture of business changes. Hopefully the endeavors work out for the women and you will get more of a chance to read the nonverbal actions and signs of successful women in the future.


Reading the body language of anyone can be beneficial to your professional, personal and even dating life. Home study course can be used when you want and at your own pace.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of successful women.




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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares the body language of successful women: Video credit.

Body language of mirroring

Mirroring body language: There are plenty of cool things that you can do when it comes to learning how to read body language or even interpret the nonverbal signs of men or women. One of the most important items that you can learn to help your persuasive abilities, best of all when done right you have some covert skills and it’s all nonverbal.


The term mirroring means that you would do nonverbally what the other person does:

  • ·         They woman touches her face, you touch your face
  • ·         She crosses her legs you cross your legs
  • ·         The man smiles you smile
  • ·         You yawn and then she yawns
  • ·         He touches you, you touch him back

 YouTube Preview Image

Wait it means that the mirroring and body language goes both ways?


Yes it does and you may have not ever noticed that salespeople may have mirrored you.


There is a point where you build enough rapport where they may start to follow you and then follow your lead (pace).


Body language mirroring of similar not exact

Mirroring body language can go wrong and that is for a few reasons and it makes your actions overt instead of covert:


Too similar too soon means that your reaction is too quick and that is a common body language mistake. The whole idea for your mirroring or copying is to be covert and not overt. When mirroring is done right the other person may or may not know that you are either pacing them or mirroring them.


Many times when people hear about or are shown mirroring they become too eager to get started and their movements are so quick that it isn’t really natural. These super skills that are supposed to help along with the process of rapport and or the persuasion process then end up hurting the person that they are supposed to help.


Just be patient when learning this new covert body language skill and you will be rewarded.


Body language of mirroring of similar

When mirroring a man or woman your bodies actions only have to be similar.

  • ·         When she touches her face you can touch you’re a few seconds later but do not touch it in the same exact spot
  • ·         When he crosses his legs you can wait a few seconds or a moment and then you cross your legs



Body language of pacing and leading

Pacing and leading is a strategy from NLP. Pacing means that you are following a man or woman. Leading would be when they are following you. Now throughout an interaction you can switch up the leader or the pacer.


You will know you are in good rapport when it goes both ways. At some moments it may be a body language strategy to give up some power and follow a man or woman and in some instances you may want to be in charge and have them follow you.


Body language of mirroring and touch

Now when it comes to touch there are common mistakes that you can make. In real time if you are waiting 5 – 10 seconds after someone makes movement for you to copy you will want to wait a few seconds longer if this action has to do with touch. You will have to practice this out with another man or woman that you know but you cannot tell them what you are doing to so that you can get the timing right. You can let the man or the woman in on your secret after you have practiced a few times. Mirroring touch has to feel natural or the situation will become very awkward.


Touching too quickly is also a common body language mistake.


Body language of mirroring and where to practice

How to learn body language made simple. You can practice mirroring body language anywhere and find it to be an effective use of nonverbal communication. You can just sit down at the coffee shop and watch a man or woman out of the corner of your eye and do a similar action and then when the man or woman changes their position you wait a few moments or even seconds and then do something similar but not exact. You may even want to watch the distance that you keep from the person when you make the touch so that you know where your proximics are or the “bell bubble”


Normally when someone hears about mirroring or wants to learn about it they make this common mistake for body language and that is to move too quickly.


As a side note while mirroring a man or woman out in public they may come over to you and ask questions like “Do we know each other”? This action is common along with them interacting with you somehow.


You can literally practice mirroring men or women’s nonverbal actions anywhere and get the same type of results. You may notice the next time someone is trying to influence you that they start to mimic or mirror your actions. You will be able to tell how good they are by their lag time or if they have just started by their ability to covertly mirror others.

 Learn how to read body lanagueg and get the most advanced knowledge possible:

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the body language of mirroring.


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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares body language and mirroring: Video credit

law of reaction

Law of reaction: Whether you are reading the body language of others, learning how to persuade or just interacting with a loved one it is important for you to watch how you respond to others.


The law of reaction is that you will react to what the other man, woman or group of people around you based upon their reaction. This reaction can be based on nonverbal communication of facial expressions or even a body action like crossed arms.


To put this into context let’s say  you are talking to your significant other and they ask how your day was. You respond “fine” but there was a little attitude in your voice. They would then react to your “fine” and get a little attitude themselves and say “I should have never asked” then you get a little more upset and the conversation goes to the moon and doesn’t work out and some issues are created.

 YouTube Preview Image

The same thing can happen with nonverbal communication or body language.


The law of reaction and body language:

When it comes to body language one of the first items to learn is that it only matters what the other person thinks is going on.


If a man or woman thinks that arm crossed means being closed off then to them your crossed arms gives you an edgy appearance. Your crossed arms that cause for comfort for you then causes an issue with the man or the woman and they then react to your body language in a way they think is appropriate.


You then react in a way that you think is appropriate defending yourself …


Then the situation escalates and there really is a confrontation because now you are closed off and don’t want to listen and are angry that there was a misinterpretation about what was going on.


Now if you were to already able to interpret and understand body language your would have known the cues to uncross your arms because the feeling of “being closed off” may appear.


The law of reaction happens everyday: You will react all day long to things that happen and your reactions will cause others to react to what you have done. This ongoing reaction happens vocally, non-verbally and even though digital transmissions like email or text messages. This is one reason why it is so important that your message is refined and easy to understand. You job is to also have some patience when others react to your message before you react it will show to others that you are more in control of the situation even if it is your fault and you did not communicate effectively.

Just think of how many relationships whether in business or personal life suffer from those who react the wrong way. In the sales world this is the difference between reacting vs responding. Take the time to clarify before you choose the next action to take but also pay attention to your nonverbal actions to see if another person may see them as threatening or closed off.


Learn how to construct your nonverbal communication better by this course and take your body language reading skills to the next level.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the law of reaction.


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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares the law of reaction: Video credit!

Body language of confidence

Reading body language: Now there are many things that you can do when reading the body language of others. You can learn just as much if not more from a man or woman’s nonverbal communication as you can from their words.


When a woman or man is confident they have signs and signals that people not just interpret but they understand without knowing body language. It is just seen and automatically compiled in the brain.


As people lose their confidence there is also body language that is associated with their lack of certainty. This lack of certainty can also be picked up and picked apart.


When you are looking at or viewing a man or woman who has problems with their confidence  or the body language of someone who is confident there are a few items that you can read into:

  • ·         The posture of the man or the woman
  • ·         The pace of the man or woman’s walk
  • ·         The speed of the movements of the man or woman’s body
  • ·         The position of the chin
  • ·         The eye contact of the man or woman
  • ·         The micro expressions or facial expressions
  • ·         The breathing pattern or location of the man or woman


Reading the body language confidence that high or low

The posture is going to give you the first clue as to what is possibly going through someone’s mind and how confident they are or are not. A confident man or woman will typically sit or stand straight up with their shoulders rolled out. In a sense it may seem like they are trying to make their body appear larger or take up more space but in a little more subtle action. A non-confident person will shrink and the shoulders may roll inwards along with the lack of a strong posture. The man or woman’s head may be tilted down.


The posture is one of the easiest portions of the body when it comes to reading the signs and signals of body language, It is fairly simple to determine whether or not a person has proper posture.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell helps you interpret the body language of confident women
Body language of confident women a how to read guide


In some instances standing with hands behind the back may be seen as a high sign of confidence when it comes to body language but be careful sometimes this action may cause people to think that you have something to hide. “See the law of reaction”


Reading the body language of confidence and eye contact

Confident men and women are not scared to make or hold good eye contact. In some instances an arrogant person may hold eye contact too long and it becomes uncomfortable.


When dealing with a man or woman who is lacking confidence they may have a tough time holding eye contact with others for more than a few seconds. A man or woman who is good with their nonverbal communication would know when to break their eye contact so that it would not be uncomfortable.


Reading the body language of confidence and walking

Men and woman who have high confidence have a glide to their movements, an elegance that can be picked up on. The confident man or woman strides when they walk and they do not take small steps normally and this may not be an accurate explanation if there is a medical condition of the confident man or woman. 


When a man or woman lacks confidence they may walk slower than a person who has more confidence. The steps can be seen as smaller as the strides get smaller. It may also seem like the person with less confidence is wandering as if they don’t know where they are going. A confident person may not know where they are going but you may not be able to tell from how they are walking it may seem like they are on their way to a destination.


A confident man or woman will walk with their chin up in the body language of arrogance the man or woman may hold their chin up higher and may display contempt as a facial expression while they are on the go. The eye contact from a confident man or woman would be good and could be help for longer than most people are comfortable with.

On the other hand a non-confident man or woman would walk with their head down and not make good eye contact with others


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell helps you understand the body language of confident men and women
Body language signs and signals of confident women


Reading the body language of hands and confidence

A man or woman who is lacking confidence may hide their hands in their pockets or wring them together. The hand wringing may be in any situation even if the man or woman is standing or sitting.


If the man or woman uses his or her hands while talking you will see their glide or elegance of their actions while a man or woman who is lacking in confidence will have more jerky motions and it may seem like they are a bit nervous and sometimes they will shake.


A confident man or woman may know that they should not point at another person and would leave their hands open to display that they are trustworthy. A less confident man or woman may keep their hands closed and this may create confrontation.


To be seen and viewed as confident keep your hands in view or the people or person that you are talking to so that it is not difficult for others to trust you. Practice in front of a mirror or camera your average every day conversations to see how you interact using your body language with others.


Reading the body language of confidence and breathing

Men and women who are confident may breath differently than a person who is lacking confidence. The breathing pattern of someone who is confident will have a slower deliberate pattern and may know how to breathe through their diaphragm naturally but their breathes will still be seen as strong


For the man or women who are lacking confidence you may see and hear them taking slower shallow breathes. This breathing could be seen almost as a panting but slower.


Reading the facial expressions of a confident woman or man  

The facial expressions of a confident man or woman may be seen as a smile or smirk. The eyes are open and visible. The forehead is not scrunched but more relaxed. You would be able to read a relaxed state on the face or in the facial expressions of the man or woman. The eyebrows could be even but not down as if the person was sad.


For a man or woman who is lacking confidence their might be a tight look on their face almost as if they are worried about something. Their lips may be turned in or puckered out. The forehead of the man or woman who lacks confidence may show wrinkles and their eyebrows may be pointed down in the center.


Reading the body language of confidence in men or women has many of the same characteristics for both sexes. Start with looking at either men or women and learn one sexes traits before the others.


Body language expert advice

Learning how to read the body language like an expert of others can help you understand and interpret the signs and signals of other people’s body language can be done here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of confidence.


Now go implement!


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Smiling Woman by David Castillo Dominici, Girl In Purple Dress by posterize:Photo credit for reading the body language of confidence in women

Reading body language of successful men or women

Reading body language: Watching others and interpreting their actions out in public may help you understand how to read the body language of successful people better.


If you are up for a challenge in just about every city around the world there are places where you can go and learn about people more than you might imagine.


Ok so it’s not a school but that is a good guess if that is what you were thinking…


If you really want to learn the art of reading body language of other people there are two great locations to go.

  • ·         A bar about 11:00 pm or after
  • ·         A mall where there are both people of low income and people of higher incomes


Today’s information will be based on the second option or place to go and learn nonverbal communication skills.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows the body language of successful women and men
Reading the body language of successful women and men


Reading the body language of successful people can help you understand what actions make these people successful and what may be keeping others from gaining what they want from life.


You may be shocked as you find out a few things about your neighbors that can make all of the difference in the world for you.


Just think for a second ponder this…


Have you ever taken the time to see how successful people walk?


Not just their confidence but how fast they walk?


You may think that is an absurd thing to think about when it comes to reading the body language of successful people but it is the basis of reading into what they do and what makes them successful.


If you have somewhere to be do you walk slowly or do you walk fast?


When you are reading the body language of successful people you will notice that they tend to walk in a pace like they know where they are going because they do. Successful people know that their time is valuable and they have more things that they could be doing besides just strolling for the day. Even on weekends or time off you will normally see successful people in a “hurry” to get to where they are going.


On the other hand you will normally see people in less advantageous fiscal setting walk slow to where they are going. Now this is not always an absolute but in many instances this can  be seen.


Reading body language of successful peoples jewelry and accessories   

Sometimes people will go overboard to make up for a lack of something and many times that will be in the form of jewelry for successful people. Successful men or women will typically wear a nice watch or a ring but they do not go overboard. Some people would have you believe that successful people are dripping in jewelry or diamonds and while this may happen for gala events it not always the way it is.


In many instances successful men or women do what they can to hide some of their more expensive jewelry or accessories. Now this is not always the case because there are some men and women who would like to flaunt their success with their body language or with their jewelry or accessories.


Fashion magazines would lead you to believe that successful people carry one specific brand or style of purse or shoes and while there are some successful men or women that do have a few items it may be more of a celebrity who will not touch anything else but a few brands.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows you how to read the body language of successful men and women
Reading body language of successful men and women


Reading the body language of successful men may show that they have a custom suit, one of the designer ties or even custom shoes. On his off time you may find that he has a few favorite brands or designers that he wears during the evening or the weekend but more than likely just has some sort of jeans and t-shirt attire for the off time. Usually these clothes are comfortable and completely opposite as to what some media outlets would want you to think.


Reading the body language of confidence in successful men or women

Successful men or women will show confidence while others read their body language. In some instances their body language will read arrogance but this is not always the case. Successful men or women will seem to others as they know what they want because in many instances they do. When dealing with successful men or women their nonverbal communication may show more  impatience than someone with less success when their time is being wasted because they understand just how much their time is worth or that they may be working on another project or idea.


You may find that a successful man or woman has fluid movements when talking with others that seem smooth and not overdone. Their hand gestures are typically done in a way where they stay within the “bell bubble” and you would also find that they understand their social value. Most successful people understand how to communicate with others but they may not be entirely effective at it. It takes communication skills to work with others and make deals. Successful men or women may understand their proximity while around others while some arrogant successful people may not care as to what others think of them.  


No matter what you think of those who make a good deal of money or who are successful you will find that their nonverbal communication skills or their body language that can be read may be more refined especially if they are used to dealing in high net worth situations. Not every person can be placed in a cookie cutter mold and while some people will fit into these guidelines when it comes to clothing and accessories or confident actions or arrogant actions it is good to note the actions and body language they may display.


Reading body language like an expert is a communication skill that can help you become more successful and can be learned here.


As always I would like to thank you in advance  for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of successful men or women.



Now go implement!



Scott Sylvan Bell




Success Road Sign by scottchanPhoto, Woman Cheering With Champagne by Ambro :credits for reading body language of successful men or women.