Body language of listening


Body language of listening: One of the biggest complaints among people who have conversations is that the man or the woman is not listening.


It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship, work for someone or even have kids at some point you have wondered if the people around you are listening.


As with any project or time with reading the body language of others you will want to baseline or watch the person for a moment to understand their signs and or signals before making a judgment.  

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Nonverbal signs of listening

There are a few nonverbal signs when it comes to listening:

  • ·         Eye contact
  • ·         Direction of the body
  • ·         Tilt of the head
  • ·         Nonverbal actions
  • ·         Micro expressions


Body language of eye contact and listening

When talking to others both men and women prefer that the person that is listening has good eye contact with the speaker. For most people it’s a sign of respect and just a good overall sign that the eye contact is present. Now there are people who pretend that they are listing and they have great eye contact. If it’s just eye contact and no other nonverbal sign the man or woman may be concerned that listening is not happening.


Nonverbal actions of listening and the direction of the body  

Now when a man or woman is listening to you they may turn their body slightly while they listen. If you are not familiar with the person facing each other and standing or sitting too close may cause some altercations. If there is an anticipation of issues it may be best to slightly turn to not aggravate the man or the woman talking to you. This may work well for relationships or in business interactions, just remember slight as it may be a sign that you want to be out of the conversation.


When the man, woman or child is not facing you there will be signs and signals that you will want to look for like shaking the head or using a symbol.


Body language of listening and the tilt of the head

For some men or women that listen actively they will tilt their head to the right or to the left and may even turn their head towards the speaker. Now this is not always the case but there are times where people do so and it may even be when it is difficult to hear in a loud location. Tilting the head is not a definite sign that there is listening going on but may give you a clue to if the man or the woman is listening to what you are saying.


Nonverbal actions of listing

Now some of the other signs and signals of listening is the head, hand or arm movement or even symbols that could be shown. Now people may shake their head yes or no when they listen to you. Now this may be through a sales presentation, a sermon, an argument between a boyfriend or girlfriend or just an everyday conversation.


You may see a man or women give you the thumbs up sign here in the United States or even use an arm swipe as to say no way. There may even be a time where the man or the woman throws their hands up as a sign of giving up while you talk and that may just be a sign that they are about to give up and walk away.


There may even be some signs by shrugging the shoulders or throwing the hands up in the air. There are times where people get impatient and tap pens or anything similar.


Micro expressions and the signs of listening  

As a man or women listens to you they may get emotional for the good or even for the bad and you may be able to see that through their microexpressions. You may have a coworker or friend that gets angry from your conversation and when you see that you may want to change the course of the conversation. It doesn’t make sense for you to expect the other person to listen to you and you then not listen to them.


You will also want to show your active listening body language or nonverbal communication with the other man or woman. Just remember the law of reaction because the reaction or the signs and signals you exhibit may cause the other person to react to what you do.  Be patient with others while they communicate and they should be patient with you.


Learning how to read body language can be fun and make your own communication more effective.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of listening



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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares the Body language of listening: video credit

body language of blinking

Body language of blinking: When reading the body language or nonverbal communication of others one of the items that may identify deceit, lies, stress or even medical conditions is blinking. The action of blinking happens naturally and you can easily make mistakes when it comes to interpreting what blinking means.


There are some actions that people really cannot control that perform necessary functions and blinking is one of them.  This action keeps the eyes moisturized but also protects the eyes from debris and bright lights.


The average person blinks every 3-12 seconds and that can work out to 8-10 blinks per minute unless under stress or medical conditions.


Under stress, while fabricating or while lying the rate of blinking may increase.


Body language of blinking and lying

One common mistake that people make when reading the body language of a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is that they are too quick to believe that excessive blinking is a definite sign of lying.


One of the signs of deception and or lying can be excessive blinking and through plenty of misinformation it’s an automatic belief in some it means lying. Now it may also be that the man or woman is under stress. You will have to be careful and baseline the person that you are examining to look for traits that would lead you to understand if it is a lie that is causing the blinking or jest the stress of being questioned. You will also want to take a look at the micro expressions that a man or woman has because if the person does not know about the accusations they should show surprise.


As a man or woman lies they may have a cluster of body language actions that happen when they start to deceive or fabricate. There may be touching of the face, excessive licking of the lips, a change in the breathing patterns, lack of eye contact, a long rub or stroke of a body part like the arm or leg. With these clusters you may notice that the blink rate would increase. This is where you would want to start questioning the story of what is going on if there is a combination of these items going on.  


It could be either be the stress of the encounter or the fact that the man or woman is lying and in some instances it could be both. Just take your time before you make a judgment.  


Body language of stress or fatigue

Fatigue or stress also may directly influence the rate of blinking. When being questioned by a significant other the stress alone may cause some questions about the blink rate. The signs and signals of stress or fatigue will be slower actions from the body.  



Body language of blinking and allergies and medical conditions  

Nervous system ailments can cause men or women to blink faster than normal and these faster blinks will be consistent for the most part.

 Having contacts in may also cause extra blinking so if you know that the man or woman has contacts there is a time where you may want to count this item.

When eyes are itchy there are times where men and or women will blink faster than normal, you may see that they eyes are red and or puffy when this happens. When there is an issue or medical condition the faster blink rate may or may not be consistently fast. There are some people that when interacting with others that blink faster than what they would if they were not. People who work in dimly lit areas may also have blinking triggered.


Reading the body language of others along with their nonverbal signs and signals can help you understand if a man or woman is lying.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about blinking and lying.



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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains the body language of blinking: Video credit

base lining body language

Reading body language: When it comes to reading the nonverbal communication of men or women there are a few things that you must do first in order to make sure that you read the situation the right way. For the ability to read body language effectively you must take the time to base line the situation.


The signs of body language can be overt or right out in the open and the man or the woman doesn’t care that you and everyone else sees them or the man or the woman does not really have control of what they are doing with their nonverbal communication.


The signals of nonverbal communication may also be covert where the people around may not see what one person does with their body language. This may be a threatening gesture all of the way to something seductive.


Base lining and body language

Men, woman and kids have set routines when it comes to gestures and ticks in their body language. Now there may be the sign of lying and touching the face but if the man or the woman consistently touches their face there is a high probability that they may not be lying.


Most readings of body language or nonverbal communication are based on probability. In order to understand what type of probability there is and the accuracy of the read one must take the time to figure out the normal routines of the person that is being read. Reading real time requires the use of probabilities.


In gambling they use the word “tell” as a way to describe the body language of a gambler who has a sign or signal when something good or bad happens.


How to baseline to read body language

Base lining others can happen real time or as the man, woman or child is in action. This reading can take place live or may even be done over video camera. There is also a possibility that there is video of the subject that can be read to help get a grasp for normal routines. In some instances their can be a great deal learned about the person by looking at pictures. Base lining the body language of others is a highly visible actions since you must be able to see what the body is doing.



Base lining and normal actions   

When base lining the normal actions of a man, woman or child you will watch what their body is doing by looking at:

  • ·         Their hands and arms
  • ·         Their facial expressions
  • ·         The direction and spacing of the body
  • ·         Their bell bubble and or proximity to others
  • ·         Their automatic gestures


Base lining of the hands and body language

Many people talk with their hands and they have gestures that are common for them to use. Some nationalities and regions have hand gestures that they use consistently and they may have a totally different meaning in other parts of the world. In some places talking with hands is not just normal but almost required to communicate effectively.


Base lining and facial expressions

Facial expressions can be a rich body language pool of knowledge when it comes to what the other person may or may not be thinking, Micro expressions may be used to determine what an emotion is and when reading the rest of the body may result in almost near mind reading experience of others. Looking at the eyes, eyebrow and mouth can help determine what emotion or emotions are present.


Base lining and the direction and spacing of the body

While base lining the body language of others it is important to note the distance between the people involved. You may be able to understand the nonverbal communication better by looking at the direction the body is facing compared to the other people in the conversation or the group. Talking face to face means one thing and talking to a man or a woman’s back means something different so it is relevant to understand and interpret what is going on.


Base lining and bell bubble and or proximity to others

Not only is it important to know what direction the body is facing to interpret nonverbal communication but it is also important to not the distance between the man or the woman that is being looked at. People who just met will typically have a greater distance from people who are friends and people who are close friends or intimate can be closer in proximity than those who are just friends.


The distance between those communication can help you interpret, understand and baseline a situation better.   


The bell bubble describes the distance between men and or woman and can be described as personal space.


Base lining and automatic gestures

When reading the body language of a subject you will watch for routine or automatic gestures that they have. When a man or a woman lies they may change their routines as to what their body language does. They may have had a hand gesture or facial expressions that they use and when the emotion or context of the situation changes the routine or the facial expression may change. You will want to look for the changes that take place and the is the whole point of base lining how people communicate nonverbally.


In order to interpret body language effectively you must take the time to base line the nonverbal communication of others.


Learning how to read body language can be fun and informative all at the same time, one of the best courses to take can be from home: learn more here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about base lining and reading body language.


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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains how to base line others for reading body language: Video credit

Body language of anger

Body language of anger: When reading the nonverbal communication of men or women there are sometimes where the body language is 100% obvious. There are also times where you will have to read into the micro expressions of others the help you understand or interpret what is going on.


Micro expressions are really a way that you can read minds of other people by looking at what they are doing.  You can even tell if they are surprised or have contempt just from looking at the face.


It is important to remember that most mirco expression only happen for a fraction of a second and some instances they can last longer. You may just get an ever so slight moment to catch on to what a man or woman is feeling or thinking.

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While reading the micro expressions of anger you will want to look at the face of the man or woman and look for:

  • ·         The eyebrows
  • ·         The eyes
  • ·         The mouth


Body language of anger – The eyebrows

The micro expressions of men and women will be the same when it comes to anger. You will start by looking at their eyebrows. When angry the eyebrows will tilt in towards the center of the face or both will be flat and lower. There will be times where the nonverbal communication of anger will be felt from others just from looking at the eyebrows.


Body language of anger – The eyes

When reading the body language of anger the eyes will have a glare to them. In some instances the man or the woman will squint their eyes and in some instances even with the eyebrows down or flat the eyes will be wide open.


Body language of anger – The mouth

The body language of anger in a man or woman will also show through with their mouth. When the micro expressions of anger is shown at the mouth it will be done so through the narrowing of the lips. It may seem as if the man or the woman is biting their lips or holding them so tight they can’t let a word out of their mouth.


Body language of anger – other nonverbal cues from the body

When people are angry their body language or actions will be more animated. The man or the woman may shake their finger at another person and at times their hands will be as far away from the body as possible. You may see the person stomp, waive their arms, punch at non animated objects or people or they may just ball up wherever they are. When a man or woman is angry it is best to leave them alone and stay away from them as your actions may provoke them even further.


How to improve your micro expression skills

In order to experience the body language of anger one of the best things to do is look in the mirror and pretend that you are angry. You will want to look at your eyebrows, your nose and your mouth so that you can see exactly what your own micro expressions are and what your nonverbal communication shows others when you have a feeling or an emotion that can be read off of your face. This goes for any of the other micro expressions also.


Learning how to read the body language of others may sometimes may seem like the ability to be a mind reader  you can learn the skills of nonverbal communication here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of anger!


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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares the body language video: Body language of anger

Body language of a hoodie


Body language of a hoodie: While reading body language there are a few things that you must do first while determining what the nonverbal communication means.


There are a few thins to think about when you are interpreting the body language of a person that you are reading.


Anytime you are reading body language or nonverbal communication you must first baseline the situation.

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Read the context of the situation

The situation for any body language reading includes:

  • ·         People or groups associated
  • ·         The location of the person or the people
  • ·         The context of the location
  • ·         The norms of society for the location at hand
  • ·         The possibilities of what happened before you started base lining the situation


When looking at what someone is wearing you must first determine what is going on in their surroundings. Someone wearing a hoodie when it’s cold outside may not be abnormal as someone wearing a hoodie while its warm may not be out of the norm either.


One of the things to look at is what is the person who is wearing the hoodie up? To add to the situation the clothes do not always determine what a person is up to the person may have just arrive upon whatever is going on.


So the question is for the person wearing the hoodie comfortable or are they up to no good? Some people automatically think that the body language associated with a hoodie is offensive.


Now if you think that a hoodie has the signs and signals of causing trouble or problems you may fall into the Law of reaction. When you interact with person you will react to them and they will then react to you. In some ways the thoughts that you have about a person become a self-fulfilling prophesy.


Some men or women that wear hoodies cover their face. Now for some there is a lack of trust if the face and the eyes cannot be seen. When the hood of a hoodie is used it makes it difficult to the full face. The fear from the hood being over the head comes from the thought that the man or the woman wearing the hoodie is covering their face to hide it so that they can do bad things. In most instances the person who is reacting to the hoodie may be wrong and in some situations they may be right.


The body language or the nonverbal communication of the hands and arms mist be looked at also when reading the body language of a hoodie.


Does it seem like the man or the woman is trying to hide?


Does it seem that the man or the woman is comfortable?


Is it too hot to wear the hoodie?


Does the clothing fit the situation or is it out or the norm?


Could there be more to the story?


Is the man or the woman doing other things you may consider strange?


Is there any other possible reason why the man or the woman may be wearing a hoodie?


There is so much more to look at then just the clothes and that should give you something to think about when looking at the nonverbal communication and association of any clothing article that may have a stigma or pre conceived thought about it.  


Learning how to read body language can open your mind to other ideas and beliefs:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of a hoodie.


Scott Sylvan Bell


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Video credits for reading body language of a hoodie – Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell

body language of winking

Body language of winking: Sometimes you get it when people look at you, that’s right someone gives you a wink but you don’t quite know if they are having fun and in some instances you don’t know if they are flirting with you.


So what exactly is the body language of a wink?

  •          It could be that the man or woman is just having fun
  •          It could be that the man or woman is emphasizing a point
  •          It could be that the man or woman is flirting with you
  •          It could even be that the man or woman is blinking and you may be misreading the situation


Body language of winking and fun

Reading the body language of a wink means that you have to understand or be able to interpret the signs and signals of nonverbal communication. In some instances men or woman will wink to just have fun. Some older men just like to wink and they get into the habit of it and sometimes this can be taken as flirting but it is all in fun. Sometimes you will see adults wink at kids as a gesture of fun.


Body language of winking and emphasizing a point

The wink or the winking can be used at the end of a joke or at the end of some retort. In some instances a wink may be used as a negotiation ploy to get the other side fired up or to prove a point as to what is going on. In some places the wink is used as a way to say for you to understand “I see you and don’t think I don’t see what is going on” in an instance like that it isn’t hard to interpret the message. The facial expression will be easy to interpret as a sign of danger from the stare afterward.


Body language of winking and flirting

In the case of flirting the wink may happen across a room or right next to you. You may see the body language of the wink and you may know that the man or the woman is flirting with you. In the case of not knowing if you would like to know for sure you would want to look at his or her eye contact. Is there or was there eye contact before or after the wink. Is his or her body directed towards you? If she is winking at you is she preening her hair or clothes? These are all signs that the nonverbal communication of the wink was a sign of flirting.  In the case of flirting there will be some facial expressions that will be read. It may be a slight smile or smirk along with the wink or it may even be a flash of the eyebrows.


Body language of winking and not understanding nonverbal communication

Sometimes you can just read body language wrong or even read more into a situation than what is really happening. In some instances you may think that a man or woman is winking at you and they really have something in their eye. It may even be that the man or woman is not flirting with you and at your angle it looks like they are winking at you. In any even a wink has more meanings that could be understood than just flirting. It may even be that the man or woman is nervous.


It is important for you to take the time to understand your social situation as to why a man or woman may be winking at you and interpret them correctly. Are they doing so in fun, to make or emphasize a point , is he or she flirting or are you misreading the situation?

Body langauge of winking and how to read like an expert

Learning how to read body language like an expert requires you to learn from one and that can be done here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of winking.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


:Video credit for Reading body language of winking by Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell

Reading body language of fashion

Reading body language: Understanding and interpreting human behavior can take someone many places. When it comes to reading body language there are so many things to look at to determine what someone is thinking and in a way people who are good at reading body language may sometimes come across as clairvoyant or even mind readers.


There are some significant items to look at while interpreting nonverbal communication and in some instances these items may carry more weight in given situations.


One item in specifics that may give a huge insight as to what people are saying without saying is it is their choice for fashion.


Reading the body language of a CEO

Think about it this way for a second. If you were to look at a fortune 500 CEO and see him in his custom business suit would his body language read differently while he was in his uniform vs if he were out on a beach working on a tan in board shorts?


The answer would depend upon the CEO and how they view themselves but for the most part a person’s attire will directly affect their actions verbally and nonverbally.


For some people what they decide to wear becomes their outfit to become a super hero. Now this may or may not sound strange but some people build their confidence from what they wear. If they are in some attire that they feel makes them better for any given reason they become more confident.


There are some people who don’t care about what they wear and there are others who care about what they wear because of the opinion of their peers.  


In a business setting with one of these CEO’s their attire may cause them to be seen as a hero or as a villain to their peers.


Reading the body language of fashion attire causes one to question, is the person wearing their outfit, gear or costume because they want to or because of the peer pressure to fit into a mold or category that has been defined by another person or group.


Take for instance the CEO who is in the board shorts, would his message be the same visually if he were to give a presentation in those board shorts vs. in his custom suit?


Is there a reason that his suit would need to be custom because it is expected or because he or even she is worried about what people think of their fashion sense or style?


The answer may be both reasons. He or she may need to wear their attire that is specified to fit into the mold that has been created and followed since who knows when.


For a man who would be used to some of the custom labels like Canali or Ermenegildo Zegna with a super 160 fabric or higher, an off the rack suit basic super 110 fabric may destroy his confidence (for the intents of this article the higher the number on the fabrics the better the wool used). This could be the same for his tie, shirts, shoes and even cuff links. In some instances peoples watches can be their super hero attire that they use for confidence.


Reading body language of fashion and women
Reading body langauge of fashionable clothing


Reading body language of women and fashion

Some women and even men are really into fashion. The designer for them really matters, the colors of the clothes really matter, the fit really matters and even the materials really matter.


Name off a bunch of designers and these people would know who they are easily: Versace, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tom Ford, Brioni, Armani, Prada and they could talk about each of their fashion lines. Now these names could go on forever whether European or even some of the American designers.


When someone is confident and comfortable their body language reads entirely different from when a person is uncomfortable and lacks confidence and clothing plays a big part of that.


Confident people tend to:

  • ·         Walk more smoothly as it almost seems as an unlabored glide
  • ·         Sit up straight more consistently
  • ·         They may keep their hands away from their body as protection
  • ·         Their breathing pattern may be relaxed
  • ·         There is more of a calmness to them overall
  • ·         Verbally they seem to talk faster with an almost exacting knowledge


Some people gather these feelings and abilities from what they wear.


Reading into the body language of a man or woman who is uncomfortable would show:

  • ·         A general lack of confidence throughout their body, they may try to make themselves smaller in stature to not stand out.
  • ·         Some stress in their facial expressions and even sometimes sheer fear or frustration could be seen in the reactions
  • ·         Maybe a rapid pace of breathing almost to a panic
  • ·         A haphazard approach to their nonverbal actions where they would not seem consistent or smooth. In some instances they would seem out of place
  • ·         They may be shifty or fidgety with their hands playing with buttons or even a pen


Reading the body language of a man or woman’s fashion may show both the positives and negatives of their nonverbal communication.


For a man or woman who is used to being seen in a specific clothing style or designer they may have problems appearing in public or in the board room in something that would not be deemed good or desirable from their peers.


Women love their shoes and they are not just and accessory they make the outfit, if they had to show up somewhere in a pair of shoes that would get them ridiculed by other women their confidence would be decreased for the most part and their body language would show the signs of their stress. A women who is used to wearing $2,500 Christian Louboton shoes may have trouble going out for a night in $20 off brand basics especially if she knows that she will be judged by other women.


Reading body language of fashion and women
Reading body language of fashion through deisgner brands


Reading body language of purses and watches with confidence

Celebrity women or even just regular women may also need to have the latest or greatest purse or handbag by one of the top designers Hermes comes to mind with their $25,000 Birkin Bag. Sometimes just this article alone can be the device used as the super hero powers like a man and his Rolex or other similar watch that shows status to the rest of the world.


Some men or women seem to float as they walk by with their fashionable attire. In some instances this float may become arrogance or may even make up for a lack of confidence. The body language that is read may sow contempt to the people who are around them for whatever reason or the man or the woman may just turn their nose up at others around them.


Take away some of these peoples status symbols of fashion or accessories and the men or women lose their super-secret special powers and abilities.


Reading body language of fashion and designers may help you understand and interpret why a person has confidence of lacks it.


Reading body language homework

You have something in your closet or drawers that make you a super hero or feel like a villain sit down for a moment and figure out if those items or that single item is your source of confidence or if you are confident in general. It is a help to know what makes you feel better when your body language is being read and needs to project confidence and knowledge. For some it may be a tie, a suit, a watch, underwear, a pair of slingbacks (that’s a type of women’s shoe for the men who are reading think high heels), a bag or even a big fat diamond ring.


Take the time to understand why these items make you feel better and become your own internal super hero and it may surprise you what you find out.


Reading body language like an expert is a skill that can be learned. Understanding and interpreting nonverbal communication is a strategy that can help you in business life as well as your social life.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or question about reading the body language of fashion.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Two Teenage Girls Shopping by photostock, Gorgeous Woman Picking Her Choice by photostock:Photo credits for reading body language of fashion  

Reading body language of fidgeting

Reading body language: In every day interactions people have beliefs about your nonverbal communication.


Things that we forget about as communicators just get stuck on auto pilot when it comes to our body language.


Hypnotist will point out that “you can feel your right big toe throb” because it is pointed out. Reading body language or controlling your nonverbal actions are similar to the example of what the hypnotist would tell you.


Reading body language of fidgeting and negative signs
Reading body language of fidgeting women


Fidgeting has to be one of the most common actions that gets picked up easy by a person who is viewing you as a communicator. While the person watches reads your body language they see your fidgets as:

  • ·         Nervousness
  • ·         Possible signs and signals you are lying
  • ·         Lack of self-control




Fidgeting can be:

  • Playing with your hair
  • Wringing your hands or being occupied with them or something in them
  • Playing with something in front of you or onyour clothes
  • Tapping the table

Reading the body language of fidgeting

Nervousness has many things that play out and fidgeting is one of them. Some people will play with their hands either rubbing them together or picking on their fingernails. The reasons that a person could be nervous may there is plenty of stress on the person or it is natural. There are some who just over time have started to fidget like some lick their lips.


Now for those who want to look at every body language sign and signal as a hotspot of someone lying this really may be one of those nonverbal actions that do point to someone not being truthful or that they are telling a lie.


Just because someone fidgets somehow it does not make them a liar remember it could be that they are just nervous.


Just for a second pretend that when you were stopped by the police for something but you don’t know why. You have not been in trouble in your life and you get hauled into the police station for a lineup for a crime that you didn’t commit. Would you be nervous? Yes you would be. Would you be fidgeting with something, your hands, your hair or even a piece of paper and a pen? That’s a good possibility. Would it be called for? Yes it would and it would almost be expected.


Now take an everyday example: You are at breakfast at a diner with a significant other and you are fidgety. Is this normal for you? Possibly, but what if the fidgeting wasn’t there? That could mean that something is going on that would need to be investigated more.


Just because someone has an action in their body language that can be read as bad does not determine for 100% that that they are doing the action that you believe.


Some say that when people are fidgety that it is an instant sign that they are lying. That could be the case if they are not a person who fidgets normally.


People under stress will fidget, people who are nervous will fidget and people who have a

natural action of fidgeting will fidget. Body language means to people what it does as the other persons actions happen, and that means if that person thinks that fidgeting is a “tell’ that you are lying then in their mind you are a liar.


The tough thing about reading body language is that so many people believe so many different things. If someone has read that fidgeting is a sure sign or “tell” that you are a liar then it is difficult to prove otherwise until the person learns that they are wrong and then accepts that their knowledge and skills of reading body language are flawed.


Reading body language for the sings of fidgeting
Reading body language of fidgeting for salespeople


Fidgeting on a date could signify to some that you lack confidence and do not deserve the person that you are with. Fidgeting on a job interview may mean that you are lying about your qualifications. Fidgeting with a significant other can mean that you are just being you.


Reading body language and good signs of fidgeting

If you are playing poker you can use fidgeting as a way to throw a “tell” so that the opponent may think that you don’t have a good hand. In this case fidgeting is a good thing for you to do if you think that as a strategy it will give you an upper hand between you and the other players.


Oh so you thought that all examples here would be negative. In just about everything there can be a positive and a negative including using fidgeting to your advantage.


Ok so you want another example where fidgeting could be good for you? That would be if you are buying something and you know that you have room to negotiate or maybe you think that you don’t have room to negotiate. When you as the buyer get to the end of the conversation of price for the product or service you would just be quiet and fidget for a minute and more than likely the salesman will lower the price if he doesn’t know or understand your game. In this case fidgeting can make you money or save you some.


Nervous signs of communication can sometimes be a good thing like in gambling or negotiating.



Go out and fidget the right way for your own personality but be aware that others can see it for something that it may not be.


Reading body language is a skill that you can learn from a body language expert. Learn how to read body language signs and signals here.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about fidgeting and body language.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Oops Gesture by Michal Marcol,Tied Hand by Danilo Rizzuti :Photo credits for reading body language of fidgeting

Reading body language: Nonverbal communication of tattoos


Reading body language:Reading non verbal communication orbody language can and will take you to many places. Understanding or interpreting what people are really saying or doing may be tricky at first.


In most instances people will add parts to their body or clothing to get a nonverbal reaction or response.  This response can be positive or negative depending on how the peron being examined wanted the outcome to be.


Have you ever noticed that people look for affiliation from others by:

  • ·         Clothes
  • ·         Shoes
  • ·         Watches
  • ·         Jew;ery
  • ·         Hats
  • ·         Belts
  • ·         Purses, bags or briefcases
  • ·         Pens


In just about every instance there is an accessory or clothing line that will help a person be affiliated with a group. Now this need to have an affiliation with anything is strong for people, the associations are strong and even a reason to have a conversation, a drink or even light up a cigarette with a newfound long lost friend.


The affiliations can come from

  1. 1.      Sports teams
  2. 2.      Religion
  3. 3.      Work
  4. 4.      Schools
  5. 5.      Regions or even countries
  6. 6.      Designer gear: shoes, purses, watches tattoos or other jewelry
  7. 7.      Music groups
  8. 8.      Affiliate groups for extra curricular actives


There are many times where people will decide to amplify the nonverbal communication and in a metaphorical sense these are all tattoos or expressions of ones self. Another way to explain this would be to call it an identity tattoo.


Communication skills are important for you when meeting new people and determining what communication is by the other person will depend upon how you deliver your message.


Now tattoos can be wither the kind that are inked onto a person or the blueprint that they use to associate with others. This link to others is who the person can be trying to achieve notoriety through or even more acceptance.


There is a point with people where they go all in meaning they have bought into their group, tribe or identity tattoo with when they go over the top.


Now there are some of those in society that would be considered on the outer fringe of normal but the question would be are they like the way that they are because they were accepted by these within the group they have met. In some instances the deeper the people go the more attention that they get for good or for bad.


Many times people will strike up conversation with others because of an identity or a nonverbal symbol that allows a stranger to ask questions or even create curiosity. In some instances these nonverbal items were planned on purpose to draw out attention.


When looking at the body language of men, what could be used for a way to get a women interested or even ask questions? There could be just about anything. One thing is for sure there are plenty of women into body art or tattoos on men and the way men get the women interested is to show them off. Now to show off the tattoos men have to wear clothes where they may be seen. The body position may require the man to sit or even stand to display or “Peacock” the item or items.


Now it may not really make sense at first that real tattoos would be considered non-verbal communication but what group or affiliation do they help identify with nonverbally?  


Now in looking that the body language of women what is it that they do that create attention or an implied message that could be interpreted as a non verbal message? The non-verbal cues or facial expressions used by a woman could count towards the seductive language of the body. These nonverbal actions could include makeup, clothing, perfume and yes even tattoos.


One of the ways to identify with people is to tap into what they consider their make up or their identity.


In some instances this connection is done through art of the skin or tattoos.


Now some tattoos have meaning you probably do not want to know, some are done just for the reason of art and some are even cultural.  


 Just think next time when you a person who doesn’t fit your norm maybe its because they want to be outside of what you consider normal because it is comfortable for them and because it gets them the attention they crave and yes that fits into their nonverbal communication of even body language.


 When done correctly those who you are communicating with may believe that you know how to read minds or that you are clairvoyant when you understand their identity tattoos correctly. Learning how to read body language can take you to the next level.


 I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


 Now go implement!


 Scott Sylvan Bell


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Reading body language: How to interpret proximity

Reading body language:
When learning how to read body language or interpret non-verbal communications
there are a few concepts to build on and learn.


One of the first concepts to learn after social value or how
your message is viewed and judged by others would be the concept of proximity.


When evaluating the context of a situation and working on
understanding body language through pictures or judging a live situation
knowing how close people are can determine much of what is going on.

Understanding body langauge and proximity
interpreting body language of men and women


The distance that people are from each other is defined as
proximity. Whether you are reading male or female body language it is important
to understand what distances between people will change the meaning or context
of the situation. Even if you are working on deciphering what business people
are doing in relation to proximity the same rule apply.


There are certain distances for people where you are:

  • Intimate as in a relationship or even a really
    good friend
  • A close friend
  • A relative
  • A friend
  • A just introduced
  • Unknown or an enemy


The normal area to be considered intimate for a friend or a
relationship would be within 18 inches, a friend would be from the 18 inch range
to 36 inches and an unknown situation may be from 36 inches and beyond.


When reading or understanding body language you will need to
determine the context of the situation by understanding the relationship
between the people or the group that you are evaluating to determine what would
be appropriate. When looking at proximity it is your job to determine what is
going on in just a few seconds or within a minute what is going on.


It is possible to misread a situation as the distances
listed are only a guideline and not always an absolute. It is possible when
looking at a situation quickly to misread how the people being judged interact.


Reading the body language of men and women and interpreting the meanings
No verbal skills? try learning how to read body language.

Reading body language and interpreting what is being
conveyed is a skill that is sharpened over time and not just something that can
quickly be learned. Starting with the basics and moving from there will help to
build a foundation of knowledge that will help you over time.


As a homework assignment while out and about or even at work
start to pay attention as to how close people can get to each other before they
react by moving away from the other person. After a while you may start to see
people a little differently and may even determine that things are going on
that you may not have previously thought.


Your beliefs may change from seeing how people touch each
other, how close they stand, where they talk to each other when talking and how
comfortable they are when in the 18 in range or closer.


There is not a paper to turn in with the assignment as you
can do this work anywhere:

  • School
  • Work
  • At a gym
  • At a mall
  • At the corner market


It’s fun sometimes to just guess what people are doing or
how they are associated, if you have enough courage sometimes you can just go
and open up a conversation and ask people. If you get nervous tell them it is
an assignment for a communication course you are taking. Its ok people are
curious and they will open up. You may even find your “story” as a good way to meet


Interpreting nonverbal communication can be fun and almost
be seen as mind reading. Reading the body language of attraction is something
that can be learned over time but the first thing you should master is
understanding proximity between people and what it may mean.


As a last note when learning about body language there are
three things that can happen:

  1. You
    can be right, this would mean that you have judged the context of the situation
    correctly and identified what is happening or has happened
  2. You
    are partially correct and have identified some of the things going on but
    somewhere you were wrong
  3. You
    were wrong altogether and misread the situation or the context


There really are not any other options when learning about
body language or non-verbal communication skills.


The next class for you will be on the “Bell Bubble”.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your
comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Photo credits:Smiling Business Women In Focus by photostock, Couple Celebrating Together by photostock