Body language of glasses

Body language of glasses: When looking at the body language of men or women who wear glasses there is definitely some nonverbal communication going on whether they think so or not.  


When you look at a man or a woman you make some assumptions about them and how they will be or even their intelligence level. When you make these assumptions you will fall into the law of reaction.


Body language experts will share with you it only matters what the viewer thinks is going on and this is important to note as you will think certain things about people by the way that they dress, their accessories and even the way that they look physically.


Is that a bad thing…


Not really as we are a very visual society and part of that is making judgments about people and their nonverbal actions.

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Body language of glasses and your thoughts

When you see or think of a man or woman with glasses what are some of your common thoughts about the person that is wearing them

  • ·         Smart
  • ·         Book worm
  • ·         Some may find glasses sexy
  • ·         Interesting
  • ·         Educated
  • ·         Mild mannered
  • ·         Persuader
  • ·         No thoughts or beliefs at all about the person


No matter what your first thought is there was a message sent by the man or the woman who has the accessory


Body language of glasses and location

When looking at the body language of men or women that wear glasses you will want to look at their location.


Are they at school?


Are they at work?


Should they have surgery to not have to wear glasses?


Do they have a lack of confidence in social situations because they are wearing glasses?


Sometimes men and or women will not wear their glasses to certain events because they think that they will be judged socially. In some of these instances they may wear contacts or the men or the woman may go without their glasses even if it could be a safety concern for driving or being out in public.



Body language of glasses a super hero article

For some people who are in the business of persuading others they may have frames that are real from glasses but the lenses are not prescription. Now at first this persuasion strategy may sound strange but wait a second.


Who was the smartest kid in school?


The kid with glasses…

Who was the kid you couldn’t hit or be mad at?


The kid with glasses…


Who had all of the smart answers?


The boy or girl with glasses


Sure they were made fun of but they had special protection and because they had glasses those boys and girls become men and women and now the have special powers


..because they are smart and have all of the answers and you can’t get mad at them


So in this case the glasses can be a prop that gives the wearer power but it’s also a disguise or these glasses give the man, woman, boy or girl confidence when they are worn and that helps make them become a super hero article.


When someone has glasses on you may see body language of confidence or you may even see a lack of confidence.


Whatever you see in the body language or the nonverbal communication of men or women you will want to take the time to base line the situation so that you interpret the signs and signals the right way.

Learning how to read body language can be fun even when interpreting what glasses mean for nonverbal communication.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the body language of glasses.


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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains the body language of glasses: video credit

body language of negotiation

Body language of negotiation: There are plenty of times where you can use body language or nonverbal communications to your advantage. Negotiating is something that people do on a dialy basis but may not even notice that they are doing it.


You may use the body language of negotiation with:

  • ·         Your co workers
  • ·         Your significant other
  • ·         Your kids
  • ·         The neighbor you don’t really like
  • ·         When buying a big ticket item


Body language of negotiation with coworkers

Using body language while negotiating may happen by the way that you stand. When you are face front to a man or woman there is a certain value to the direction that you face. You may have one of your feet pointing to the door as if you are saying I have somewhere else to be. This nonverbal action may just put the pressure on your coworker to answer you faster for something you want.

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Body language of negotiation with significant others

While dealing with your significant other you may bite your lip when they ask for “permission” to go somewhere with the friend you don’t like. The biting of the lip or smashing of the lips together may say my mouth is saying “yes” but my brain and my heart are telling me “no”. You may even see the deep breath being taken almost to say “here we go again” without saying it.


In some instances the body language of negotiation may be slamming a door or an item down when a question is asked. Anytime that body language is used to relay a message it may be used as a negotiation ploy.


Body language of negotiation with kids

So your kid cut their arm and you don’t want them to panic so you use your body language to get them to not freak out. You may disguise your true feelings with a smile it may not be a true smile but you may act like its no big deal. You may have a difficult kid to deal with and you find that it is easier to make a request of them where you are almost talking through the house away from them, you are using your body language where it cant be seen and where theirs cant be seen so there is no reaction. Believe it or not you use negotiation and body language more than you would guess.


Body language of negotiation with the neighbor

You may have to deal with a difficult neighbor and you decide to take them a plate of cookies so that your hands are full so that you don’t use an offensive nonverbal hand gesture. You may even have the talkative neighbor so you decide to negotiate your time by having the conversation far away so they it is understood that you have things to do but it isn’t with them.


Body language of negotiation with salespeople

Now there are not many times where people feel like they have to negotiate but it is something that is done every day. The nonverbal communication while making sales is no different, you will use your body language in a way that you may not even know you are doing it. Remember that a salesperson who has been out in the field for a while will know what you are up to. So you wait for the “glance” or the facial expression” from your significant other just when the “closing question” is asked and you know who can be the bad guy and say “you have to think about it”.


The salesperson may use a lack of body language when you ask for a discount.


You may rub your face and breath a deep sigh when he or she counters.


The salesperson may just shake their head “yes” or “no” when you ask for a discount.


You may even get the end of the negotiation sign with body language and that is the handshake to signify that the dealing is over and you are both satisfied with the offer.


Body language of negotiation everyday    

You may have just found that you use body language of negotiation more than you thought of. You may even have found that you negotiate more than what you thought. Keep your eyes open today or tomorrow to how often that you use nonverbal actions to negotiate for something.


Body language of negotiation requires learning nonverbal communication

You could spend time and energy trying to find the best place to learn nonverbal communication or body language and not get the right product. The search is over learn how to read the body language signs and signals you have been looking for like the body language of a liar. Its all right here.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the body language of negotiation.


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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains the body language of negotiation: Video credit.

Reading body language of uniforms

Reading body language: In many instances the body language of men in woman in uniforms may be seen as very specific while you are reading the person. You may be reading the body language of a man or woman in uniform that is:

  • ·         A police officer
  • ·         A guard
  • ·         Military personnel
  • ·         A service technician
  • ·         A businessman or woman in a suit
  • ·         A judge in a robe
  • ·         Or any clothing or attire that has to be earned and gives the person title or power


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows how to read the body language of uniforms
Reading the body language of uniforms of police, doctors, military and business women


You as the viewer have been preconditioned over time while reading the symbols and the body language of those in uniforms. In many instances their power comes from your recognition and conformity of those signs, symbols and uniforms. Their power and ability comes from your acknowledgement of what you perceive.  


The body language that you may be reading may be that of confidence and in some instances aggression depending upon the situation. In some cases the confidence may be artificial and based upon belonging to a group or collective.


The confidence or aggression that you could read may be just from the man or woman earning the right to wear the uniform along with the symbolism built into parts of the clothing. This confidence, conceit or aggression can be with the men or women in any type of uniform from an expensive business suit to a police officer.


You can recognize a police or judicial officer in just about any part of the world as their clothing or uniforms are similar.

 Reading body language of uniform signs

While reading the body language and signs of a uniform you will see:

  • ·         Some sort of official badge or marker showing that they are law enforcement
  • ·         A mark or insignia showing rank
  • ·         Similar haircuts or facial hair
  • ·         Some sort of device to hold people like handcuffs
  • ·         Some sort of device to deter people like a Billy club, baton or even a gun


The rank insignia may breed confidence, arrogance or even contempt for others outside of the group. For some people who are reading the body language of police officers they may say that all have an arrogance or belief of extra power because of the backing of others or because of the ability to have a gun or firearm.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell teaches how to read the body language of uniforms signs and siganls
Reading the body language of women in uniforms


In the case of a business man or woman you would see:

  • ·         A nice suit
  • ·         Possibly a briefcase
  • ·         Some ornate jewelry or watch


While reading the body language of a uniform you will want to look for what transformational item gives to person or group their power or perceived authority, this may come from the collective group or the uniform itself. You will also want to look for the items or item where they show their power and that can be a watch briefcase or badge.


Reading the body language of confidence from a uniform

When you see a man or woman in a uniform the confidence that is common from looking at and reading their body language will cause the man or woman to:

  • ·         Stand straight up
  • ·         Walk with a smooth glide and their arms and rest of the body will have the same
  • ·         Maintain good eye contact
  • ·         Keep their chin up
  • ·         Keep their clothing clean and their shoes or boots polished
  • ·         Verbally be able to give commands so that others follow their direction


Every person wears some sort of uniform and some of those uniforms will give the person who wears them powers that have super hero characteristics. These extra superhero powers and confidence just comes from putting the uniform on.


In some instances the persuasive power of the message of the man or woman does not come from their own mouth as much as it relies upon the power of their uniform. This can be for salespeople all the way across the spectrum to police officers. In some instances it not a matter of persuasion as it is a matter of intimidation.


Reading body language of uniforms and learning the signs and signals to understand an interpret nonverbal communication can be done here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for you comments and or questions about reading the body language of uniforms.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Smiling Cute Nurse Making Her Medical Notes by photostock,Business Traveler by Ambro :Photo credit for reading the body language of uniforms.

Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell

How to ready body language a short explaination part 1

Reading body language now: What is body language may be a
common question asked from so many people. Body language is a snapshot of what
your body is doing while you are talking or listening to someone talk or even
just what people think what you believe someone means from their actions and
not words.


In today’s business climate there is no room for error in
communication to the slightest. Every advantage that you can have in your tool
bag gives you and advantage over your competition or even someone else in your
company. This may help you get or save the job or even help you make your
company look better in a bad situation.


What happens when you misread a situation and react to what
you consider someone’s non verbal communication or body language and you are
wrong? What happens when you are right?


What would your persuasive selling skills do if you were
able to read the language of someone’s body and you had the upper hand in a


What would you give to know if someone is fabricating the
truth or even lying to you?


What would happen if you could read the body language of men
to determine if a guy was into you or your best friend?


All of these skills can be used for everything from getting
a date to making a sale. You can use your abilities to use verbal and nonverbal
communication skills to your advantage in just about every situation.


Having the ability to read body language may be confused
with mentalist techniques or the ability to read minds but not in some freak
show fashion where people are scared of you.


One of the many questions asked about the ability of body
language communication skills is: Does it take time to learn or is it difficult
to learn?


Your answer would depend upon how much time you have and what
specifically you would like to be able to do.


There are plenty of myths and so called secrets of body language
and while some of them are true many of them are false.


What you will learn over time is that just like all learning
you will get out of the subject what you put into it.


There are so many skills to learn and situations where you
can determine who is trying to influence or persuade or who is not having a
good day. Learning how to read people can be fun and sometimes time consuming.


Reading non verbal communication is more than just an interpretation
or snapshot of a moment it is looking at the surroundings and the context of the
situation to determine what someone is saying with not just their words but
also their body. Facial expressions, hand movements, proximity and even
clothing may determine what communication is saying vs what is really being


As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell