Body language of impatience

Body language of impatience has a few key components that can help you understand and interpret what signs and signals you can watch or see and almost immediately determine impatience. Now there is always the temptation to believe or to think that you know exactly what an action of the body means and therefore what the other person or people are thinking. Base lining or watching the man woman or child to determine their normal behavior patterns is always important to ensure that you read their message right. You will want to watch the person for a few moments to determine normal patterns or routines that they have.

It may be that you are the coolest person on the planet and everyone likes to hang out with you but what about when that person that is with you needs to be somewhere else or they are uncomfortable in their surrounding? You may find that the signs and signals of impatience show through and if they are not deal with your message may be lost.


 People can be impatient for many reasons but you will really find that there are really 2 reasons almost everything will fall under:

  • ·         They are not interested in what you have to say or offer because they are busy
  • ·         They have somewhere to be because they are busy and they are not interested in what you have to say or offer


As you watch and read the body signals of a person you can work with the top down approach and that is to start with the head and move down the rest of the body.


Impatience and the body language of the head, shoulders and torso

You may find that when anyone has somewhere to be they may not keep eye contact with you or may turn their head slightly while talking to you almost as if they are talking out the side of their mouth. The head of the person may even nod their head away from you as a nonverbal way to try and escape form the situation. Where you would normally find good eye contact with the person if you know them and now they will not hold it for very long chances are good that something else is going on and they would rather be somewhere else.


When you look at the trunk of the body, the shoulders or even the torso when there is impatience you may also see that there is a shift away from you to a door or someone else, their proximity to you may change. The level of the shoulders may change and tilt away from you or the man, woman or child will lean away from you. This may be a sign that the person you are with does not want to be with you or they need to be somewhere else.  

In some instances you may see the breathing pattern change and the person starts to take deep breaths.


Body language of the infamous hand roll

There has been a time where either you have done this or someone has done the action of rolling their hands or arms to you. This sign or signal is a way for the person to say without saying let’s get this ball rolling or move on. If you are a persuader or influencer your commitment to a message or a time has overstepped its bounds and chances are good you are about to lose the arrangement or agreement. This hand or arm roll may also be used with the head nodding as the impatience wears into the conversation. At first these signs may be subtle with a finger roll and may lead into full blown hand and arm rolls.   


A common set of body language signs of impatience paired together.

The changes in the body language may include groups or clusters of different actions along with the shifting of the body and or torso.

  • ·         Hand and arm rolls
  • ·         Glaring of the eyes
  • ·         Loss or lack of eye contact
  • ·         Micro expressions of contempt 
  • ·        Shaking of the head  
  •           Deep breaths and or sighs
  • ·         Foot tapping
  • ·         A body tilt toward the door
  • ·         A change in proximity
  • ·         Signs of pouting in the face
  • ·         Over animation in the arms and head
  • ·         Feet shifting away from you

There may also be some ever so subtle signs and signals that may even be considered convert could include the feet and hands of the person who is impatient. It may just be that the person who is impatient is slightly pointing their hand or starts to point a foot away from you.


Verbal actions coupled with nonverbal actions   

Impatience not only changes the nonverbal actions of the body but may also include the verbal attributes of another person wanting or having to be somewhere else. The pace of the words may speed up along with sentences that become shorter when impatience is present. Answers to questions may also become “yes” or “no” answers to get away faster.

Couple the all of the actions of the body along with the nonverbal actions and you spot when impatience has set in.


What to do with the signs of impatience

There will be times that you will read the signs of impatience and there is a right way to deal with the situation. You can use a phrase similar to “I sense you have somewhere else to be”. Now this can be done wrong if you are not patient and it isn’t vocalized the right way and if that is the case the nonverbal actions of the man or the woman will really change and they will react to you in a negative way.


Remember to be patient as you read the body language of others and that your reactions can cause more problems than what you started with.


Learning how to read body language can increase you effective communication skills.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading body language and or nonverbal communication.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains the nonverbal actions of impatience: Video credit



Body language of holding hands

Body language of holding hands: Reading body language is all about looking at the person or the people and then taking the time to make an interpretation of what is going on. It really depends more about what the viewer thinks of the activities because the other person or people will react to what they think you believe is going on.


First off it’s a good reminder that it is important to baseline any situation that you are reading.


The nonverbal cues given by men and women holding hands can be read through a few different criteria:


  • ·         The proximity or the distance between the two people holding hands
  • ·         Where the hands are being grasped by the men and women
  • ·         The pace or speed of walking of the men and women in question
  • ·         Where the people are or the social surrounding  

 YouTube Preview Image

Body language of Proximity:

When reading the body language of holding hands it is important to look at how close the people are in relation to each other. It’s not just how close they are but it’s also how they hold each others hand. You have probably seen the guy holding the girls hand where he doesn’t really seem like he wants to hold the hand. Typically you will see a firm grasp but light grasp of the hand instead a lose grip on the fingers. You would see men and women in a loving relationship have a common grasp with each other.


Body language of relationships

When looking at how men and women hold hands you can get a feel for their relationship in some instances. There are times where one of the people has a scowl on their face, in some instances their may be the micro expression of contempt or possibly even the flash of anger.  There are times where you may see one of the people holding the others hand with wrap around the wrist. Some men and or women in close relationships will hold or pull each other close as they walk together or even sit together.


Normally the men and the women who are getting along well or in a good relationship will have a natural glide. Sometimes when there are problems or issues in the relationship you may see one person pulling the other as they walk or the man be walking faster than the other. On the other hand you may see those who are in a loving relationship walking slow and looking or gazing at each other.  


What you want to look for is a common stride or pace between the two whether fast or slow.


If the couple is sitting you may see the man or woman holding the other person hand close they may even have the hand pulled up onto a part of the body. There are times where the hand may be getting rubbed by either person.


Body language of possession

When looking at the proximity of the men and women holding hands there are times where the bodies of the men and or the women are just too close, at sometimes just flat out awkward to look at. You will see people in a relationship within the bell bubble but when the proximity becomes too close it is may of a sign of possession or a really close relationship. You would only be able to tell by looking at the two people and base lining what their actions are.  


The body language of possessiveness may just go one step further and that is when the man or women will have a good arm lock around the shoulder of the other person with them. When the two people walk together the person who may be possessive is standing straight up while the other man or woman is pulled in almost to the point where the man or woman who is being possessed has to walk leaning into the possessor.  You will typically see this type of possessive activity between younger couples.


You will want to look for jerky movements between the two and staring at others from one of the parties at the people around them.


Reading body language risks

There is always a risk in reading body language and that is you can make assumptions too quickly as to what is going on and you may have the possibility of being wrong. Learning how to read the nonverbal communication of others takes time and patience. While reading the body language of others it is important to baseline the actions nonverbally as to what the men and or the women are doing.


Reading body language takes training and or a home study course for you to learn the right way instead of guessing.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of holding hands.


Now go implement!



Scott Sylvan Bell




Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell and how to read the body language of holding hands: Video credit  


Reading body language of the hands part 2

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Reading body language of the hands part 1


Reading body language: The hands are the first things that get away from the body when communicating.

There are times where your hands can be seen as passive or aggressive. Depending on what you want your body language to read may depend upon what position that you put your hands in.


You may see people hold their hands out like they are begging. Now this body language of the hands may be both passive or aggressive. If the person is a beggar it may be seen as aggressive. If the man or woman is asking for help it is passive. (as a side note the video says that hands out like a beggar is passive and that is partially correct).


If you have your hands facing downwards you may also find the body language of the hands to be passive or aggressive depending upon the situation. If you are sitting with clients in a business situation your hands may be seen as aggressive when placed wrong. You may seem like you are bored with the presentation or angry at the message. If your hands are folded the message may also be seen as passive.


If the movements are vigorous and or fast the hands facing down may be seen as aggressive. If the movements of the hands are slower than normal they may be seen as passive. The context of the situation along with the proximity is what is going to help determine what the body language that is being read means.


Understanding what your body language is projecting is important so that the person viewing and interpreting you actions are seen as congruent. If you are successful with sending the right message and signals you win in the  eyes of the viewer or viewers. When done wrong your body language can betray you and you may not even know it.


Sometimes in a business setting you can get your body language to say what you want by holding a pen in your hands while paying attention to the people you are working with. The pen keeps your hands in position that seems normal and allows you to project the right message.


Reading body language like an expert requires the right resources, learn how to read body language here.


I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of the hands.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell  

Reading body language of happy couples


Reading body language: With all of the negative reasons why people look up how to read body language one may believe that there are not many happy couples out there.


There are plenty of fantastic relationships out there and you may want to see if you are in one of them.


There are some very specific non verbal actions that people make when there is happiness in their relationship.


Reading body language of happy couples in love
Reading body language of happy couples in public


Reading the body language of happy couples is not as complicated as you think but there are some very similar aspects as you would find in the body language of couples in a bad relationship.


The first thing that you want to look at when looking at a happy couple starting at the top of the body will be the head.


The amount of time that a person stares at their partner in a good way or the amount of eye contact given will be one of the first cues as to what type of relationship the two people have.


The eye contact between the couple who is happy will be consistent. The glances will not be a stare but more of a caring look. There may also be a smile after the look between the two and there will be feeling of comfort just looking at the two.


These glances are a way to hold contact with the other partner more of a sign or signal with their body language to say “I am here and thinking of you”. Now some couples do go overboard with this and makes the whole process seem creepy and strange. When this eye contact goes wrong it makes the people around the couple feel weird also.


From reading the body language of a happy couple and starting at the head the next step would be the touch between the couple. Happy couples will be more willing to touch their partner in a soft way. Women can be seen in pictures placing their hand on their partners chest or shoulder. If there is a hug involved the bodies will be close to each other and it will appear from looking that there is comfort and the smiles will be real.


The proximity or distance that is kept whether standing or sitting is normally close.


Body language of a happy couple sitting next to each other


When the happy couple sits next to each other their signs or signals of body language once again will include touch.  The couple may be holding hands or one person may place their hand on the leg of their partner or on their back. It may even be that one person leans on the other person. Their body language for the most part will seem comfortable when looking that them.

In an instance where the couple is sitting next to each other they may or may not glance or keep eye contact but each person will normally have a smile or even a small smirk almost to say that they are happy without even having to say it.


Reading the body language of couples that are happy can be done out in public places like busy public parks or gardens, out at dinners on the weekend or even at churches or synagogues.


Reading body language of happy couples standing


When the couple is out on the town or just in public the body language that can be read will be similar to that of a happy couple sitting. The two will be close to each other and will normally have some sort of physical contact with the other partner. When the two are not standing next to each other they make keep or make the occasional eye contact with a slight smile and sometimes you may even see the happy couple flirting with each other while standing or sitting next to each other.


Reading body language of a happy couple in public
Reading body language of happy couples a how to guide


Not everybody has positive role models of happy parents but there can be places where you can go out and watch some people who do have these traits.


As you watch these people remember that they have had their ups and downs no matter what age the people are and it taken them some work to get to the point where they are happy. There will also be times where their body language has not been so positive.  


So you may think that some of this may too good to be true? Go out and look for happy couples so that you can read their body language.


Learn how to read the body language of other like an expert


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of happy couples.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Honeymoon Lovers by Piyaphon, Couple At Play by africa:Photo credits for reading body language of happy couples.   






Body langauge expert

Reading body language when hugging

Reading body language: There are many mysteries on this planet that has baffle people and scientists for years and that is understanding or reading the body language when hugging.


Ok so the scientists are not baffled in most instances but many times people are in general when it comes to interpreting hugs between people.


Think about the last time that you received a hug from someone and how would you categorize the person who gave you the hug, were they:

  • ·         A friend
  • ·         A relative
  • ·         A significant other
  • ·         A stranger


Now reading body language when hugging you really have to determine what category the other person falls into for the basic hugs out there. Interpreting hugs will help you determine what type of relationship people have or even


Reading body language when men and women hug
Reading body language of a hug


Reading the body language when giving or receiving a full hug

A full hug is what you see goods friends or people who are in a relationship give. The body language or non verbal cues come from the proximity or distance apart that the people are when giving a full hug. The two people in question are comfortable enough to not just touch shoulders but embrace and allow the rest of their bodies touch. This is something that would be uncomfortable for people who are not close to perform without strange facial expressions or even making the embrace faster than what should seem normal.


Reading the body language when giving or receiving a full hug with embrace

Now a full hug with an embrace is a full hug but longer almost to say nonverbally this is a hug that has been waiting a long time to happen. Normally you will see this when the people in question are very good friends or intimate. You would see this type of hug in the news when a Marine or soldier comes home after a long tour and hugs his or her significant other. It’s a long hug but almost may seem like a celebration at the same time.


There is more to this hug than meets the eye, when a person hugs another person and wraps their arms around the other person fully it takes
plenty of trust on the part of the person who is getting the hug. This is not a simple act. Sometimes people who are cheating get caught this way, the hug is too familiar. People who receive full hugs are not strangers and this hug is not an accident or casual.


Reading body language of a half hug when in public  

The first hug would be a half hug. This is where you may stand side to side with a person and use one arm to hug the other person as they hug you. Reading this body language would give you the idea that the person is an acquaintance or a relatively new friend. This hug is safe for those involved because it really has no jealous problems that could arise with most people. The half hug may be used in a social situation where there are many people to meet and greet with.


The types of people who could give you a half hug would be friends, relatives, sometimes significant others but it may be uncomfortable for a stranger to give a half hug depending on regions or countries. In the United States there is a barrier for most people when it comes to touching someone unknown for some.

Reading body language when women give a half hug
Reading body language when men give a half hug

Reading the body Language when giving a A frame hug

The A frame hug is an unusual type of hug when seen from people who are observing 2 people use this type of embrace. This is where the two people hugging don’t want to get too close to each other but lean forward to meet and give a hug, from a distance it looks like the two people are making an A. Now this may be a bro hug where one arm is used to wrap around the other person or it could even be a full hug where both parties wrap their arms around each other. This encounter may seem unusual because the body language shows a lack of comfort. The whole aura is this hag may even mage bystanders who are reading the body language subconsciously uncomfortable.  



Reading body language when giving an leaning A frame hug

Leaning A frame hug is similar to the full A frame hug but done from the side as a half hug. Once again the people observing this non verbal communication may read into the situation and see the people as possible friends, people who are have a stressful relationship or even new acquaintances. This type of hug can also be seen from people who are first dating or pre teens this can be commonly seen after school or at malls for this range of ages.


A hug can mean something or a hug can mean nothing, it depends upon the situation and the context of where the people are.


If you would like to learn how to read body language like an expert, this would be your best resource to understand and interpret body language and read situations.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading and interpreting the body language of hugs.   


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Photo Credits: Hugging Young Couple by photostock

Reading body language: How to learn to read body language or nonverbal communication, an easy guide


Reading body language: While reading body language there are many things that you have to do as an observer to get a better understanding of what is going on between the people or group and their nonverbal communication.


It isn’t always the case where a person can just walk up and instantly know what is going on between a group or even between two people without making mistakes.


It has been said many times that a baseline or understanding has to be met to see what is going on. People who read body are sometimes seen as mind readers or clairvoyant but it may be from their training or previous experience.  If you jump to conclusions you can find yourself in some trouble or even in a confrontational setting.


There are so many situations where being able to read body language will give you an upper hand whether it is in your personal life, business life or even your dating life.


While looking at the body language of people there are only a few situations where it can be done:

  • ·         Live: where you are there in the moment looking as the situation is going on. You have only one chance to make sure that your reactions happen the right way and there is little room for error or bad judgment.
  • ·         Picture: You can look at a picture of series of pictures to determine what has happened the downside is that you are getting such a short sample of what has happened and you may be wrong as to the context of your judgment.
  • ·         Video: you get a snapshot in time as to how interactions between people have worked out as an added benefit you can stop and rewind a situation to look at it again.


If a picture is used this is only one small frame or snapshot in time for what has been happening but it doesn’t tell you exactly what was going on before. Video is a better format when possible to help understand what is going on with body language of friends or family. Being live or real time has the most amount of scrutiny because if you make a bad decision there is no going back.


While interpreting nonverbal communication there are a few things that you are looking for to decipher the situation.


 How does proximity affect body language interpretations or understandings?

The first and most telling of these situations would be proximity. Determining how close people are to each other will help you see the situation for what it is and for what is going on. While reading the body language of men or women the first thing to decide is what is or would be an appropriate distance to keep between the people.  

  • ·         How close are the people standing or sitting?
  • ·         Are the people within the “bell bubble” or the 18 inch distance from the body

Body language test #1


Stand face to face to a friend or relative five feet apart and slowly get closer to each other and note where either your decide that you are o close for comfort or their body language shows that that they are uncomfortable. It will be beyond a sight in some instances you will just feel uncomfortable.


Directions of the body and nonverbal communication

The next thing to look at while reading body language would be the body and or the direction the people are facing. This is going to show you inconsistencies or incongruences for things that may not be working out


  • ·         Are the people sitting, standing
  • ·         Where are the feet pointing if you can see them
  • ·         What is the trunk of the body doing?
  • ·         How are the shoulders sitting


The feet will help you understand if the person being viewed wants to get away from the situation because now the trunk of the body can follow. Is the body saying that the person needs to get away so that the shoulders are at a strange angle or are they showing closeness? In most instances people who are close will have their shoulders parallel to the other persons shoulders no matter how they are sitting or standing. Sometimes when the shoulders are at a slant moving away from the opposing body this could show that the person needs to get away but this is not always the case. If the shoulders are off congruency the rest of the trunk of the body will be also.

Body language test #2

To test this out sit in a chair and face your body towards a person, now you will keep the trunk of your body straight while twisting your shoulders slightly to your right. How do you feel about the person that you are facing? Now ask them how they feel about you. You can have them perform this same test just to see what it feels like. How do you feel about the body language that is being displayed when you get too close?


To take this body language test one step further have a conversation where you would feel like you would need good eye contact to practice with: meaning not a real conversation but one where you could imagine the both of you talking about something semiserious.


What communication is consistent between the two of you and where does the communication drop off?


 The context of touch and body language


Now you can determine what type of touch is going on while looking at the non verbal communication. The context of touch will be telling as to what type of relationship the people have, while learning about body language the context of touch is an important aspect to learn.

  • ·         Is the touch slight with a hand or a fingertip or is it a hug or a full body cover up
  • ·         Where on the body is the touch occurring, is it a place where a stranger would be allowed to touch or is it something a close friend would be involved with or lastly is it a lover or possible seducer.
  • ·         Is there reaction to the touch meaning is it comfortable for the person being touched or is there some issue there?


On the list or deciphering a situation while reading male or female body language next up the face and head will show you what is going on.


 The body language of your face and your expressions


 One of the most common areas to look to see what is being communicated nonverbally is to look at the face. This will help you understand better what communication is being used or portrayed.


From you looking at the peoples facial expressions does it seem like the person or people are:

  • ·         Happy
  • ·         Sad
  • ·         Scared
  • ·         Indifferent
  • ·         Nervous

These are just a few of the emotions the face can tell or put another way does each person in the situation exhibit the same emotion or is there a mismatch as to what is going on while one person has a smile the other person has a scowl on their face. If this is the case there is a problem here and this mismatch should be easily visible. Within this category would be the eyes and what they are doing.


Are the eyes of both parties going towards each other, are they looking at the common goal, is one person looking away while the person who should be looking that the same object obsessed with another object or person?


These are some of the firsts keys to look at while deciphering or understand the body language of men or women for work, fun or even seduction.


 As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about body language.


 Now go implement!


 Scott Sylvan Bell


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Reading body language: The non verbal lanaguge of women

Reading body language: The reading of female body language is something that stumps most men and may even confuse women. Reading her nonverbal communication may stump even the smartest of men.


 To understand or interpret the body language of women you must first understand the prewiring done by nature.


 What communication is to a woman will be determined by what has happened previously in her life. Your non verbal communication skills must be honed in order to effectively portray your masculine abilities.


 Women are innately born to take care of themselves and others. This instinct will cause women to react to the gestures, non verbal communication and body language of men.


 In instances this will cause the fight or flight mechanism in her brain to trip.


 Think about the last time that you got to close to a woman and she backed away from you and reacted in a way like you were trying to walk off with her purse and you had no such thoughts.


 Women are prewired to protect their bodies from men who would try to harm them. Then again yo have to remember that they are used to men trying to hunt them for their goods sort of speak.


 Knowing how to get close to a woman without triggering her instinct to run or mace a man is something that men all too often feel is a mysterious answered locked away in some box.


 The first step is to make a woman feel safe by you using the correct body language, this includes how fast you walk up to her and how close in proximity that you get with your first “meeting” or encounter. Now this proximity will be decided by where you are meaning:

  • ·         A park
  • ·         A bar or pub
  • ·         Church
  • ·         Work
  • ·         Any type of social gathering.


 The distance or proximity that you can work with will change depending on the venue and how skilled you are at using your body language or nonverbal communication.  If anything you do seems strange to her then almost certainly her defenses will go up and you are out of the game for getting a number, email address or Facebook friend.


 Stand too close you lose and then again if you stand too far away you will also have trouble. Standing 4- 5 feet away upon meeting would be acceptable and then slowly drawing in instead of the rush to get within 18 inches.  


 If you observe the rules of body language correctly then you would know that getting into her Bell bubble too soon would cause harm.


 Now that proximity has been dealt with your hands will need to be used correctly to convey that you are safe to be around. Keeping your hands visible in a non-threatening manner will help you but that is not all.


 If this is a business meeting or a setting where shaking a hand with an introduction is ok, do you know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for your non verbal communication?


 Going for touch too soon or giving a death grip hand shake may destroy your chances of the right or correct first meeting. This is bad non verbal communication and a reminder that you handshake if appropriate should be firm.


 A body language tip to understanding the body language of women is to slightly glance at her hand to see if she is about to raise it to shake your hand, you will see her shoulder start to dip slightly this may tell you that she is ready for a handshake.


 Now what if this isn’t a meeting for business and you would like to get to know this special woman better. You may decide that you want to use the body language of attraction to get this woman’s attention and in this instance it would be good to know and understand the body language of men.


 If you smile too soon you will seem like a creepy stalker who will get a fake number for sure, if you are too serious of your facial expression is wrong once again you will get shut down instantly.


 Now some pick up artists will share with you that it is a good idea to touch a woman early on in the “game” so that she gets used to you touching her. Touch done wrong this can get you in trouble, even done right this “kino” (short for kinesthetic) action may disqualify you as cool guy before you even get close to finding out her real name.


 Getting to know a women by approaching her the right way will help you “get the girl” knowing your body language or how non verbal communication works just give you an upper hand.


 Next up part 2 – The nonverbal or body language of women and even possibly seduction.


 As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions!


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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Reading body language: Proximity and The Bell Bubble


Reading body language:

learning how to read nonverbal communication or even learning how to communicate more effectively through learning body language may take you to many places or events that you have never been to before.


You may just find that your communication verbally and nonverbally becomes more fluid and people understand you better. When people understand you better they do not have to take the time to try and interpret what you mean or what you are saying.


Just about every time you learn something new there will be specific parts that you learn that you will be uncomfortable with and there will also be parts or ideas that just seem to flow well.


What is body language specifically? The answer is what others read into what you are doing with your body while you are communicating and how you think it is being perceived in real time along with what the other person believes is going on. In essence someone or a group is reacting to you and then you are reacting to them. In some instances their reactions or your reactions are not even being done on purpose they are unconscious. Some questions from the person or people watching you or the other way around may be is the person:

  • ·         Telling the truth or believed to be trustworthy
  • ·         Looking for a date from a man or a woman
  • ·         Acting normal or overly animated
  • ·         A threat


While communicating there are rules to follow with your non verbal communication so that your message is seen as being effective and easy to follow, some you may know and some you may have never been told.


Body language can be perceived and will be perceived wrong from the person or the people that are watching. Proximity can be confused from person to person along with regional or national implications. In the United States people tend to like their space and that area is at least 18 inches around their body. This area or Bell Bubble is a comfort zone and when infiltrated tension occurs.


Understanding body language or nonverbal communication skills
Interpreting body language is a persuasive selling skill


The best way to define the area within the bell bubble is to stand up and swing your forearm up while your elbow is at your side. This distance from your elbow to your fingertips will range from 14 – 20 inches in most instances (for some people longer for some people shorter). This area would be considered your personal space and if you were to meet with another person for the most part here in the United States and other parts of the world that is what other people would consider part of their personal space.


Yes there are some things that translate from one country to another when it comes to body language.


Now you can also use this Bell Bubble to the right and left sides of your body as well. If you were to bring your forearm as if you were pointing to the right or to the left you would still be out the 14 – 20 inches to the side the Bell Bubble would still apply. Even if you could fold your arm backwards your comfort zone will be within 14 – 20 inches. This non-verbal tip is meant to help you to not break a proximity boundary.


Some people require more room so that they feel like they are not being threatened or it just may be a comfort zone in general.

Sometimes you have no verbal cues when you meet a person for the first time. In these instances communication skills are very important. One of the ways that you build rapport or comfort is by mirroring or doing similar actions as the person near you. By staying in an area of comfort which is at least 18 – 20 inches away from the person or even sometimes double that you have a better chance of getting your valuable message across.


What is body language? learn how to read your own communication
Proximity and the Bell Bubble for non-verbal skills


One easy way to keep outside of another person’s Bell Bubble is to be two arm distances away from the other person.  Now you can go too far away and that will seem strange and unusual the same as standing too close. When people react to you in a way that is easy to understand and interpret you know you have done something wrong almost instantly.


You know you are too close to a person or you have invaded their Bell Bubble when they either cringe or take a step back, in such an instance you would want to slowly move back over a few step as to not jump away too quickly. If your movements at this point are strange it will give the person a reason to not like or even trust you. This may lead them to strange facial expressions or they may even bulk up like they are about to fight. If done repeatedly the other person may think that you are playing mind games.


Learning how to read body language and even understand in interpret body language can benefit you once learned for business, dating, maintaining relationships, determining is someone is lying or you could even learn nonverbal communication skills just for fun. Learning how to read people can give you huge benefits.


Remember to keep people comfortable by not getting too close or too far and that for you to determine your Bell Bubble it is usually the distance from your elbow to your fingertips.


As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or questions in advance.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Photo credits:  Intimate Couple In Bed by photostock, Business Handshake by chanpipat

Reading body language: How to interpret proximity

Reading body language:
When learning how to read body language or interpret non-verbal communications
there are a few concepts to build on and learn.


One of the first concepts to learn after social value or how
your message is viewed and judged by others would be the concept of proximity.


When evaluating the context of a situation and working on
understanding body language through pictures or judging a live situation
knowing how close people are can determine much of what is going on.

Understanding body langauge and proximity
interpreting body language of men and women


The distance that people are from each other is defined as
proximity. Whether you are reading male or female body language it is important
to understand what distances between people will change the meaning or context
of the situation. Even if you are working on deciphering what business people
are doing in relation to proximity the same rule apply.


There are certain distances for people where you are:

  • Intimate as in a relationship or even a really
    good friend
  • A close friend
  • A relative
  • A friend
  • A just introduced
  • Unknown or an enemy


The normal area to be considered intimate for a friend or a
relationship would be within 18 inches, a friend would be from the 18 inch range
to 36 inches and an unknown situation may be from 36 inches and beyond.


When reading or understanding body language you will need to
determine the context of the situation by understanding the relationship
between the people or the group that you are evaluating to determine what would
be appropriate. When looking at proximity it is your job to determine what is
going on in just a few seconds or within a minute what is going on.


It is possible to misread a situation as the distances
listed are only a guideline and not always an absolute. It is possible when
looking at a situation quickly to misread how the people being judged interact.


Reading the body language of men and women and interpreting the meanings
No verbal skills? try learning how to read body language.

Reading body language and interpreting what is being
conveyed is a skill that is sharpened over time and not just something that can
quickly be learned. Starting with the basics and moving from there will help to
build a foundation of knowledge that will help you over time.


As a homework assignment while out and about or even at work
start to pay attention as to how close people can get to each other before they
react by moving away from the other person. After a while you may start to see
people a little differently and may even determine that things are going on
that you may not have previously thought.


Your beliefs may change from seeing how people touch each
other, how close they stand, where they talk to each other when talking and how
comfortable they are when in the 18 in range or closer.


There is not a paper to turn in with the assignment as you
can do this work anywhere:

  • School
  • Work
  • At a gym
  • At a mall
  • At the corner market


It’s fun sometimes to just guess what people are doing or
how they are associated, if you have enough courage sometimes you can just go
and open up a conversation and ask people. If you get nervous tell them it is
an assignment for a communication course you are taking. Its ok people are
curious and they will open up. You may even find your “story” as a good way to meet


Interpreting nonverbal communication can be fun and almost
be seen as mind reading. Reading the body language of attraction is something
that can be learned over time but the first thing you should master is
understanding proximity between people and what it may mean.


As a last note when learning about body language there are
three things that can happen:

  1. You
    can be right, this would mean that you have judged the context of the situation
    correctly and identified what is happening or has happened
  2. You
    are partially correct and have identified some of the things going on but
    somewhere you were wrong
  3. You
    were wrong altogether and misread the situation or the context


There really are not any other options when learning about
body language or non-verbal communication skills.


The next class for you will be on the “Bell Bubble”.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your
comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Photo credits:Smiling Business Women In Focus by photostock, Couple Celebrating Together by photostock