Body language: Learn how to read body language

Reading body language: When it comes to learning how to read body language and nonverbal communication like an expert you do have a few ways to get your hands on the information that gives you the edge of knowing what people are thinking.


Knowing how to read body language of women or men can almost seem like you are psychic and know how to read minds when others see you in action


There are a few options for you to get the most out of learning the skills of reading body language. The few places that you can gather information are:

  • ·         Books on body language
  • ·         DVD’s and cd’s that are home study courses
  • ·         Hire an expert or go to a class on reading body language
  • ·         Your own research


Reading body language like an expert exercise

For today the focus will be on the last item and that is through your own work and research. You will find that it is easier than you think when it comes to learning how to read body language of women or men because most of the skills needed you already have.


This body language exercise requires that you have 2 or more people available and some time to learn the nonverbal actions of emotions. You will want to set aside some time possibly grab a video camera so that you can record your own coursework for later use and also for a way to watch your own body language. Your eyes may be opened up as to what the nonverbal actions when you have an emotion in the presence of others.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares how to learn to read body language
Body language and how to learn how to read it


Reading body language exercise: here is what you will need:

  • ·         Index cards
  • ·         A pen
  • ·         A list of emotions


What you will do is list each emotion on the index cards and draw them out randomly.

You and your partner or partners will act out each emotion on the card as you draw them. You will want the emotions random so that you do not have time to prepare for the action you have drawn. You will want this exercise to be as real as possible.


You will watch each person act out the emotion that is drawn noting what they do with their body, where there proximity is, what their facial features do when they act out the emotion. Note internally as many details as possible because these small actions or micro expressions will be needed later.



Reading body language like an expert and how to learn the body language of others

Now this exercise may sound simple but it will give you a good idea as to what you need to watch for while watching others. You need to learn how to read body language not just from watching others in the form of media but also in real life.


Sometimes the person or the people working with you will not accurately depict the emotion that they draw.  You will determine what is off with their body language and make a note of it.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares how to read body language
Reading body language and how to learn how to read the body language of women and men


As you learn real time what is going on it will make it easier for you to learn how to read body language of men or women form a home study course or even from reading a book on body language. Body language experts learn real time along with from courses and coaches


Your ability to not just act out the emotion with your body but also being able to feel the emotions will give you an upper edge over others who have just learned from a book or anything else of the nature. For those who do not take the time to learn what their body is saying while communicating they will “leak” their true intentions or emotions before they even come out of their mouths.


This body language exercise is meant to supplement other work in order to help you understand and interpret what others are doing with their bodies.


As a side note you will want to note that as you work with the person or group things may get tense when you act out emotions such as anger, frustration or disgust they may have a reaction negatively to you. Remind them that this is an exercise to learn how to read body language and nothing personal.


Reading body language like an expert home study course

Learning how to read body language like an expert takes time and effort to understand and interpret the signs and signals of nonverbal communication.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about learning how to read body language like an expert.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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Reading body language games

Reading body language: Learning how to read people through the use of analyzing body language can be fun.


Sure you can read how to look at each body part, learn how to interpret facial expressions of eve go online and study how people interact through proximity. What will really help you learn how to read and understand body language better is to dissect it in real life.


Reading body language games to learn nonverbal communication
Reading body language games to understand body language


Reading body language can be learned by games

When people want to learn how to read other peoples nonverbal actions they are shocked about where to gain these skills and capabilities.


The first Reading body language game can be played with a few people by going out to a bar about 10:00pm or later. Just know that your job is not to drink you are there to learn. When you are done learning then you can drink. There are some very specific reasons why you want to choose a bar. People will let their guards down after a few drinks. Their actions in some instances will be exaggerated and reading their body language can and will be easier because of it.


The way that this body language game goes it to figure out a person between your group and then determine what the nonverbal communication means. Now you can get away with more silliness when you are at a bar with people who are drinking. You can even get other people involved in your “game” and they will have fun also.


When you think that you have determined what has gone on go over and buy the guy or girl a drink and ask them. Let them know you are doing a body language experiment and they will let you in on what is going on. If they decide that they do not want in on your fun try with another person.


Watching men hit on women or even guys who think that they are pick up artists (PUA) can show you the body language of rejection all of the way to the body language of seduction that you can read real time. If you are close enough you can hear the interactions between the men and women. The benefit for you is that you get to learn in real time and see just what some nonverbal actions are.


Reading body language games to increase communication skills
Reading body language games for interpretations of nonverbal signs


Reading body language for sales as a game the blank slate surprise

Under pressure people dominate traits come out. If you are in any type of sales the best way to make this happen is through surprise. You can learn not just a lot but a ton from being put under pressure. This works especially well when this sales training technique is videotaped or recorded to watch later.


The setup for this even is simple. A person goes shopping and picks up a few items:

  • ·         Small lunch sacks (brown and not see through
  • ·         Random taboo products think adult novelty toys
  • ·         Random items from the house


You then take the items and put them in the brown bags and put them on a table on in a box. The salesperson is given 30 second to look at the item while it is still in the bag. Once the salesperson has had their time to look at their item they then do a 2 minute infomercial on the “product” that they have in the bag.


This game that can be used to learn about body language reading will show what the salesperson does when they are nervous, what they do when they are confident and what they do when they get stumped. The communication when verbal or nonverbal will show every flaw or even perfection.


Some of the best items for this game are ones that are taboo and that can create the most discomfort or embarrassment.


For salespeople who are more advanced there is no 30 second prep time for the “actor” it the infomercial is instant. This puts even more pressure on the actor because there is no preparation time. No matter how good the salesperson or “actor” is this body language reading event will show some sort of weakness in the nonverbal communication skills and signs.


This “game” needs to be recorded on film so that the actor can watch what they have done because if you just tell them they will not believe what was done. The actions of their hands, facial expressions and general body language can be dissected slowly and even repeated over and over again.


Now you don’t have to be a salesperson to benefit from these sales games you can be a person that just wants to learn how to read nonverbal actions. Your dominate traits will come out on film and you can determine what actions that you do can get you in trouble when communicating with others.


Reading body language and nonverbal communication to become an expert can be learned here.


I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about games you can learn to read body language.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell

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