Reading body language of rolled sleeves

Reading body language of rolled sleeves: You can learn a lot about others by looking at their nonverbal communication and the way that they wear their clothes.


When people roll their sleeves there are 3 main reasons:

  1. 1.      The person is working with current trends
  2. 2.      The person doesn’t want to get their clothes dirty
  3. 3.      The person wants to appear to others that he or she is “working hard”


Body language  of rolling sleeves for trend

One of the current trends for men is to roll their sleeves of “flip” them up. In some instances the shirts will have a design on the inside sleeve because it was not meant to be left buttoned. When this is done for trend it more of a matter of fitting in so that there is not negative attention. There is some social value to appear like others.  While reading the body language of a man rolling his sleeves for trend you could assume it is somewhat for the fitting in but also to get some attention.


An offshoot of the trend may be to show a bracelet or a watch to gain some attention through their nonverbal communication. Some people who wear expensive watches may do so just to see if others are paying attention to the social status of the jewelry. In a case like this the body language used may be more exaggerated with the arms.  


Body language of rolling the sleeves for work

While reading the body language of someone working and rolling their sleeves the man or woman isn’t really doing the rolling to fit within a persona or to get attention they are doing so to get some work done. Their nonverbal communication may show them as being serious or working hard on a project or service. You may see the person not making much contact with others or you could see the man or the women lifting, cleaning or even moving products. This person who is working may give off the feeling through their body language that they are in a hurry or that they are willing to take time with whatever they are working on.


Body language of rolling sleeves to appear as hard work is being done

For some people who roll their sleeves they want to appear like they are working harder than what they really are by using their nonverbal communication to express this idea. Many times you will see politicians who while working in town halls do so to give the appearance of being just like everyone there who is hard working or that more work is being done that what is really going on.


Now there are some politicians or people who really are working hard but for the most part they have been “coached” by a body language or persuasion expert to help build a persona that identifies with a person or a group.


Whatever the reason a man or woman rolls their sleeves you can read from their body language and interpret the situation to help understand the best way to identify what message that they are trying or are delivering.


Learn how to read the body language of men and women

Learning how to read and interpret body language or non verbal communication can help you understand the unintentional messages of men or women and can be learned here.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of rolled sleeves.


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Reading body language of pickup artists

Reading body language: There is a certain allure set aside for the man who is considered a Pick up artist (PUA) in men’s magazines. Pick up artists are meant to be some magical creature that every man wants to be like because of the way that they can attract women to their persona.


The first step in interpreting the body language of the pickup artist is his person. This is the walk of confidence that the man has while entering a room that is meant to grab the attention of the women in the room or bar. This body language that the room is supposed to be reading shows that he is meant to be with any woman in the room. This confidence is also meant to build desire into any woman who see and view the PUA.


A smart pick up artist knows that in order to be seen he must stay away from the edges of vision so he will place himself in the center of the room so that he may be the center of attention as much as possible this is a huge part of his “game”.


Attention is everything


Reading body language of a pickup artist and his swagger

The body language of a pickup artist will show confidence in every way possible; he will stand with confidence and obey the laws of proximity and the “bell bubble”. The pickup artist will be aware of the proximity of the people who are his friends but also their body language as to what they are reacting to.


The pickup artist will smile and look at everyone in the room even if they have disgust and disdain for him. He will ignore the statements made about him or he may react verbally with a smart remark.


Everything for the pick up artist has been engineered before he walked into the room. His clothing was well thought out, his accessories were predetermined hours earlier and even locations where he ends up may have been previously staked out.


Reading body language of a pickup artist and peacocking

The clothing of a pickup artist may be a little different than what you would think. Everything is done to draw attention to himself of the opposite sex. The man may wear something that is unusual like a scarf or a piece of jewelry. These articles used are conversation starters for sure just unusual enough to get that extra bit of attention from the other guys in the room and even the alpha male.


The articles used to attract women nonverbally can even be part of women’s clothing. The scents used can be those of perfume just to get the extra touch and get her to question if it was from another woman who was interested causing her to be interested now.


Everything worn by the pickup artist whether clothing or scents is designed to build attention in a way that creates people either talking to the pickup artist or about him. This attention feeds into the persona of the man and helps build his confidence.


Reading body language of a pickup artist and “kino”

When it comes to reading body language and the actions of others including pick up artists kinesthetics is important. The word “Kino” is used meaning touch. The job of the pickup artist is to get playful touch in as soon as possible. The main goal is to show confidence and intent but to remain as playful as possible.


Touch crosses social boundaries and once crossed it is easier for the woman to relax around the pick up artist and buy into his persona and what he is saying to her. The more she is touched the more her guard drops or the more comfortable she becomes over time the more relaxed she will become.


Reading body language of pick up artists with body space and anchoring

Pick up artists usually work in groups of two or more or teams. The job of the wing man is to be support for their fellow pick up artists but at the same time getting more attention from the men and the women in the room. They may use each other’s bodies to have the right amount of anchoring or being in a good visible spot for others to see. The anchor may be the best seat in the house where the PUA may sit or stand with confidence.


Wherever he is the body language signs and signals of the pickup artist will show that he is relaxed and supposed to be right where the action is.


He may surround himself with adoring women who want his attention which will in turn cause other women to want to be within proximity to figure out who the man of mystery is. The closer in proximity the women are to him the better chance that the PUA has of gamming or working on his game with his new “target”.


While anchoring good interactions take place in one location and bad interactions will take place in another.


The best ally the PUA has is the attention that he gets from everyone in the room. This creates a buzz and creates attention and builds the confidence or swagger of the man.


A good pick up artist is good at reading the body language of others but also for using his to gain attention or know how to diffuse a bad situation.


Reading the body language of a pickup artist and bouncing

Once a location has been determined to be the venue must change. The whole goal is to get the girl away from the location where she was before. This can be for a mini date like a quick breakfast at 2:00am or even for activities back at home.


In some instances the whole goal is to get others to see the PUA to leave so that an internal sort of jealousy is built or even a feeling of exclusion.


This does build into the desire mechanism in the brain on the part of the person who is “missing out” on whatever the pickup artist has to offer especially if he is leaving with more than one girl.


Reading the body language of a pickup artist and rejection

A pick up artist who has been out in the field or “gaming” for a while will know that he will be rejected by women over time. The body language or on verbal reaction from him will show that the rejection is no big deal and that there are plenty of others who would be happy to be the center of his attention.


When the pick up artist does get the reaction that he wants he does not celebrate because it would create bad attention. On the other hand it is the same with rejection a good pick up artist will not react badly when he is rejection by his target he will just move on as nothing has phased him.  


Reading the body language of a pickup artist and his verbal attributes

There are a few things that need to be explained about the pickup artist and how he will use verbal actions to help with his nonverbal game. PUA’s will typically have a call sign or a nick name that they go by. In some instances the name will only be used on the internet in chat rooms but some of the guys will use them in the real world.


The nick name or call sign gives them confidence and allure and may help with their mystic and swagger. The whole intention of the pickup artist is attention from person or the group that they are targeting.


Remembering that the while goal of the body language and nonverbal actions is to build attraction and desire by increasing attention many great things can be learned from watching and reading the body language of a pickup artist.


Reading the body language of a pickup artist can be learned here:

Reading body language like an expert may be learned and explained by this course.


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Reading body language of super hero items

YouTube Preview Image

Reading body language: When you look at the nonverbal communication that a man or woman has there are times where a viewer can see the confidence in the man or woman shine through almost like a special power.


It almost seems that the man or woman cannot be stopped…


Reading the body language of men and women can lead to many places and some interesting topics. Explaining the “Law of super hero articles” is one of those places.   


Have you ever watched someone who was superstitious about their socks, pen, watch, sunglasses or any other inanimate object that the man or woman felt help them increase in whatever action they were taking part in?


So what does this inanimate object have to do with reading body language and nonverbal communication?




It could be a suit or shoes and maybe even the makeup on a woman that builds confidence…


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell interprets super hero articles
Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares super hero articles


Reading body language of super hero articles

It may even be the object or objects that people hold or wear that may cause them to have an inordinate amount of confidence in whatever task that they are doing.


If you were asking in your mind could it be a set of golf clubs, a car or even a big fat diamond ring?




When reading the body language signs and signals of men and women you will typically find that they will have something that they use as a crutch to grant them their super hero powers for their confidence.


So you still don’t see how this would help?


Have you ever been to somewhere dressed up and all of the sudden you feel better or you go out and get a new hand bag and boom your confidence is through the roof? That confidence shows through in your nonverbal communication and your body language changes, and yes everybody can see it but they may not be able to understand or interpret why.


The body language of confidence is almost automatic and you are living the “Law of super hero articles”.

The signs and signals in your body language that others would see are:

  • ·         A smother pace with the actions of your body almost like a glide
  • ·         A faster pace with walking
  • ·         Shoulders up and possibly out
  • ·         The chin could be lifted and in some cases high enough that other people may think that it is arrogance
  • ·         A smile or smirk on the face of the confident man or woman
  • ·         Sometimes you will see in the man a swagger within his walk and or actions
  • ·         The article with super hero power may be shown off or lead off of the body


The law of super hero article says: “A man or woman will use their inanimate object to help build confidence  or draw from this article when needed to overcome an event. This article can be anything from clothing, jewelry or even accessories”.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains how a watch can be a super hero article
Body langugae expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows how a watch can build confidence


When a man or woman is really using their article for super hero powers they may lead off with it. In the case of the hand bag it may be held in a strange way so that it gets attention. A watch or a ring on a man or woman could be used in a similar fashion. Sometimes after women have gone through plastic surgery they may use whatever body part that was modified to lead off with.


Of these items it may be that you get a manicure or pedicure or even a haircut frequently. For some it may even be the tattoos that they have and it can go as far as people who have had plastic surgery where the crutch holds its power of confidence.


Reading body language homework

Your body language homework is to go through your clothes and accessories to see what super hero articles that you have and write down what you think that other people are reading from you when you wear them. May a note of how you think your nonverbal communication changes. Once you have done this you will see how these super hero articles may affect other men or women and even you when you wear or possess them.


The knowledge of your super hero articles also helps you on a day where you may not have all of the confidence that you think that you should. Just remember that the extra confidence that you gain from these objects is only temporary at best and not real so it must be reloaded constantly.


For some men and women this means constant trips to the store to upgrade super hero powers and this is what some advertisers want you to feel about the product that you buy from vendors and or companies. They sell a dream or feeling with super hero powers and you buy into it.   


True confidence does not come from possession of articles it comes from within.


And you thought you were just going to learn about reading body language but you also received a small course in marketing.


Learning how to read body language like an expert requires some studying and plenty of patience, you can get the study course here:


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Reading body language of sunglasses

Reading body language: When you take a look at people with sunglasses you may not have realized or understood that there is body language involved.


Sunglasses can be used for more than blocking the sunlight form your eyes, they can be used for so many more reasons:

  • ·         Style
  • ·         Following the crowd
  • ·         Intimidation
  • ·         Medical conditions


Reading body language of sunglasses and intimidation
Reading body language of sunglasses and style


Body language reading of reasons to wear sunglasses

There are times that style dictates that men or women wear sunglasses. Now these sun glasses could have light or dark lenses. Some people would interpret that dark sunglasses could mean that the person is hiding something. Now sometimes in order to fulfill a persona with the style men or women will wear their sunglasses indoors or even at night. If the glasses are for style many times they will be from a designer, in some instances part of style is to use cheap sunglasses instead of the more costly designer brands.


Now style and following the crowd are two different things when it comes to the body language of sunglasses. Style can be an individual effort while following the crowd is a little different.


In some instances the lenses of the glasses will have a mirror reflection on them. This coating on the lenses will cause even more intimidation to happen. The hope is that you will feel desperate to understand what is going on in the other persons mind or even left out.


In the case where a man or woman would need to intimidate another person they may wear their glasses so that their eyes cannot be seen. This means that the other person has no real contact or feel and that the intimidation can be felt but the other man or woman can’t really put their finger on it. This disconnect causes the intimidation.


Mirrored sunglasses have a body language of their own. Reading into why people wear them and why they need to intimidate others or they could be wearing them as a way to hide from society.


There are some who feel that they need to hide and no matter the style or intimidation factor they will put the glasses on so they can’t be read easily.


Reading body language sunglasses and interpreting their meaning
reading body language of sunglasses at night


The last explanation of the body language of sunglasses is that some people have to wear them because of medical conditions. There are some men or women that need sunglasses to help see outside whether it is bright or night. There are some people who even have to have some sort of tinting to their glasses at night to help protect their eyes.


If you do have to interpret the body language being portrayed by sunglasses on a man or woman it is important to take the time to read the person to understand why they are wearing the glasses.


Reading body language of super hero articles or accessories

Lastly there are some who would wear the glasses because they may increase the internal feelings of the man or woman almost as if they were a super hero. In a sense it is like dressing up and role playing while being a kid. Some men or women will have complete changes in their body language of more confidence by just using sunglasses so they become more than an accessory. This personification of this one article changes the whole persona of the person wearing them.

Learn how to read and examine body language like an expert.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your questions or comments on the body language of sunglasses.


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