Reading body langauge:Knowing your social value – part 2

Reading body language:
Learning how to read body language is a skill that compounds over time. Your
abilities to read nonverbal communication will become faster and more intense.
It may be that your skills for reading body language is not very advanced and
you may know the basics. When taking a look at pictures your skills may even
take longer in the beginning.


You may have learned about social value and what it means
when people see your non-verbal communication in real time.


There is a second part to learning about social value but
also living it. Self-control would be the missing aspect of social value.


Your ability to control yourself or the self-control factor is
always on display when in public or when transmitted on video and maybe past
the non-verbal area in audio form.


You are constantly being judged by those who are watching
you whether they are part of or associated with what you are doing.


You should be asking yourself:

  • Who is watching my actions?
  • What are others thinking?
  • Will there only be positive thoughts of my
    actions or can there be negative beliefs about what I am doing?
  • Can my actions be misconstrued?


These self-check questions are just guide lines to make sure
that you are being perceived as being seen as a positive light. Remember there
is always going to be a person who has to interpret what you are acting it.
This becomes even more important where you can lose value from others who are


Self control is a huge part of your non verbal or body language
communication and just for a second you are a salesperson and you do make
mistakes that would cause you to lose social value, do you think that you will
make the sale or transaction?


When was the last time that you were somewhere and there was
a person who was acting out of place? Was it uncomfortable? How did you feel
about the person? What thoughts did you assume about the person?


Every day when you are in public and you are communicating
your nonverbal communications are being judged as:

•           Positive
social value

•           Exempt
social value

•           No social
value or negative social value


One of the best ways to increase your body language skills
is to go to a bar or pub and watch people after they have a few to drink. The
people who have had a few drinks will let their guard down and not pay attention
to what they are doing like a person who is sober. Just remember if you decide
to drink you may be the person who is being judged if you do not control


I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and
or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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16 thoughts on “Reading body langauge:Knowing your social value – part 2”

  1. Thank you!

    I will consider those 4 questions to ask myself.

    What are they again… yes…

    •Who is watching my actions?
    •What are others thinking?
    •Will there only be positive thoughts of my
    actions or can there be negative beliefs about what I am doing?
    •Can my actions be misconstrued?

  2. In this day of smart phones with HD cameras and most everyong having a camcorder or some other recording device within arms reach, we have to assume that our actions are always under scrutiny. This is kind of a scary thought, actually.

    Anyway, if one always assumes they are being watched and remember your 4 questions, they should be fine.

    A good word of advice is try to never do anything that you would be embarrassed or ashamed to tell your mother about. It has always worked for (at least I think it has!).

    Your Guide to Living a Full, Rich, and Satisfying Life

  3. No those four questions I won’t. I’ve been years being too self critical. Question that consider other peoples points of view towards my behavior, I don’t like. (Assuming generally acceptable behavior.)

    Better, I have found for me, is to ask myself, “Am I being authentic?” And, “Am I being congruent?”

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