Reading body language: Are your clothes nonverbal communication?

Reading body language: Reading or understanding body language has many twists and turns. Knowing what facial expressions mean can get you so far and then you need more information.


Nonverbal communication is more than just a few of your  bodies actions it can even include a few items you have not thought of to communicate with others.


Take for example that you decide to go out for a night on the town and you want to attract some females or males depending on your tastes. You decide that in order to attract men or women through your body language that you want to dress better than any body else who will be at the club you are going to. Is that a form of body language or non verbal communication…


This isn’t a trick question.


Yes or no…


Ok so you are right the way that you wear your clothes speaks volumes about you, are the clothes:

  • ·         In style, extreme or casual  – This could explain the type of or amount of value you put on what society thinks of you or the person wearing the clothes. There are some who only buy name brands or designer clothes and then there are people who don’t buy clothes based on anything else but how much they cost or how cheap they are.
  • ·         Tight or lose around the body – Is the person wearing the clothes in shape or does it seem odd for the way that the clothes fit onto the body?
  • ·         Cleaned recently or are the clothes dirty – When was the last time that the clothes were washed?
  • ·         Worn excessively or are the clothes newer – There are some people who wear the clothes to the very end and then there are those who consistently buy new clothes.
  • ·         Pressed, ironed or wrinkled – does the person wearing the clothes pay attention and make sure that they look the best possible all of the time.


That is just the tip of the iceberg now you get to take a look at the accessories but for a few moments the focus will stay on the clothing.


Is it easier to approach a person in nice clothes or in clothes that may not attract others? When was the last time you asked a homeless person for directions? Did you not ask the homeless person question because of the way that he or she looked? Is it your beliefs of their non verbal  communication that caused you to not talk to this person or was it something else?


Is it easy to approach you with what you wear or is your non verbal communication along with your body language telling people to stay away.


In order for you to communicate effectively with your body language and non-verbal communication you must first be prepared and that comes from how you have dressed yourself along with how you have paid attention to details of your clothes and your accessories.


Yes that does also mean your shoes should be cleaned and polished also since it is one of the first thing that women look at besides your teeth and your wallet.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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12 thoughts on “Reading body language: Are your clothes nonverbal communication?”

  1. I always wondered how important dress was and I have been a little skeptical but your example of when was the last time you asked a homeless person for directions made me a believer. Thanks for another great post.

  2. Another interesting article, Scott. Another question for you … what is the best “stance” when talking with someone? Unless I have something in my hand(s), I have no idea what to do with them so I usually have at least one thumb in my front pocket. It feels awkward to just let my arms hang at my side … Your thoughts ( and a video would be really helpful ).

    Stay Extraordinary and Do Great Things, Neil
    Vote for Heart

  3. Ho we dress is very important.
    Something very funny happened to me about a week ago rewarding clothing. I went out with a couple of friends. I was wearing very simple clothes, jeans and a shirt. My friends went very sexy dresses and very high hills. At first I thought: oh, oh, I should have dressed up a litlle bit more…but when the nigth finnished my friends were very annoid because of all the men around them… I think what you wear tells people a lot about you!

    Tratar la ansiedad con hipnosis

  4. Clothes are SO important. But people either seem to get this or not. Here is who get this in Costa Rica. Everyone who works in the banks. The up and coming young taxi drivers who want you as a customer for life. The young entrepreneurs (like the guy who sold me my cell phone and cell phone service)…but most women do not get it…they dress like um working women when they go out and (really) men are asking their friends or even the women themselves if they are for hire….
    Sonya Lenzo

  5. Clothing seems to be a major part of the social ladder at school. For example, a couple years ago you had to have brand x or brand y otherwise you get z response, usually negative.

    Very interesting expansion on the topic, Scott!

    I am curious about the same thing Neil is, how should I stand while I am talking to people? Arm positioning? Feet pointed at or away?

    Mark Hogan

  6. Hi Scott,

    Oh yes indeedity do, our clothes SPEAK VOLUMES about us and in many ways send a non-verbal message to others which is loud and clear. This is something I cover extensively in my internet dating workshops and seminars because just like you say, it really is that important.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Online Dating Success Tips

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