Reading body language: How to learn how to read the language of the body

Reading body language now: It seems that having the ability
to read nonverbal communications is all the rage right now. The reason is that
it gives you a leg up on sales, negotiations and just every other aspect of

It seems that everyone want to take a course on the subject
to become some sort of body language expert to get on television.

For you to learn how to read body language now there are a
few tips that you can use almost instantly.

  • Start watching television for a few moments with
    the sound off to get the context of what the people are saying.
  • Go to a bar around midnight and watch how people
    interact at about midnight
  • Go to places where your language is not the
    common language used.

Reading body language comes easier when you understand the
nuances of the people around you. To use the body language tip of watching
television with the volume off, there is a second part. Your job is to take
notes and guess what is going on. You will then watch the show with the volume
on to see how close you were to the context of what you wrote down in your

It is super important that you actually take notes and not
just do them mentally. Yes you can shortcut your learning process of reading
body language but that will end up hurting your persuasive abilities in the

If you go to a bar a few hours before they close the people
who have been drinking will be more relaxed and their body language will be
slightly more exaggerated. Your ability to detect what the non-verbal context
of conversations will be easier. As you learn how to read body language this
tip does make it faster.

Lastly if you go to a place where you do not speak the same
language like a restaurant or store you will be almost forced into reading into
what is going on around you. Your job once again is to guess the context of
conversations around you.

The first place to watch is the hands of the people who are
your subjects you hope to learn body language from. See how the people you are
watching use gestures to communicate, is the pace fast or slow? Is the stage or
area they are using small and within the areas of the body or are they huge and
way outside the frame of the body. The stage that people use can help determine
the context of the conversations people around you are having.

Lastly on word of caution when out and about to learn how to
read body language and that is to act normal and calm. Of you seem that you are
too interested in the people around you they may feel uncomfortable and start
to react to you. Your job is to be covert while learning this persuasive skill.
If you are watching the people or group too much and they feel uncomfortable
you may want to introduce yourself and explain what is going on. You would be surprised
to find out how interested the people will become about learning how to read
body language.

As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or
questions in advance

Scott Sylvan Bell

Now go implement!

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