Reading body language: How to spot a liar

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Reading body language: Deceptive body language or non verbal communication can destroy a message overt or even covert. You can have been telling the truth but you were betrayed by you facial expressions under pressure or even a “tell” you didn’t even know you hand when you were nervous.


When people lie there are physical actions that they make whether they know it or not.


What communication is will be determined by how effective both the verbal and nonverbal are contained within the message.


Salespeople are seen as liars no matter how persuasive their message ism the body language of men is under scrutiny most of the time by women, men want to know what the body language of women means so that they can possible determine if she is attracted to them and people in general just want to know what is body language. Politicians are also seen as liars and are under great scrutiny especially when there is controversy or debates for the Presidency.  


Some people who are good at reading body language or non verbal communication may be seen as having the ability to read minds or that they may be clairvoyant, this skill takes some time to take to learn.


How to spot a liar


Deceptive body language can be detected by base lining or watching the person to find their tells or the give away action when they lie. There may be one “tell” that is made or it can be a combination of a few “tells” 


When reading the body language of men or women there are some consistent things that people do when they lie and they may fall into one or more of these categories meaning they can have more than one tell and they include:

  • ·         Blinking more than often
  • ·         Covering their mouth or even trying to put their words back into their mouth
  • ·         Hiding their hands
  • ·         Covering their teeth with their lips
  • ·         Looking another direction
  • ·         Shaking one of their body parts with the wrong sign either up or down or left to right
  • ·         Tapping their foot of even feet
  • ·         Being unsettled in their chair
  • ·         Touching their face


Now the items in this list do not always mean that the persons body language or non verbal communication is deceptive or that they are lying but it can mean that something more is going on that what the person is alluding to.


When reading or learning how to read the body language of women their tells may be a bit more subtle and harder to catch then the deceptive body language of a man but this is not always the case.


Body language signals of lying in men or women


In many instances it will be the facial expressions that gives a person away but also in many instances it will be the body language of the arms or legs that will really give the person away non verbally.


When you are dealing with a person who is used to lying either man or women without plenty of work you will have a tough time catching them either verbally or non verbally because they are used to lying or being deceptive over and over again.


For reading the body language of deception most people are interested in trying to understand or interpret if their Husband, Wife, Boyfriend or Girlfriend is lying to them. The significant other may feel that their partner is either hiding something from them like money or hanging out with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.


Body language signs of lying and deception usually point to where there is an issue with the truth and one of the things that can be caught is when the other person tries to shovel their words back into their mouths, this is just one tell that can be done when a man or woman is lying.


Communication skills are important to not just your business life but your personal life also. It would be a good idea for you to determine what your “tells” are so that you know what type of message may be being delivered if you get nervous and not for the ability to deceive others. With enough time around a person you will know how to read their body language and even facial expressions to understand if they are lying or telling the truth.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell

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13 thoughts on “Reading body language: How to spot a liar”

  1. Scott Sylvan Bell, I can never learn enough about body language. Knowing what body language comes across as a lie even if I do it by accident is so helpful. I’ve had customers tell me they bought from me because I whistled while I wasn’t being watched, or I guess when I didn’t think I was being watched.

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  2. I have a really bad habit of looking up and to my left as I talk. I am collecting my thoughts as I am talking but I wonder if people are interpreting this as me being deceptive. I am really focusing on looking at people when I talk.

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