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Reading body language: Nonverbal communication of tattoos


Reading body language:Reading non verbal communication orbody language can and will take you to many places. Understanding or interpreting what people are really saying or doing may be tricky at first.


In most instances people will add parts to their body or clothing to get a nonverbal reaction or response.  This response can be positive or negative depending on how the peron being examined wanted the outcome to be.


Have you ever noticed that people look for affiliation from others by:

  • ·         Clothes
  • ·         Shoes
  • ·         Watches
  • ·         Jew;ery
  • ·         Hats
  • ·         Belts
  • ·         Purses, bags or briefcases
  • ·         Pens


In just about every instance there is an accessory or clothing line that will help a person be affiliated with a group. Now this need to have an affiliation with anything is strong for people, the associations are strong and even a reason to have a conversation, a drink or even light up a cigarette with a newfound long lost friend.


The affiliations can come from

  1. 1.      Sports teams
  2. 2.      Religion
  3. 3.      Work
  4. 4.      Schools
  5. 5.      Regions or even countries
  6. 6.      Designer gear: shoes, purses, watches tattoos or other jewelry
  7. 7.      Music groups
  8. 8.      Affiliate groups for extra curricular actives


There are many times where people will decide to amplify the nonverbal communication and in a metaphorical sense these are all tattoos or expressions of ones self. Another way to explain this would be to call it an identity tattoo.


Communication skills are important for you when meeting new people and determining what communication is by the other person will depend upon how you deliver your message.


Now tattoos can be wither the kind that are inked onto a person or the blueprint that they use to associate with others. This link to others is who the person can be trying to achieve notoriety through or even more acceptance.


There is a point with people where they go all in meaning they have bought into their group, tribe or identity tattoo with when they go over the top.


Now there are some of those in society that would be considered on the outer fringe of normal but the question would be are they like the way that they are because they were accepted by these within the group they have met. In some instances the deeper the people go the more attention that they get for good or for bad.


Many times people will strike up conversation with others because of an identity or a nonverbal symbol that allows a stranger to ask questions or even create curiosity. In some instances these nonverbal items were planned on purpose to draw out attention.


When looking at the body language of men, what could be used for a way to get a women interested or even ask questions? There could be just about anything. One thing is for sure there are plenty of women into body art or tattoos on men and the way men get the women interested is to show them off. Now to show off the tattoos men have to wear clothes where they may be seen. The body position may require the man to sit or even stand to display or “Peacock” the item or items.


Now it may not really make sense at first that real tattoos would be considered non-verbal communication but what group or affiliation do they help identify with nonverbally?  


Now in looking that the body language of women what is it that they do that create attention or an implied message that could be interpreted as a non verbal message? The non-verbal cues or facial expressions used by a woman could count towards the seductive language of the body. These nonverbal actions could include makeup, clothing, perfume and yes even tattoos.


One of the ways to identify with people is to tap into what they consider their make up or their identity.


In some instances this connection is done through art of the skin or tattoos.


Now some tattoos have meaning you probably do not want to know, some are done just for the reason of art and some are even cultural.  


 Just think next time when you a person who doesn’t fit your norm maybe its because they want to be outside of what you consider normal because it is comfortable for them and because it gets them the attention they crave and yes that fits into their nonverbal communication of even body language.


 When done correctly those who you are communicating with may believe that you know how to read minds or that you are clairvoyant when you understand their identity tattoos correctly. Learning how to read body language can take you to the next level.


 I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


 Now go implement!


 Scott Sylvan Bell


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