Reading body language: Sunglasses can be nonverbal problems

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Reading body language: Communicating with others correctly takes practice, patience and discipline but after all of the body language or non verbal training you will be far better off than most people out there.


There are those times where after you know you did something wrong you wish you were able to kick yourself…


There are also those times where you wish a friend would have told you there was:

  •           Food in your teeth
  •          Your zipper was down
  •          And any other embarrassing mistake you could make and feel silly


If you were to have to communicate effectively and not screw it up what would you put on the list of things to do wrong?

  1.       Point at others
  2.       Talk outside of the Bell Bubble
  3.       Wear sunglasses while talking to others in general especially while doing business transactions or while meeting someone new.


If you wear sunglasses and are talking to someone they cannot see your eyes or the complete style of your facial expressions. Now for some reason when people can’t see your eyes they start thinking about everything you say and do in critical terms. They may interpret your communication as lies even if they do not understand body language formally.


Many people may get a shot back to their past when maybe an adult or parent said “Look at me while I talk to you” or “if you can’t look me in the eye I can’t trust you”. There is a huge amount of trust associated with looking someone in the eye. There is plenty of deceit built up when wearing sunglasses while holding a conversation with another person.


There are plenty of things that can be done wrong with glasses including wearing them on your forehead while trying to sell something. This just looks ridiculous and in no way should this be done unless it is Halloween and you are mocking a not too smart salesperson.


Now some people do have issues with the sunlight and really have a reason to want to wear sunglasses in a case like that it may be better to see if you can use some persuasive skills to get your meeting moved to somewhere that you can see better. In a case like this you would want to use prescription glasses that auto tint or move indoors.


There are also times where you are meeting with friends or people that you already know where this advice would not apply. This issue does not really develop unless you are talking about something serious. Now if you are all out in the sun or at the beach then disregard not wearing sunglasses.


Persuading people whether in a sales process or asking a girl out means that you must do your absolute best to not make any mistakes in any of the communication process and that means people should see your eyes. Make your nonverbal communication count every time.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Video courtesy of Scott and the North Shore of Oahu – Mahalo

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15 thoughts on “Reading body language: Sunglasses can be nonverbal problems”

  1. Great stuff Scott. I love the videos. Eye contact is huge. I used to have a real low self esteem issue so I would never look people in the eye when talking to them. Thank goodness someone pointed this out to me and explained that people interpet that as being dishonest.

    So I started consciously looking them in the eye and the more I did this the more confident I became and the more my self esteem grew. Is it possible that as you develop the body language of someone who is confidnet that your own self image will change to that of confidence? (I hope that made sense).

    Always coming back for more – really good stuff.

  2. The truth is that EVERYTHING about you is nonverbal body language. I could tell you a terrible story about a new blouse I bought where the buttons unbuttoned during a sales presentation. Needless to say I DID NOT get the sale. This was in the 70’s and I still have a horrible memory of it and everyone I knew then still remembers that story!!!
    Sonya Lenzo

  3. Thanks for your advice on sunglasses Scott. I’m conscious of it becuase I hate it when people talk to me with their glasses on. But I battle because my eyes stream in light, and I live in a very sunny country, so I either look shady / dishonest or like I’m crying! Good advice to try to move the location to a more shaded area. Thanks!

    Are you getting enough?

  4. Hi Scott,

    It is so funny that you should mention the problem of confused messages being sent by your nonverbal body language when people wear sunglasses in social interactions. In Las Vegas, Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles, the sun is quite strong. Many singles, both single men and single women, are including too many photos of themselves wearing sunglasses in their dating profiles. Talk about problematic nonverbals. Naturally all of their prospective dates are wondering what they have to hide to include so much of that in their internet personal ads.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Finding A Husband After 40 Online

  5. I get very annoid, like Clare, when people talk to me with glasses on!!! I just can’t stand it! After watching your video I know vhy…hard to trust them if you don’t see their eyes…

  6. Hello Scott Sylvan Bell, first of all sorry for not leaving a comment on the youtube video. I have the computer remember all my passwords so I don’t know what my google password is.
    It blows me a way when my techs don’t get this body language. Leaving sunglasses on is second only to texting while talking in negative nonverbal communicating. Without facial expressions customers would be interpretting only negative things.

    Las Vegas Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

  7. Very interesting Scott. Talking to someone, especially in a business setting, while they are wearing sunglasses has always been one of my pet peeves. It is rather nice to know that I am not the only one to feel that way.

    A short funny story, I once gave a presentation in front of nearly 200 participants. The presentation was about an hour. After I was finished, I noticed that my zipper was wide open. I wasn’t sure if I should be embarrased or upset that no one noticed!

    Your Guide to a Full, Rich, and Satisfying Life

  8. Wow… I would have never thought of the connection between not seeing the person in the eye, with “if you can’t look me in the eye, I can’t trust you.”

    Thanks for the information, Scott, this will be kept in mind.

    Mark Hogan

  9. I wear sunglasses when it is sunny because protecting your eyes from UV exposure can help prevent eye disease, such as macular degeneration. However, it really bothers me when people talk to you while wearing them. I always take off my sunglasses when I’m meeting someone, speaking to a new acquaintance, or certainly doing business. Great information. Thanks, Scott.

    Cherie Miranda

    Holistic Health Expert

  10. Scott, I have finally broken the habit of wearing sunglasses when talking to people – although the sun does bother the eyes sometimes. As usual, the video helps to give more clarification and, though I wouldn’t do it, see just how silly it looks to have glasses on the forehead or being talked to over the top of the sunglasses.

    Stay Extraordinary and Do Great Things, Neil

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