Reading body language: The Uncle sam Rule

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Reading body language: There are many things that you can do
right while communicating with others. There are a few things that will evoke negative
feelings in another person.


In some instances you may destroy your entire message by
just one nonverbal action. If your message is delivered correctly from your
mouth but the actions from your body language say the wrong thing it really doesn’t
matter what you say.


Pointing at a person can damage whatever message you are
trying to deliver. There are too many negative feelings from being pointed at
or being told what to do. In this event what would be interpreted would not be what
was really said.


In order to increase your effectiveness while communication
it is important to not break the Uncle Sam rule and point at people.


As always I would like to thank you advance for your
comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell

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18 thoughts on “Reading body language: The Uncle sam Rule”

  1. Hi Scott,

    Indeed directly pointing at someone we view as such an overly aggressive and nearly attacking gesture that it seriously turns people off. To use it in a dating scenario, your date might be forebearing with you this once so long as it is not a regular habit. However, in a sales situation, we require our sales people to be smarter and more savvy than that to get our sale.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Finding A Husband Online After 40

  2. Scott,

    That is a great visual with Uncle Sam pointing at us. I many years ago in Fine Dining that you Never Point! You only “Gesture” with an open palm in the general direction of the guest or person of interest. Come to think of it, I learned a lot about Reading Body Language in fine dining. Thanks Scott!


  3. Great article. The Uncle Sam Rule we in law enforcement call the “killing gesture” as it invokes often times, an angry response especially in those emotionally charged. When violating the Uncle Sam rule in the training environment just prior to discussing I point and say “YOU COME UP HERE” The non-verbals from the those being pointed at and others in the room are priceless. People really do hate the Uncle Sam Rule being violated!

    Great post


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