Reading body language: Why to learn body language part 2

Reading body language: The ability to read body language or non verbal communication
opens up many doors. If you dig deep and analyze it, most communication that
takes place between people does not deliver the intended results.


In the case of a mixed message may things can go wrong and
the entire situation may be misread. The natural language of the body can be misunderstood
at any moment.


If the quality of your life is determined by the quality of
your communication, what is your communication ability?


If you do not have the ability to persuade others to your
way of thinking you will have problems getting ahead of others.


If you don’t have the ability to read body language you are
missing outon some extra abiltties.


Take for example of just one small single action that can change
the outcome of a conversation:


The wink.


Now a wink may have many different connotations or meanings
for the person who is being winked at and may change the outcome of a sentence
in so many different way.


The wink can be:

  • A flirting gesture
  • A playful act
  • A taunt or a tease
  • An exclamation to a point to a statement
  • A distraction or rouse
  • An accident


If you were having a conversation just think of the
implications when it comes to just a wink and where you could go wrong with an
implied message. You could have the ability to offend someone, make someone
angry, get a date, lose a client, distract a message and even more from just
half a blink.


So how do you improve your abilities to read body language or
use your nonverbal communication skills to get your point or message across better?

  1. Be
    aware of your actions and know that they may have a 2nd or third
    meaning that you were not intending
  2. Learn
    over time what messages can come from different actions while using the body to
  3. Become
    comfortable in knowing that you are not making any extra body movements that
    are not needed.


One of the biggest eye openers while working with sales people
for them is to see what they are doing in a sales presentation while on film.
Many times people do not want to be filmed because they are scared for what
they look like while they are in front of the camera.


Influence specialist Roberto Monaco summed up the best way
to not fear being on a camera: “You look and sound the same on film as you do
out in public”.


One of the best exercises that is eye opening for
determining your ability to effectively communicate is to film a conversation
while talking to a friend. You will just want to film yourself and not the
other person or people in the group. Turn off the sound and try to determine
what is being said without hearing what is being communicated. In most
instances you may be scared by just how ineffective you are being while you


Learning how to read people or even learning facial expressions
will take more time and effort than just reading one article or watching one
short video.


Learning how to communicate better verbally or non-verbally
must include you learning how to read body language.


As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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14 thoughts on “Reading body language: Why to learn body language part 2”

  1. I had never thought about all different meanings a wink can have. After reading that I realized that I frequently wink at people and know I am wondering if sometimes the intended message of wink is sometimes misinterpeted by the other person?

  2. Wow! I will have to try that…

    Going to get a video recorder now and just watch what I do,
    without sound, that others see everyday.

    I had heard we have the first 10 seconds to communicate is that right?

  3. After reading this, I think i have come to the same realization as Rob did. Now that I know this, I truly am curious as to what the other person thinks, and what I can do non-verbally to correct that action.

    ~Mark Hogan

  4. Hi Scott,

    I like your explaining the importance of learning to read body language and how learning about reading other people’s body language is actually quite a useful skill in our lives. I was just citing the need to study body language in an Internet Dating Success workshop I was invited to lead today in Orange County in Southern California just south of Los Angeles. The singles were captivated about how much information and the messages we send very quickly upon first contact with others and how our body language signals can help us and in some case they can inadvertently hinder us. Great points, Scott!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    How to Find a Husband

  5. I like part2 (as well as part1.
    Speaking from my personal experience, we need to be very cautious regarding our body language in multicultural environments. People with different cultural backgrounds can misinterpret you body language (even if you believe you adhere to all rules).

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