Reading body language in pictures part 2

Reading body language of looking at photos: While learning how to ready the body language of others photos do give you some insight of where to start to learn this skill. In the last article on reading body language on understanding and interpreting photos we started out by determining what is important to look at.


Now there is the location of where the person or the people are, the proximity that they are to each other, the hands, the facial expressions and even the shoulders.


Now comes the question of what to look at when reading the body language of men or women in photos?


Reading bodylanguage of photos and filrting women
Reading bodylanguage of photos and attractive women


Who do you look at first in while reading the body language of people in photos?


The best place to start when looking at photos of people to determine their body language or their non verbal communication would be in the center.


The center of the photo is where the focus is normally where the center of attention is and then you would work your way out.


While looking at photos first determine:

  • ·         Who is happy in the photo
  • ·         Who is angry in the photo
  • ·         Who is sad in the photo
  • ·         Are there any weird facial expressions
  • ·         Is anybody holding any objects
  • ·         Does anything seem out of place


 Body language mismatch, who wants one?

Now after looking at what is going on in the photo you will look for a body language mismatch. While reading people you are going to look for people with different emotions. This could mean that nonverbally you see someone with body and facial expressions of being happy and the other person or people being angry.


If the person of the people in question are in a place where they should be happy and their facial expressions and nonverbal communication show that they are not happy this would count as a body language mismatch also.


The same could go from where a person should be surprised and then they are not, this would be another case of a body language mismatch.


If one person is dressed up and the other


Reading body language of the context of the photo.

If there is no mismatch in the body language of the person or the people in the photo next to the main person in the photo what is the context of the situation.

  • ·         Is the photo just for fun?
  • ·         Was there an event that people were going to?
  • ·         How are the people standing are they close or far away?
  • ·         Are the people in weird positions or places?
  • ·         Does it seem like the people want to be there or does it seem like they are trying to get away?


Reading the body language in photos, now you are ready

There is a ton of work to do upfront before you get the chance to read a photo for reading body language. There is so much to look at and understand so that you interpret the photo correctly. Where people make mistakes is where they jump to conclusions and judge a photo too quickly. All of the underlying work is that matters.


Look at the photo two separate times before you make the final analysis of what is going on nonverbally. There isn’t really any rush for you to make a determination as to what is going on.   


Next ask some other people what they think is going on.


Reading body language of men and photos
Reading body language of men in picutures


Once you start getting the same conclusions as other people you will be on the right path when reading the body language of others. You are right it seems like there is more work that imaginable when it comes to determining what body language means. Once you have done the readings a few times it gets easier.


Your interpretation of reading body language through the use pictures is how or where the best way to start to learn how to read nonverbal communication.


To learn how to read body language and get an understanding of what peoples actions, signs and signals mean here is your best source.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of others in photos.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Reading and interpreting body language photo credits:  Blowing A Kiss by Ambro, Boy by africa

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