Reading body language lying

Reading body langauge: There are many times where people want to learn how to read body language but it seems that the curiousity stems from wanting to know if a person is not being accurate with the truth or lying.

Learning how to tell if someone is lying from their body language may take less time than youw would think. There are a few ways to tell from watching someone over time or baselining them to determine what actions they use are consistent.

Here are a few times to be concerned with:

  • Blinking rate
  • Breathing patterns
  • Shifting in seat or standing position
  • The hands
  • The eyes
  • The feet

It may not seem like blinking can help you determine if someone is lying but if you look the average person bliks about 3 times per 10 secconds, when a person is lying this is one way to tell. One way that people mistake this body langauge secret is if the person is about to cry or is emotional or even if they have something in their eye. Just becasue somone is blinking faster than normal does not determine that they are lying.

People will typically pause longer than normal or take a deep breath before they lie. Reading body lanuage is not always fast especially when you need to basline or sepnd some time watching people first to determine their normal nonverbal routines. By watching a persons breathing pattern over time you can dected when a change is made in their emotions or stimulous.

When people become uncomofrtable they will start to shift either in their seats or get really fidgety and will seem like they want to leave. Some people act like this normally so once again take your time when it comes to watching or baselining how this person acts normally. Reading the body language or non verbal communication skills of a nervous person can be misleading. Just becasue a person is nervous does not make them a liar it makes them uncomfortable. Understanding their emotions and body language can give you a clue as to what they are thinking.

When people lie they will do some interesting things with their hands, they will make strange hand gestures, try to hide thier hands, cover their mouth, shovel their hands towards their mouth or even make gestures that are bigger than normal. Watching a persons hands can help you determine if they are lying to you or not. The hands have to be one of the most interesting features whan it comes to reading body langugae.

When a person lies they will sometimes not look a person in the eyes, by not looking they think that they can undo what has been done. Reading into if someone is lying is a great skill to know. Watching for jumps in eye movement can help determine whether or not a person is lying.

Lastly the feet can help you determine where somones heart is. When readinig body language it has been said where the heart goes the feet go. Now this is not always the case so baselining will have to be done. Watching the feet when a person becomes uncomfortable can show a point to exploit when it comes to conversations.

Now in order for you to read body langauge and determine if a person is lying does take more work on your part than most people are willing to put in. The great news is that with some work your non verbal communication skills can be increased greatly over a short period of time with some keen observation.

As always I would like to thank you in advance for you comments and or questions.

Now go implement!

Scott Sylvan Bell

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