Reading body language of leaders part 1

Reading body language: Some people have it and some people fake it. How to read body language sings of a leader can help you understand who has the traits and who does not.


Sometimes people are thrust into leadership and excel at what they do and some people just cant lead their way out of a wet paper sack.


Reading body language leaders who are effective
Reading body language of leaders messages


There are a few items when reading the body language of a leader to note to scrutinize their leadership through nonverbal communication:

  • ·         Crispness of body movements
  • ·         Keeping hands and nonverbal communication in the “bell bubble”
  • ·         Posture while standing or sitting
  • ·         Facial expressions or lack of them
  • ·         How the leader interacts when delivering a good or bad message
  • ·         How the leader interacts with good or bad questions
  • ·         If the leader makes the common mistakes of lying.


Reading the body language of leaders can help you to know what to do and not to do in front of the media or even in front of your office.


Body language of confidence through movement

People who are confident have a glide to their movements whereas they are not too jerky and not too rigid.  For the most part this ability to have movements that glide signifies comfort and in turn will allow those who are watching the leader to help see confidence in their message. Now the person who is the leader may have an ability to fake confidence somewhat and when this happens there will be a point where their guard drops and their weakness can be seen through. While you view them they will have a point where something may not seem right and it may just be a brief second where they make a facial expression or they lose their posture. The leader in a moment of weakness may even use his hands or part of his body to block a bad question.  


Body language of hand movements for a leader

For a leader to have strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills they need to know what they can or cannot do with their hands and arms. It may seem silly to say that man or woman has to watch how far away their arms get from their body but a strong communicator knows that a person judging them will only give them one shot as to be seen as strong and a capable leader.  That is part of the price to pay to lead. Keeping hands close to the body but not too close will show through nonverbal communication that the leader has self-control. Self-control shows the person or the crowd that the leader has the attributes of someone who can spearhead an organization, country, group or any other place where needed.


Reading body language of a leaderhip style
Reading body language of leaders who are confident


Reading body language of a leaders posture

A leader when delivering their message has to have the right posture. The way that he or she stands or sits will show confidence or defeat. When a leader stands with confidence they will be completely upright and straight unless there is a medical condition or injury, their shoulders will be square and slightly rolled back. As they look out at their people, group or even congregation their chin will be up but no so far that they show arrogance. Throughout their interaction this posture will stay unless there is a moment of weakness that shows through.

The posture of the leader in question when the combination of posture, hand gesture and smoothness of body movements combine they may show through as a sort of charisma by the viewers of the leader.


Part 2 of how to read the body language of a leader…


Learning how to read body language like an expert can be fun an informational.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the body language of a leader.


Now go implement!


Scott  Bell Sylvan


Stand Out From The Crowd by Master isolated images, Leader With Team Members by sheelamohan :Photo credit for reading body language of a leader


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8 thoughts on “Reading body language of leaders part 1”

  1. I have often observed leaders and you are very accurate in your description. True leaders who are comfortable with their position move with an air of confidence. Certainly not arrogance but definitely confidence. The “glide” that you describe is dead-on. It is unmistakable when witnessed.

    The Wealth Doc

  2. Scott Sylvan Bell, after reading your blog every day I try my best to pay attention to my body language as well as my technicians during morning meetings. Communication to them is critical and I have to show confidence in them as I am the leader. Even if my techs don’t know how to read my nonverbal signals I am aware.

    Las Vegas Heating Service & Repairs

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