Reading body language of successful men or women

Reading body language: Watching others and interpreting their actions out in public may help you understand how to read the body language of successful people better.


If you are up for a challenge in just about every city around the world there are places where you can go and learn about people more than you might imagine.


Ok so it’s not a school but that is a good guess if that is what you were thinking…


If you really want to learn the art of reading body language of other people there are two great locations to go.

  • ·         A bar about 11:00 pm or after
  • ·         A mall where there are both people of low income and people of higher incomes


Today’s information will be based on the second option or place to go and learn nonverbal communication skills.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows the body language of successful women and men
Reading the body language of successful women and men


Reading the body language of successful people can help you understand what actions make these people successful and what may be keeping others from gaining what they want from life.


You may be shocked as you find out a few things about your neighbors that can make all of the difference in the world for you.


Just think for a second ponder this…


Have you ever taken the time to see how successful people walk?


Not just their confidence but how fast they walk?


You may think that is an absurd thing to think about when it comes to reading the body language of successful people but it is the basis of reading into what they do and what makes them successful.


If you have somewhere to be do you walk slowly or do you walk fast?


When you are reading the body language of successful people you will notice that they tend to walk in a pace like they know where they are going because they do. Successful people know that their time is valuable and they have more things that they could be doing besides just strolling for the day. Even on weekends or time off you will normally see successful people in a “hurry” to get to where they are going.


On the other hand you will normally see people in less advantageous fiscal setting walk slow to where they are going. Now this is not always an absolute but in many instances this can  be seen.


Reading body language of successful peoples jewelry and accessories   

Sometimes people will go overboard to make up for a lack of something and many times that will be in the form of jewelry for successful people. Successful men or women will typically wear a nice watch or a ring but they do not go overboard. Some people would have you believe that successful people are dripping in jewelry or diamonds and while this may happen for gala events it not always the way it is.


In many instances successful men or women do what they can to hide some of their more expensive jewelry or accessories. Now this is not always the case because there are some men and women who would like to flaunt their success with their body language or with their jewelry or accessories.


Fashion magazines would lead you to believe that successful people carry one specific brand or style of purse or shoes and while there are some successful men or women that do have a few items it may be more of a celebrity who will not touch anything else but a few brands.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows you how to read the body language of successful men and women
Reading body language of successful men and women


Reading the body language of successful men may show that they have a custom suit, one of the designer ties or even custom shoes. On his off time you may find that he has a few favorite brands or designers that he wears during the evening or the weekend but more than likely just has some sort of jeans and t-shirt attire for the off time. Usually these clothes are comfortable and completely opposite as to what some media outlets would want you to think.


Reading the body language of confidence in successful men or women

Successful men or women will show confidence while others read their body language. In some instances their body language will read arrogance but this is not always the case. Successful men or women will seem to others as they know what they want because in many instances they do. When dealing with successful men or women their nonverbal communication may show more  impatience than someone with less success when their time is being wasted because they understand just how much their time is worth or that they may be working on another project or idea.


You may find that a successful man or woman has fluid movements when talking with others that seem smooth and not overdone. Their hand gestures are typically done in a way where they stay within the “bell bubble” and you would also find that they understand their social value. Most successful people understand how to communicate with others but they may not be entirely effective at it. It takes communication skills to work with others and make deals. Successful men or women may understand their proximity while around others while some arrogant successful people may not care as to what others think of them.  


No matter what you think of those who make a good deal of money or who are successful you will find that their nonverbal communication skills or their body language that can be read may be more refined especially if they are used to dealing in high net worth situations. Not every person can be placed in a cookie cutter mold and while some people will fit into these guidelines when it comes to clothing and accessories or confident actions or arrogant actions it is good to note the actions and body language they may display.


Reading body language like an expert is a communication skill that can help you become more successful and can be learned here.


As always I would like to thank you in advance  for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of successful men or women.



Now go implement!



Scott Sylvan Bell




Success Road Sign by scottchanPhoto, Woman Cheering With Champagne by Ambro :credits for reading body language of successful men or women.

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3 thoughts on “Reading body language of successful men or women”

  1. Great article Scott!

    I like to believe that I have enjoyed a rather successful life (and now teach others to do the same).

    When I am not speaking or at a professional event, you will most likely find me in a pair of jeans and casual shirt or tee-shirt, just as you said.

    I wear a nice watch (Breitling) and a wedding ring and no other type of jewelry. My wife wears her wedding ring, a 3-Diamond ring I gave her for our 25th anniversary, and a necklace. Nothing fancy just items that are special to us.

    Rich Life Coach

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