Reading body language of uniforms

Reading body language: In many instances the body language of men in woman in uniforms may be seen as very specific while you are reading the person. You may be reading the body language of a man or woman in uniform that is:

  • ·         A police officer
  • ·         A guard
  • ·         Military personnel
  • ·         A service technician
  • ·         A businessman or woman in a suit
  • ·         A judge in a robe
  • ·         Or any clothing or attire that has to be earned and gives the person title or power


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows how to read the body language of uniforms
Reading the body language of uniforms of police, doctors, military and business women


You as the viewer have been preconditioned over time while reading the symbols and the body language of those in uniforms. In many instances their power comes from your recognition and conformity of those signs, symbols and uniforms. Their power and ability comes from your acknowledgement of what you perceive.  


The body language that you may be reading may be that of confidence and in some instances aggression depending upon the situation. In some cases the confidence may be artificial and based upon belonging to a group or collective.


The confidence or aggression that you could read may be just from the man or woman earning the right to wear the uniform along with the symbolism built into parts of the clothing. This confidence, conceit or aggression can be with the men or women in any type of uniform from an expensive business suit to a police officer.


You can recognize a police or judicial officer in just about any part of the world as their clothing or uniforms are similar.

 Reading body language of uniform signs

While reading the body language and signs of a uniform you will see:

  • ·         Some sort of official badge or marker showing that they are law enforcement
  • ·         A mark or insignia showing rank
  • ·         Similar haircuts or facial hair
  • ·         Some sort of device to hold people like handcuffs
  • ·         Some sort of device to deter people like a Billy club, baton or even a gun


The rank insignia may breed confidence, arrogance or even contempt for others outside of the group. For some people who are reading the body language of police officers they may say that all have an arrogance or belief of extra power because of the backing of others or because of the ability to have a gun or firearm.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell teaches how to read the body language of uniforms signs and siganls
Reading the body language of women in uniforms


In the case of a business man or woman you would see:

  • ·         A nice suit
  • ·         Possibly a briefcase
  • ·         Some ornate jewelry or watch


While reading the body language of a uniform you will want to look for what transformational item gives to person or group their power or perceived authority, this may come from the collective group or the uniform itself. You will also want to look for the items or item where they show their power and that can be a watch briefcase or badge.


Reading the body language of confidence from a uniform

When you see a man or woman in a uniform the confidence that is common from looking at and reading their body language will cause the man or woman to:

  • ·         Stand straight up
  • ·         Walk with a smooth glide and their arms and rest of the body will have the same
  • ·         Maintain good eye contact
  • ·         Keep their chin up
  • ·         Keep their clothing clean and their shoes or boots polished
  • ·         Verbally be able to give commands so that others follow their direction


Every person wears some sort of uniform and some of those uniforms will give the person who wears them powers that have super hero characteristics. These extra superhero powers and confidence just comes from putting the uniform on.


In some instances the persuasive power of the message of the man or woman does not come from their own mouth as much as it relies upon the power of their uniform. This can be for salespeople all the way across the spectrum to police officers. In some instances it not a matter of persuasion as it is a matter of intimidation.


Reading body language of uniforms and learning the signs and signals to understand an interpret nonverbal communication can be done here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for you comments and or questions about reading the body language of uniforms.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Smiling Cute Nurse Making Her Medical Notes by photostock,Business Traveler by Ambro :Photo credit for reading the body language of uniforms.

Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell

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