Reading the body language of Santa Clause

Reading body language:When dealing with the mythical and non-mythical figures there are signs to look for as to what the body language is saying for the person or the figure. Reading the body language of Santa Clause is no different. Santa does have some super hero articles that make his persona universal.



Santa Clause is known throughout many parts of the world to children as the jolly old man who brings gifts to kids.


When watching Santa Clause with children there are a few things to look for:

  • ·         The stance or the seated position
  • ·         The clotting that he wears that is close to a super hero article
  • ·         The hand gestures of Santa Clause
  • ·         The typically physical appearance of Santa Clause


Reading the body language of Santa Clauses posture

Reading the body language of Santa Clause starts with the way that he is shown standing. His feet are normally shoulder width apart and that can be seen as a sign of confidence. You will normally see Santa Clause being friendly and waving the parents the children that he sees. If Santa Clause is not standing you will see him sitting.


The seated position is a friendly appearance for children as they are already accustomed to sitting on their parents lap.  This seated position is also friendly to the parent as they more than likely have also sat in the lap of Santa Clause. The comfort that is built from a familiar source makes it easier to relax.


Reading the body language of Santa Clauses suit

When reading the body language of Santa Clause his clothing is important to note as a source of reading the signs and signals to help understand and interpret what his clothing says. To begin with Santa Clauses suit is normally made of red velvet a fabric that is not always inexpensive and historically not readily available. The sheen that is seen in the light also gives an illusion effect when looking at him.


The Belt on Santa’s suit is a wide black belt with a large brass buckle so that he may be able to carry more of a load.  Santa will also have a large bag with him that could be holding treats for the kids or even toys that can be distributed. The bag also lends to the mystery as to what he is doing.


Santa Clauses suit also is equipped with bells so that he makes noise when walking through the crowd. This attention getting is used to draw the attention of little children but also that of adults so that they can get their children ready to for Santa Clause. This familiar sound may draw the memories of adults as they remember the signs and signals of Santa Clause.


The gloves that Santa Clause wears are white as a way to show the ability to be gentle and clean. The gloves also do not allow for touch which makes the experience of meeting Santa Clause more mythical since the touch is avoided.


The glasses that Santa Clause wears shows age and knowledge but also makes his appearance familiar with kids as this is something similar to what they would see with their grandparents.


The white long beard can be seen as a mask along with the glasses to hide the true appearance of Santa Clause but also shows the signs of age and knowledge.


The boots that Santa wears are historically black and can be seen whether he is standing or sitting and are a staple of his uniform.


Santa Clause can also be seen with his hat on and is a normal sign of his appearance. This rounds out the top of his uniform and signature look.


Reading the body language of Santa Clauses’ hand gestures

When reading the body language of Santa Clause if someone is not on his lap or he will normally be waving at the crowd that he attracts from his uniform and the bells that make noise to draw attention to him. The wave is a friendly gesture so that parents and children are drawn in to come and see him.


If Santa Clause does not have a child on his lap or if he is not waving at the children he may be holding a child’s hand. This is also seen as a friendly gesture that an adult or even super hero may do.


Reading the body language of Santa Clauses’ physical appearance

Typically Old Saint Nick is known for having a few pounds on his belly. He is also known for having some age to his to his stature. These two items together may show and tell others that he can be trusted. There are many similarities to a grandfather with his white hair and beard. This appearance is also meant to build comfort and to help not just the children to relax but also the parents.


Old saint Nick is also normally flanked by his elves that could be male or female and this can be seen as a sign of youthful age and can even build even more mystic into his persona.


Overall everything that Santa Clauses body language says is meant to build mystery but also build comfort at the same time. The uniform of Santa Clause is so standard that his universal signs can be recognized almost anywhere.


Leaning how to read body language of others can help you understand and interpret just about every situation


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of Santa Clause like an expert.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


:Photo credit for reading the body language of Santa Clause like and expert

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4 thoughts on “Reading the body language of Santa Clause”

  1. I was just at a Christmas parade, and I thought I took a picture of Santa. So I was going to use your body language tips on the photos. But alas… the picture was a dud. Couldn’t see anything in it.

    I’ll try it again next Christmas.

    Tim Van Milligan

  2. Scott,
    You made an interesting comment about Parents being comfortable with Santa’s lap because at one time or another we sat there too. There is great truth to this. Even though it may not be the same individual, it is still Santa Clause, after all.

    I miss the wonder of children and Santa Clause. I eagerly anticipate having grandchildren at some point in the future (not too distant, I hope).

    The Magic of Christmas

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