Reading body language of biting lips

Reading body language: Biting the lip can be seen as strange behavior from some while others may see this as a sign or signal of discomfort.


Anytime that you are reading body language there are some assumptions that are being made as to what the nonverbal communication aspect is. Of course there is the possibility of being wrong. There is no definite action of anything that can 100% be correct when it comes to reading the language of the body. This is true for understanding and interpreting seduction, lies, nervousness or even being truthful.


Reading body language signs and signals in real life

So you are having a conversation with a significant other and after you ask the question of him or her you notice that they bite their lip. Now in the back of your mind you think back and ask yourself “what does it mean when someone bites their lip”? You begin to panic because it may mean that there is some lie going on, but what if you are wrong about reading his or her body language. You react in the wrong way and it creates some problems.


Reading body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains biting lips
Reading body language of biting the lower lip

So just what does biting a lip mean, is it good or is it a bad action?


Biting the lip can mean a few things when being read by others:

  •           Lying by the person or even withholding information
  •           Nervousness or a habit
  •           Anger or frustration
  •           Thinking
  •           Flirting


Now all of these examples of reading the body language of biting the lip can be absolutely wrong and it may have the possibility of meaning nothing at all and the meaning can be different for men or women.


Biting the lip and lying

Starting with lying the action of biting a lip can be a sign or signal that the person with this action is being inaccurate and telling a lie. The biting of the lip could also be a way to hold the information internally by locking the lips down enough so that talking cannot be done. Sometimes the bite can happen before the lie and sometimes it can happen after the lie. It may even mean that the person is fabricating or embellishing a story or statement. A person biting their lip does not always mean that they are showing definite signs or signals of lies.


Biting the lip and nervousness or as a habit

Another explanation of a person biting their lip is that they can be nervous and it is nothing more than a nervous tick and a comfortable action that they use to mask discomfort in a situation. In some instances this type of body language can be read as a lie. If read into too much the meaning will become distorted, there are some people who use this as a go to nonverbal action after saying something and it means absolutely nothing.

When using base lining a person who uses this body language action of a normal interaction it would be seen that this is more of a comfort action than anything diabolical.


Biting the lip and anger

In the action or reaction of anger some people will bit their lip to keep themselves from saying something that they do not want to say. This is a control issue and there are times where whatever words are being thought of are better off left unsaid. Sometimes this can be the reaction of seething anger of someone who is beyond furious.There are also times where people who are frustrated will bite their lip as a sign of their impatience.



 Biting the lip in thought

Some people will bite their lip while they are thinking and this nonverbal action is harmless. If read wrong someone may see this as a “sure tell” that the person is lying. When read wrong this can create some real problems. This is similar to someone who uses this action like someone who is nervous. In most instances this can be seen more along the lines of uncertainty if a question is asked while looking for facts.


Biting the lip and flirting

In some instances some people will bite their lip when flirting now this is not just an action that a woman would use, sometimes a man could do
this also. This would be done to draw attention to the person.


Reading body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains women biting their lips
Reading body language of women biting their lips

As like any other body language reading it is important to take the time to understand the situation that is going on before reading what people are doing nonverbally.

Many times body language reading requires you to understand that your interpretations are just a glimpse into what may be happening and there is no definite action that means the same thing 100% of the time especially when it comes to the differences between men and women. Remember that the reaction from your body language will be read by the other person and they can be right or wrong also.


To become a body language expert requires an understanding of the basics of nonverbal communication.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the body language of biting lips.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell – Body language expert


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Reading body language of a first date part 4

Reading body language: So you have met your date and you have done everything that you can to make him or her feel comfortable with your body language after you have given them a chance to read you.


You were smart and looked up how to read body language articles on the internet before you met. You found out about proximity, where to stand, how to sit, the appropriate places and amount to touch and even what to look at.


The most important thing you can do know is to react to his or her body language correctly after you have read them.


It has already been said that reactions to body language is just as important as reading the body language. Now this is just as important in a first date setting as it is in a business setting or even with a family member.


Reading body language of an internet date
Reading body language of women on a first date


Your reaction to how someone is communication with you nonverbally can perpetuate a situation or stall out bad feelings.


She is flirting and she says she like your style…


You smile, but you don’t believe her and your smile isn’t real and dont understand that it was a compliment as was as a message to flirt with you.


She now feels self-conscious and like she had given a compliment and you didn’t like it, now she thinks maybe you are not into her.


Now she is uncomfortable, she slouches in her chair. Her body language reads hurt.


You react seeing that you made a mistake and overcompensate by becoming rigid and puffing your shoulders up or even take a deep breath.


The situation becomes uncomfortable and you lose out and so does she because it will be tough to recover from this situation.


Reading body language of a good first date
Reading body language of a fun first date


Remembering that your subconscious runs ahead of your brain by a slight moment in time does not always make reactions easier but it should be a good reminder for you to be gracious when you get a compliment “I appreciate that you noticed” is a good line that fits into any compliment and can be used just about anywhere. Substitute “I appreciate that you noticed” into the situation above and the outcome becomes better as long as the smile is real and the voice you use is genuine.


As a side note you can screw a compliment up really easy when you say “Its not that big of a deal” because now you have just discounted a compliment that someone has taken the time to give you voiding the complement into their head. Now enter the reaction of their body language that you can read showing disappointment.


First dates should be fun and not awkward letting go of setting up for the perfect moment will allow you to have some fun. Where people go wrong after learning how to interpret and read body language is that they try too hard to make things happen or they go too far reading into a situation. Understanding body language and the reactions of body language can help you take your first date into your last first date when your react correctly.   


Learn how to read the body language or anyone like and expert


I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of a first date.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Photo credits:Young Lady Showing Thumbs Up by photostock, Lovers by Rosen Georgiev

How to ready body language a short explaination part 1

Reading body language now: What is body language may be a
common question asked from so many people. Body language is a snapshot of what
your body is doing while you are talking or listening to someone talk or even
just what people think what you believe someone means from their actions and
not words.


In today’s business climate there is no room for error in
communication to the slightest. Every advantage that you can have in your tool
bag gives you and advantage over your competition or even someone else in your
company. This may help you get or save the job or even help you make your
company look better in a bad situation.


What happens when you misread a situation and react to what
you consider someone’s non verbal communication or body language and you are
wrong? What happens when you are right?


What would your persuasive selling skills do if you were
able to read the language of someone’s body and you had the upper hand in a


What would you give to know if someone is fabricating the
truth or even lying to you?


What would happen if you could read the body language of men
to determine if a guy was into you or your best friend?


All of these skills can be used for everything from getting
a date to making a sale. You can use your abilities to use verbal and nonverbal
communication skills to your advantage in just about every situation.


Having the ability to read body language may be confused
with mentalist techniques or the ability to read minds but not in some freak
show fashion where people are scared of you.


One of the many questions asked about the ability of body
language communication skills is: Does it take time to learn or is it difficult
to learn?


Your answer would depend upon how much time you have and what
specifically you would like to be able to do.


There are plenty of myths and so called secrets of body language
and while some of them are true many of them are false.


What you will learn over time is that just like all learning
you will get out of the subject what you put into it.


There are so many skills to learn and situations where you
can determine who is trying to influence or persuade or who is not having a
good day. Learning how to read people can be fun and sometimes time consuming.


Reading non verbal communication is more than just an interpretation
or snapshot of a moment it is looking at the surroundings and the context of the
situation to determine what someone is saying with not just their words but
also their body. Facial expressions, hand movements, proximity and even
clothing may determine what communication is saying vs what is really being


As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell