body language of winking

Body language of winking: Sometimes you get it when people look at you, that’s right someone gives you a wink but you don’t quite know if they are having fun and in some instances you don’t know if they are flirting with you.


So what exactly is the body language of a wink?

  •          It could be that the man or woman is just having fun
  •          It could be that the man or woman is emphasizing a point
  •          It could be that the man or woman is flirting with you
  •          It could even be that the man or woman is blinking and you may be misreading the situation


Body language of winking and fun

Reading the body language of a wink means that you have to understand or be able to interpret the signs and signals of nonverbal communication. In some instances men or woman will wink to just have fun. Some older men just like to wink and they get into the habit of it and sometimes this can be taken as flirting but it is all in fun. Sometimes you will see adults wink at kids as a gesture of fun.


Body language of winking and emphasizing a point

The wink or the winking can be used at the end of a joke or at the end of some retort. In some instances a wink may be used as a negotiation ploy to get the other side fired up or to prove a point as to what is going on. In some places the wink is used as a way to say for you to understand “I see you and don’t think I don’t see what is going on” in an instance like that it isn’t hard to interpret the message. The facial expression will be easy to interpret as a sign of danger from the stare afterward.


Body language of winking and flirting

In the case of flirting the wink may happen across a room or right next to you. You may see the body language of the wink and you may know that the man or the woman is flirting with you. In the case of not knowing if you would like to know for sure you would want to look at his or her eye contact. Is there or was there eye contact before or after the wink. Is his or her body directed towards you? If she is winking at you is she preening her hair or clothes? These are all signs that the nonverbal communication of the wink was a sign of flirting.  In the case of flirting there will be some facial expressions that will be read. It may be a slight smile or smirk along with the wink or it may even be a flash of the eyebrows.


Body language of winking and not understanding nonverbal communication

Sometimes you can just read body language wrong or even read more into a situation than what is really happening. In some instances you may think that a man or woman is winking at you and they really have something in their eye. It may even be that the man or woman is not flirting with you and at your angle it looks like they are winking at you. In any even a wink has more meanings that could be understood than just flirting. It may even be that the man or woman is nervous.


It is important for you to take the time to understand your social situation as to why a man or woman may be winking at you and interpret them correctly. Are they doing so in fun, to make or emphasize a point , is he or she flirting or are you misreading the situation?

Body langauge of winking and how to read like an expert

Learning how to read body language like an expert requires you to learn from one and that can be done here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of winking.


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Scott Sylvan Bell


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Reading body language of eye contact

Reading body language:  There are many advantages to studying body language and how others read it. You get to learn where to stand when talking to people, whether to fold your arms or not, what to do during interviews and even what type of eye contact that you should have when interacting with others.


Eye contact is a form of nonverbal communication and it really defines what communication is. The is a difficulty for some because there are many subtleties between men and women and then throw in cultural differences to the mix and reading body language of eye contact and you have some confusion.


Reading body language of eye contact from women
Reading body language of eye contact and women


Men and women prefer different types of contact for different periods of time. If you have too much eye contact it is beyond uncomfortable and on the other side of the coin not enough eye contact and people think that you cannot be trusted. Reading the body language of men and women is entirely different in business and in dating.


Eye contact and business

So you have a new potential client you have been working on for months …


You gather all of the information you need to research the habits and buying trends..


You get all the way to get to give a presentation but it seems weird and it seems that the body language changes of your potential client because you didn’t keep enough eye contact or you didn’t give them enough and it hurts because it costs you…


And you don’t know why or how…


This scenario could play out exactly the same if you were to go on a date and screw it up with too much or not enough nonverbal contact.


Eye contact can define body language

Eye contact can make or break a conversation. Give the right amount and you have interest or buy in for the conversation or the interaction. There is a huge difference between eye contact and what you are looking at. Eye contact is how much you look at the eyes what you are looking at may be the person across the room.


For most people anything more than 70% of interval eye contact is way too much. 70% doesn’t mean look at the person in the eyes for 70% of the time without a break and then 30% look away all at one time. There are some people who do like this much eye contact, it could be a mother and sometimes female superiors. There are some nationalities where 70% eye contact is not enough. There are some nationalities where 40% is too much.


70% eye contact for some becomes very uncomfortable depending upon previous experiences in life. You will see people physically become uncomfortable with too much eye contact. They may pull away from you if they are sitting down, they may shift their body as to block you from looking at them or they may stop talking in the same pace or stop talking at all together. Yes the talking part would be verbal but there are ways to look at physical changes along with vocal changes at the same time.  


If it seems that the man or woman has a shift in their body language and shows a reaction because they are uncomfortable it means you should reduce your eye contact.


Reading body langauge of eye contact and men
Reading body language and eye contact of men


Different nationalities will have different amounts of eye contact and this can be confusing. If you don’t know for sure start at about 50% and if it seems that there is no reaction to your eye interaction you can increase your eye contact from there.


Body language signs and signals that you may not have enough eye contact:

  • ·         The man or woman keep staring at you
  • ·         They may draw closer in to get your attention
  • ·         They may start to ignore you or leave the conversation
  • ·         They may seem annoyed
  • ·         In the verbal sense they may even ask if something is wrong


Body language signs and signals you may have too much eye contact

  • ·         They may back away from you
  • ·         They may cross their arms or legs
  • ·         They may get fidgety
  • ·         There could be a time where they take a long time to get back to eye contact with you
  • ·         Their eye contact may shift to somewhere beyond you or they may even engaged another object or person
  • ·         Verbally the person may try to change the subject or the pace of their conversation will change


Reading the body language of the triangle of eye contact

Determining where to look to keep good eye contact means that you would understand that from just across the top of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose make up the “triangle of eye contact”. Looking anywhere else for long periods of time can become uncomfortable for the other person. If you have looked to long the person may change their facial expression.


As a reminder staring too long at the lips of another person can be considered as a sexual gesture.


Keeping eye contact is a gesture that is reactive when it comes to understanding and interpreting the body language of others. A correct reaction from you will build comfort for the other person in most instances. An inappropriate amount of eye contact from you will cause discomfort and a negative reaction in the sense of body language


Knowing the right amount of eye contact between people can help you in everything from business life to relationships.  


Reading body language exercise

The next time that you have a conversation with someone that know decide if you are going to give too much eye contact or not enough and note what type of reaction their body language has. The reason that you have to do this with someone that you know is because it may cause an altercation with a stranger. You can even do this exercise just sitting across from someone even if they know what is going on and you will get a similar reaction. Just note what types of reactions that the other person has for future use.


Learning how to understand and read body language like an expert can be done here


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about eye contact.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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Reading body language during an interview

Reading body language: Interviews of any kind have to be one of the most intimidating moments for people because of the fear that it brings them and it’s all about how their new boss or partner may read their body language, and your body language does matter.


You have a brief few seconds to impress anyone when it comes to how they read you and your body language and all of the nonverbal traits that you have.


Reading body language durring a job interview
Reading body language of an interview


You are judged so quickly that there isn’t room to make mistakes of any kind. Search the internet and studies have state that people from HR departments decide in 30 seconds or less if they would hire you as an employee. That’s one commercial from televisions time where you are read, that’s it.


It is important to have the right strategy for your body language when it comes to setting up your body language to be read properly.


There are plenty of places to go wrong when meeting for a job interview and just as many items you can perform with to go the right way.


Reading body language in an job interview intro

Some will tell you that everything will start with the hand shake when it comes to a job interview but there is a short instance just before the handshake. There will be two things that will be looked at and those are:

  • ·         Posture
  • ·         Emotions


Your posture before your handshake is just as or if not more important than the handshake. For you to be or even seem confident your body will have to read that you believe in yourself.


This means that you will either want to be standing or sitting straight up but with a very slight relaxed stature. Done wrong and it will seem that you are cocky or arrogant done right it will be seen as confident. So what is the difference between the two? It will start with the position of your chin if you hold it too high you will fall into the cocky or arrogant category. The second part would be if your movements become too stiff and rigid.


It is important to note that most of the time people are wrong about reading into body language and what it means. You are up against peoples beliefs and perceptions as to what they think they know body language to be. If they believe your actions to mean something you are stuck with that belief and you will possibly lose out.


For job interviews done correctly your posture would be correct and your emotions that can be seen an interpreted correctly have been dealt with. This means that you have some enthusiasm but not so much that it is creepy. The creepy factor comes into play from smiling too much. A brief smile at an introduction does far more good for you than a long smile throughout the approach and then through the handshake. One appropriate place to insert a smile is when the other person says their name.


So now you made it past the first 30 seconds of the job interview and your body language has been read perfectly. Your posture was correct, you seemed enthusiastic but not too much with enough energy and you didn’t smile too much.


Now it is time to sit down again.


Here is what you would do right:


  • ·         Sit slightly away from the table with a confident posture – if you are too close to the table it is uncomfortable for the person on the other side. Keep your feet flat in front of you on the floor is you are a man. If you lock your ankles and put them under your chair it causes you to lean forward. As an exercise get a partner or friend and sit in a chair with your feet in front of you placed on the floor flat. Then cross your ankles and put them under the seat and see how much you move forward. In the right settings you can cross your leg but done too soon may make you appear to be over confident.
  • ·         For women there isn’t an issue with crossing legs it’s almost expected.
  • ·         Keeping hands out of pockets to show that you are not hiding anything will help their beliefs stay constant
  • ·         Leaving your hands and arms within the “bell bubble” and not allowing them to travel too far from your body.
  • ·         When standing or sitting next to others you stay far enough away that it is comfortable but not too far away.
  • ·         Not shifting around in your chair as if you were uncomfortable
  • ·         Not looking at too many things but keeping good eye contact with the person you are meeting with. Between 50% – 70%  eye contact is normal.
  • ·         Not tapping your fingers on the table or your feet on the ground because it would show that you are nervous


So you have made it through the interview and your body language has been perfect and the other person reads you as being confident and comfortable.


There are a few ways that you can really crew up an interview in the nonverbal categories of body language:

  • ·         Invading space – Think of locking your hands behind your head and being over confident or even taking up too much space or real estate on a table as if you own the place with your materials.
  • ·         Being too familiar with the other person and touching them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • ·         Touching anywhere near your face because most people see and believe this to be a tell that you are a liar
  • ·         Personal grooming in anyway like picking your teeth or cleaning your ears while you are being interviewed does not go over well
  • ·         Chewing gum for any reason would be silly
  • ·         Dressing inappropriately for the type of place you are interviewing at. There really isn’t any excuse for not dressing up.


If you are being interviewed by someone who does interviews all day long they will be sizing you up before you know it and even if the person doing the interview for the job doesn’t do interviews all day long they will be sizing you up instantly.


Reading body language durring an interview with expertise
Reading body language of a job interview with nonverbal communication


Reading body language advice for a job interview

Do everything you need to before you walk into the office. Before you walk in check your clothes to make sure you gig line is straight, your shirt is buttoned, you have nothing in your teeth, you zipper is up and that you feel and show confidence but not arrogance.


Having the right knowledge about the signs and signals from your body language can give you the upper hand during a job interview.


Reading body language experts know what to look at and where, understanding and interpreting the signs and signals of nonverbal communication can be learned here.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading body language during interviews.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell

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