Reading body language in pictures part 1

Reading body language: There are many times where people want to learn how to read body language. The reasons can vary because it can be fun all the way to because someone thinks a partner is cheating or a liar.


One of the first places to look at learning how to read body language is to look at pictures of events either old or new.


Old pictures can be fun and may also have the ability for you to research and understand the people or the situation.


Where to start reading the body language of pictures


It is a good idea to learn about facial expressions to help you learn about nonverbal communication. The basic emotions of fear, anger, surprise, disgust, contempt and sadness can all be seen through just looking at pictures of people and the micro expressions involved.


Reading body langauge in pictures to help understand proximity
Reading body langauge in pictures to interpret a situation


It may seem that it would help you to know about positions of the body and the language that is being expressed or that can be read.


Understanding and interpreting what the facial expressions mean will help you learn how to read body language better. The standard micro expressions are common around the world no matter where the people in question are from.


This skill or talent can be learned in a few easy steps:

  • ·         Find a magazine you know nothing about or grab an old photo album
  • ·         Pick a random picture and analyze it
  • ·         Determine what is going on
  • ·         Ask others what they think the emotions are in the picture or what is going on
  • ·         If possible see if there was someone there in the case of the phot album to see how close you were
  • ·         Use websites and look at the pictures before you read the article or headlines to see how close you were as to being correct.


Why to learn how to read body language in photos


A good place to start to learn how to read body language in old pictures or magazines. The great thing for you is that there really is not risk involved when it comes to looking at a picture to determine what was going on. It doesn’t matter if you are wrong because your belief and understanding doesn’t hurt anything. You can always use a search engine to look up the specifics to see what happened after you have guessed as to what was going on before and after.


Reading body language in old photos
Reading body language in photos to learn body language


If you were to have to read and explain a situation in real time and you didn’t know what you were talking about it could create some problems. Using old photos or a single picture has zero risk but there is one drawback. When looking at photos you are looking at one specific point in time and one very brief instance. If there is only one photo and not a sequence of them you are really taking a guess unless you can find out some background from someone who was there.


What to look at when learning how to read body language in photos


When looking at photos of people to understand and interpret their body language you will want to look at their:


  • ·         Heads and where they are facing
  • ·         Facial expressions and the emotion being expressed
  • ·         Where the hands are in for the person or the people in the photo
  • ·         Position of the body compared to the other person or people in the photo
  • ·         Proximity or distance between object and people in the bell bubble   
  • ·         Who is touching who and where are they touching each other
  • ·         Location of where the photo was taken that you are reading


 All of these items will help you read the body language in the photo but also give you a context of what to judge the photo on.


Learning how to read body language can be fun and challenging all at the same time and starting slow can help you slowly get into the grove of reading what people are saying or even doing. To learn the skill and tallent of reading body language like an expert you will need somewhere to start.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of pictures.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Photo credits: Camera With Photos by digitalart, Woman Taking A Picture  by jannoon028