Reading body language: Lobster claw of deception

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Reading body language: Learning how to read or interpret body language can lead you to many different views of what other people are not just saying with their words but also their non verbal communication.


Many times when people say that they want to learn how to understand body language it is because someone that they are involved with may be a liar, cheater or thief. In most instances people leak their deceptive moves and they do not even know it. In some instances the deception can include facial expressions or hand movements.


Being able to detect when a person is lying or deceiving you takes some time to learn but there are a few items to watch:

  • ·         The eyes
  • ·         The lips
  • ·         The hands
  • ·         The feet


Any combination of these body parts can help determine if someone is lying or being deceptive.


One major sign that is obvious compared to some of the other leaks that people have is as normal in front of a crowd as it is in person and that is the Lobster claw of deception.


The name comes from what people will do with their hand just before they fabricate a story or completely lie about an event.


Fabrication occurs when a person takes someone else’s story and embellishes it as their own story. Deception or lying is just what it says a lie.


People will have a “tell” or a “leak” that they cant stop once they have made the lie or have deceived others. In some instances the non-verbal action that the liar uses it causes them to try even harder to cover up what they just acted upon.


There is a normal pull for people to touch their face or get their hands near their face once they tell the lie or start with the deception.


With the lobster claw of deception people have a pull to their face in a specific way for a brief second in time. In order to tell of the person is lying it is a good idea to watch for a while first to determine the tell or get a feel or baseline of their “actions”. When something is out of the norm then that may or may not mean that the person that you are watching is lying.


There are many things that can go wrong when reading body language that is why it is a good idea to not make snap judgments about what is being done because you may be wrong and react in a way that can cause more problems than good.


While learning how to read body language it is a good idea to take your time and learn how to decipher what is actually going on. If you treat learning nonverbal communication like a course to learn in school it makes it easier. It is always better to learn in small chunks vs trying to learn everything in one day.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell

How to ready body language a short explaination part 1

Reading body language now: What is body language may be a
common question asked from so many people. Body language is a snapshot of what
your body is doing while you are talking or listening to someone talk or even
just what people think what you believe someone means from their actions and
not words.


In today’s business climate there is no room for error in
communication to the slightest. Every advantage that you can have in your tool
bag gives you and advantage over your competition or even someone else in your
company. This may help you get or save the job or even help you make your
company look better in a bad situation.


What happens when you misread a situation and react to what
you consider someone’s non verbal communication or body language and you are
wrong? What happens when you are right?


What would your persuasive selling skills do if you were
able to read the language of someone’s body and you had the upper hand in a


What would you give to know if someone is fabricating the
truth or even lying to you?


What would happen if you could read the body language of men
to determine if a guy was into you or your best friend?


All of these skills can be used for everything from getting
a date to making a sale. You can use your abilities to use verbal and nonverbal
communication skills to your advantage in just about every situation.


Having the ability to read body language may be confused
with mentalist techniques or the ability to read minds but not in some freak
show fashion where people are scared of you.


One of the many questions asked about the ability of body
language communication skills is: Does it take time to learn or is it difficult
to learn?


Your answer would depend upon how much time you have and what
specifically you would like to be able to do.


There are plenty of myths and so called secrets of body language
and while some of them are true many of them are false.


What you will learn over time is that just like all learning
you will get out of the subject what you put into it.


There are so many skills to learn and situations where you
can determine who is trying to influence or persuade or who is not having a
good day. Learning how to read people can be fun and sometimes time consuming.


Reading non verbal communication is more than just an interpretation
or snapshot of a moment it is looking at the surroundings and the context of the
situation to determine what someone is saying with not just their words but
also their body. Facial expressions, hand movements, proximity and even
clothing may determine what communication is saying vs what is really being


As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell