Body language of listening


Body language of listening: One of the biggest complaints among people who have conversations is that the man or the woman is not listening.


It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship, work for someone or even have kids at some point you have wondered if the people around you are listening.


As with any project or time with reading the body language of others you will want to baseline or watch the person for a moment to understand their signs and or signals before making a judgment.  

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Nonverbal signs of listening

There are a few nonverbal signs when it comes to listening:

  • ·         Eye contact
  • ·         Direction of the body
  • ·         Tilt of the head
  • ·         Nonverbal actions
  • ·         Micro expressions


Body language of eye contact and listening

When talking to others both men and women prefer that the person that is listening has good eye contact with the speaker. For most people it’s a sign of respect and just a good overall sign that the eye contact is present. Now there are people who pretend that they are listing and they have great eye contact. If it’s just eye contact and no other nonverbal sign the man or woman may be concerned that listening is not happening.


Nonverbal actions of listening and the direction of the body  

Now when a man or woman is listening to you they may turn their body slightly while they listen. If you are not familiar with the person facing each other and standing or sitting too close may cause some altercations. If there is an anticipation of issues it may be best to slightly turn to not aggravate the man or the woman talking to you. This may work well for relationships or in business interactions, just remember slight as it may be a sign that you want to be out of the conversation.


When the man, woman or child is not facing you there will be signs and signals that you will want to look for like shaking the head or using a symbol.


Body language of listening and the tilt of the head

For some men or women that listen actively they will tilt their head to the right or to the left and may even turn their head towards the speaker. Now this is not always the case but there are times where people do so and it may even be when it is difficult to hear in a loud location. Tilting the head is not a definite sign that there is listening going on but may give you a clue to if the man or the woman is listening to what you are saying.


Nonverbal actions of listing

Now some of the other signs and signals of listening is the head, hand or arm movement or even symbols that could be shown. Now people may shake their head yes or no when they listen to you. Now this may be through a sales presentation, a sermon, an argument between a boyfriend or girlfriend or just an everyday conversation.


You may see a man or women give you the thumbs up sign here in the United States or even use an arm swipe as to say no way. There may even be a time where the man or the woman throws their hands up as a sign of giving up while you talk and that may just be a sign that they are about to give up and walk away.


There may even be some signs by shrugging the shoulders or throwing the hands up in the air. There are times where people get impatient and tap pens or anything similar.


Micro expressions and the signs of listening  

As a man or women listens to you they may get emotional for the good or even for the bad and you may be able to see that through their microexpressions. You may have a coworker or friend that gets angry from your conversation and when you see that you may want to change the course of the conversation. It doesn’t make sense for you to expect the other person to listen to you and you then not listen to them.


You will also want to show your active listening body language or nonverbal communication with the other man or woman. Just remember the law of reaction because the reaction or the signs and signals you exhibit may cause the other person to react to what you do.  Be patient with others while they communicate and they should be patient with you.


Learning how to read body language can be fun and make your own communication more effective.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of listening



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body language of winking

Body language of winking: Sometimes you get it when people look at you, that’s right someone gives you a wink but you don’t quite know if they are having fun and in some instances you don’t know if they are flirting with you.


So what exactly is the body language of a wink?

  •          It could be that the man or woman is just having fun
  •          It could be that the man or woman is emphasizing a point
  •          It could be that the man or woman is flirting with you
  •          It could even be that the man or woman is blinking and you may be misreading the situation


Body language of winking and fun

Reading the body language of a wink means that you have to understand or be able to interpret the signs and signals of nonverbal communication. In some instances men or woman will wink to just have fun. Some older men just like to wink and they get into the habit of it and sometimes this can be taken as flirting but it is all in fun. Sometimes you will see adults wink at kids as a gesture of fun.


Body language of winking and emphasizing a point

The wink or the winking can be used at the end of a joke or at the end of some retort. In some instances a wink may be used as a negotiation ploy to get the other side fired up or to prove a point as to what is going on. In some places the wink is used as a way to say for you to understand “I see you and don’t think I don’t see what is going on” in an instance like that it isn’t hard to interpret the message. The facial expression will be easy to interpret as a sign of danger from the stare afterward.


Body language of winking and flirting

In the case of flirting the wink may happen across a room or right next to you. You may see the body language of the wink and you may know that the man or the woman is flirting with you. In the case of not knowing if you would like to know for sure you would want to look at his or her eye contact. Is there or was there eye contact before or after the wink. Is his or her body directed towards you? If she is winking at you is she preening her hair or clothes? These are all signs that the nonverbal communication of the wink was a sign of flirting.  In the case of flirting there will be some facial expressions that will be read. It may be a slight smile or smirk along with the wink or it may even be a flash of the eyebrows.


Body language of winking and not understanding nonverbal communication

Sometimes you can just read body language wrong or even read more into a situation than what is really happening. In some instances you may think that a man or woman is winking at you and they really have something in their eye. It may even be that the man or woman is not flirting with you and at your angle it looks like they are winking at you. In any even a wink has more meanings that could be understood than just flirting. It may even be that the man or woman is nervous.


It is important for you to take the time to understand your social situation as to why a man or woman may be winking at you and interpret them correctly. Are they doing so in fun, to make or emphasize a point , is he or she flirting or are you misreading the situation?

Body langauge of winking and how to read like an expert

Learning how to read body language like an expert requires you to learn from one and that can be done here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of winking.


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Reading body language of Presidential candidates Part 2

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Reading Body language of Presidential candidates in the debates

Reading body language: Presidential candidates are under a magnifying glass sort of speak when it comes to their presentations at debates or even out in public.


In some instances some parts of their lives are dissected over and over again, in some instances for a few this isn’t the case. This open dissection of a Presidential Candidate puts plenty of stress on them while out on the campaign trail and with that stress comes “mistakes” for the man or woman with their body language.


Reading the body language of a presidential candidate may help you gain a better understanding of the man or woman who hopes to become The President of the United States and in some instances the revelations about the person and the body language that others are reading may just be the hopes of the person who is reading the Presidential candidate.


Reading body language of Presidential candidates and their proximity to others


Proximity to others is an important aspect of reading body language and even self-control. How close you stand or sit next to people becomes important as the message that is being delivered. Now this may not seem like a big deal but if you were under scrutiny about personal business and even political relationships previous to wanting the President it becomes more important.  


When connecting with people it is important to know what distance is acceptable and what distance becomes inappropriate or even awkward.  The whole life of a political candidate may be put out for all to judge and things that may not seem significant can be beat into the dirt until they seem like they are.


When reading the body language of political candidates it is important to remember that the angle on one camera can tell a completely different story than the angle on another camera.


Proximity can show power depending upon where the person stand or sits in regards to other people and or candidates along with the ability to show weakness.


Reading body language of Presidential candidates and the “Bell Bubble”

If you were to consider the body a stage anything on the outside of 18 inches or 40 cm is really past personal space. When a Presidential candidate is within that space of another man or woman they have entered into their “Bell Bubble” Gestures outside of the 18” area away from the body may cause the Presidential candidate to lose value because they lack self-control.


When you get a chance later look into a mirror and talk with your armsn extended as far away form your body as possible and try to imagine a time where this type of nonverbal communication would be acceptable except for when you were in danger. Just move your mouth like you are talking . Now imagine for a moment that you were near a person and you were using the body language that is outside of the “Bell Bubble”, would the man or woman be comfortable?


Now just think for a second if the Presidential candidate were being viewed on television would their speech make sense if they were having a conversation and their hands or arms traveled outside of their “Bell Bubble”? It’s not a good idea to break the “Bell Bubble”.


Reading body language of Presidential candidates and lies or looking for lies

Some would say that all Presidential candidates are liars and when reading their body language they all leak deceit. Now as long as the politician follows the Law of proximity and keeps with the “Bell Bubble” and hasn’t done anything too silly in their past they must now keep away from body language signs and signals of lying.


Nonverbal signs and signals a Presidential candidate is lying


There are a few items that may help indicate that a person is lying:

  • ·         Their blink rate – possibly and not all the time
  • ·         Touching anything on their face neck or head – possibly and not all the time
  • ·         Looking the other way – possibly and not all the time
  • ·         Using their arms to distance themselves from the story or question at hand– possibly and not all the time
  • ·         Becoming flush or pale after an answer
  • ·         Biting the lips or wrapping their teeth with their lips
  • ·         Some verbal actions would be to ask the question again or when their vocal pattern changes.


Remember that when it comes to reading the body language of Presidential candidates or anyone else you must first watch them for a while to baseline them to ensure what you are accusing them of has happened. If the presidential candidate is lying it’s not an accusation anymore. Just because these signs and signals of body language are happening it does not mean there is a lie it means that there could be a lie with emphasis on the word “may”.


Body language of a Presidential hopefuls emotions

A presidential hopeful can destroy their candidacy by reacting the wrong way to a question, action or story with their emotions. Remembering that the Presidential candidate is under much scrutiny sometimes they are baited to react to situations so they can be shown as immature or something more than what they are.  


  • ·         Displaying the correct emotion to be read from the crowd of citizens, constituents or clients.
  • ·         Show the verbal and body language signs of leadership throughout their “sales process” of working to become President of the United States.


The people voting for the Presidential candidate may not really understand in a deep level as to what they are seeing when reading the body language of the man or woman’s emotions or facial expressions while watching them on the debates or out on the trail but they will understand what they see and make their own observations.


The biggest questions to answer when watching and reading the body language of Presidential candidates is are they lying about what they are saying or are they reacting badly to questions or comments made towards them?


Learning how to read body language of Presidential candidates can help you understand and interpret what they body of a politician is saying.




Now go implement!



Scott Sylvan Bell


Body Language expert Scott Sylvan Bell show you how to read the body language of Presidential candidates :Video credit for Reading body language of Presidential candidates  

Reading body language of super hero items

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Reading body language: When you look at the nonverbal communication that a man or woman has there are times where a viewer can see the confidence in the man or woman shine through almost like a special power.


It almost seems that the man or woman cannot be stopped…


Reading the body language of men and women can lead to many places and some interesting topics. Explaining the “Law of super hero articles” is one of those places.   


Have you ever watched someone who was superstitious about their socks, pen, watch, sunglasses or any other inanimate object that the man or woman felt help them increase in whatever action they were taking part in?


So what does this inanimate object have to do with reading body language and nonverbal communication?




It could be a suit or shoes and maybe even the makeup on a woman that builds confidence…


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell interprets super hero articles
Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares super hero articles


Reading body language of super hero articles

It may even be the object or objects that people hold or wear that may cause them to have an inordinate amount of confidence in whatever task that they are doing.


If you were asking in your mind could it be a set of golf clubs, a car or even a big fat diamond ring?




When reading the body language signs and signals of men and women you will typically find that they will have something that they use as a crutch to grant them their super hero powers for their confidence.


So you still don’t see how this would help?


Have you ever been to somewhere dressed up and all of the sudden you feel better or you go out and get a new hand bag and boom your confidence is through the roof? That confidence shows through in your nonverbal communication and your body language changes, and yes everybody can see it but they may not be able to understand or interpret why.


The body language of confidence is almost automatic and you are living the “Law of super hero articles”.

The signs and signals in your body language that others would see are:

  • ·         A smother pace with the actions of your body almost like a glide
  • ·         A faster pace with walking
  • ·         Shoulders up and possibly out
  • ·         The chin could be lifted and in some cases high enough that other people may think that it is arrogance
  • ·         A smile or smirk on the face of the confident man or woman
  • ·         Sometimes you will see in the man a swagger within his walk and or actions
  • ·         The article with super hero power may be shown off or lead off of the body


The law of super hero article says: “A man or woman will use their inanimate object to help build confidence  or draw from this article when needed to overcome an event. This article can be anything from clothing, jewelry or even accessories”.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell explains how a watch can be a super hero article
Body langugae expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows how a watch can build confidence


When a man or woman is really using their article for super hero powers they may lead off with it. In the case of the hand bag it may be held in a strange way so that it gets attention. A watch or a ring on a man or woman could be used in a similar fashion. Sometimes after women have gone through plastic surgery they may use whatever body part that was modified to lead off with.


Of these items it may be that you get a manicure or pedicure or even a haircut frequently. For some it may even be the tattoos that they have and it can go as far as people who have had plastic surgery where the crutch holds its power of confidence.


Reading body language homework

Your body language homework is to go through your clothes and accessories to see what super hero articles that you have and write down what you think that other people are reading from you when you wear them. May a note of how you think your nonverbal communication changes. Once you have done this you will see how these super hero articles may affect other men or women and even you when you wear or possess them.


The knowledge of your super hero articles also helps you on a day where you may not have all of the confidence that you think that you should. Just remember that the extra confidence that you gain from these objects is only temporary at best and not real so it must be reloaded constantly.


For some men and women this means constant trips to the store to upgrade super hero powers and this is what some advertisers want you to feel about the product that you buy from vendors and or companies. They sell a dream or feeling with super hero powers and you buy into it.   


True confidence does not come from possession of articles it comes from within.


And you thought you were just going to learn about reading body language but you also received a small course in marketing.


Learning how to read body language like an expert requires some studying and plenty of patience, you can get the study course here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of super hero articles.



Now go implement!



Scott Sylvan Bell


Luxury Blue Sapphire Ring  by John Kasawa, Wrist Watch by Worakit Sirijinda:Photo credits for reading body language if superhero articles


Reading body language: Understanding what your feet are saying

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Reading body language: When understanding or interpreting body language one of the first things you can look at to determine how much people are into the conversation or person in front of them is to look at the feet.


Non-verbally the feet can determine how a conversation is going.


Now you would not imagine how much the feet can tell about a group of people or understand what is going on in a single glance. This nonverbal tip can also tell you or not if there is a possibility if another person is into you in a dating situation or even meeting new people.


When two people are talking when standing up facing each other normally their feet are directed towards each other. Almost as if their toes would touch if the two people were standing close enough. This can mean a few things:


  • ·         If the people are standing close it can be that there is an aggressive element or a possible fight especially if both people are animated and the fists are closed or people are pointing at each other.
  • ·         There is a possible previous relationship and the people are comfortable enough to be in close distance or within the Bell Bubble.
  • ·         If there is a conversation going on there is the possibility that those engaged are interested or engaged in the conversation.
  • ·         If in a romantic situation there is the possibility that the people being examined are into each other or have been in the past.


*As a side note the word possibility is used because all of this information cannot just be determined by the direction of the feet it is just a piece of the puzzle. Remember that while reading the body language of others you can be wrong and snap judgments can get you into some trouble.


Now if this information were to be used in a group setting for business you could determine who is interested in the conversation between a few people. The people who have a possible interest in the conversation will keep their feet towards the person who has whatever message should be listened to.


Now there is a term in the seduction world referred to as body rocking. This nonverbal trick is simple to perform.


Stand up straight and point both of your feet directly in front of you. Now take you right foot and turn it to the right as if that is the direction you wanted to go but your left foot is glued to the ground. Now when done even slightly your shoulders will tilt to the right and nonverbally you would be saying “I need to go over there” getting you away from the conversation or “I need to go somewhere else”. In the seduction world this would give you an “out” or a non verbal cue that you have other opportunities while talking to a targeted person. Now this could be used as body language of men or women because either way the body will react in the same way.


If you are in a dating element giving up your attention too quickly gives up your opportunity to meet other singles. In this setting when meeting another group you would not want to start directing both of your feet towards the others until they slowly start to move inwards towards you. This turning inwards tip works person to person also. You will feel a point where you need to turn in towards a single individual when the time is right.


The next time that you are stuck talking to that long winded “interesting” person you can use some nonverbal communication to help you project that there is somewhere else you need to be. This nonverbal tip works well when your renegade foot is pointed at something else like a group of people or even a door. Now if you do this so that your body has to turn too much your stance will look strange and this message will no longer be covert in meaning it will be rude.


This body rocking tip may take some time to get used to but if you practice it just a few times in the mirror you will be well ahead of those who do not know what it can do for you whether in business, seduction or even dating.


Here is your covert body language tip


Now stand up straight in front of a mirror and try this simple body language tactic.

Stand in front of the mirror as with both your feet pointed directly at it.

If your feet were the hands on a clock and your left foot was at the 12 O’clock position your right foot or minute hand would only need to be at the 2 or maybe the 3 O’clock position at that most. Notice how your shoulders will pivot just by moving your foot alone.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell