Body language of a hoodie


Body language of a hoodie: While reading body language there are a few things that you must do first while determining what the nonverbal communication means.


There are a few thins to think about when you are interpreting the body language of a person that you are reading.


Anytime you are reading body language or nonverbal communication you must first baseline the situation.

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Read the context of the situation

The situation for any body language reading includes:

  • ·         People or groups associated
  • ·         The location of the person or the people
  • ·         The context of the location
  • ·         The norms of society for the location at hand
  • ·         The possibilities of what happened before you started base lining the situation


When looking at what someone is wearing you must first determine what is going on in their surroundings. Someone wearing a hoodie when it’s cold outside may not be abnormal as someone wearing a hoodie while its warm may not be out of the norm either.


One of the things to look at is what is the person who is wearing the hoodie up? To add to the situation the clothes do not always determine what a person is up to the person may have just arrive upon whatever is going on.


So the question is for the person wearing the hoodie comfortable or are they up to no good? Some people automatically think that the body language associated with a hoodie is offensive.


Now if you think that a hoodie has the signs and signals of causing trouble or problems you may fall into the Law of reaction. When you interact with person you will react to them and they will then react to you. In some ways the thoughts that you have about a person become a self-fulfilling prophesy.


Some men or women that wear hoodies cover their face. Now for some there is a lack of trust if the face and the eyes cannot be seen. When the hood of a hoodie is used it makes it difficult to the full face. The fear from the hood being over the head comes from the thought that the man or the woman wearing the hoodie is covering their face to hide it so that they can do bad things. In most instances the person who is reacting to the hoodie may be wrong and in some situations they may be right.


The body language or the nonverbal communication of the hands and arms mist be looked at also when reading the body language of a hoodie.


Does it seem like the man or the woman is trying to hide?


Does it seem that the man or the woman is comfortable?


Is it too hot to wear the hoodie?


Does the clothing fit the situation or is it out or the norm?


Could there be more to the story?


Is the man or the woman doing other things you may consider strange?


Is there any other possible reason why the man or the woman may be wearing a hoodie?


There is so much more to look at then just the clothes and that should give you something to think about when looking at the nonverbal communication and association of any clothing article that may have a stigma or pre conceived thought about it.  


Learning how to read body language can open your mind to other ideas and beliefs:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of a hoodie.


Scott Sylvan Bell


Now go implement!


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