Reading body language of the hands part 2

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Reading body language of the hands part 1


Reading body language: The hands are the first things that get away from the body when communicating.

There are times where your hands can be seen as passive or aggressive. Depending on what you want your body language to read may depend upon what position that you put your hands in.


You may see people hold their hands out like they are begging. Now this body language of the hands may be both passive or aggressive. If the person is a beggar it may be seen as aggressive. If the man or woman is asking for help it is passive. (as a side note the video says that hands out like a beggar is passive and that is partially correct).


If you have your hands facing downwards you may also find the body language of the hands to be passive or aggressive depending upon the situation. If you are sitting with clients in a business situation your hands may be seen as aggressive when placed wrong. You may seem like you are bored with the presentation or angry at the message. If your hands are folded the message may also be seen as passive.


If the movements are vigorous and or fast the hands facing down may be seen as aggressive. If the movements of the hands are slower than normal they may be seen as passive. The context of the situation along with the proximity is what is going to help determine what the body language that is being read means.


Understanding what your body language is projecting is important so that the person viewing and interpreting you actions are seen as congruent. If you are successful with sending the right message and signals you win in the  eyes of the viewer or viewers. When done wrong your body language can betray you and you may not even know it.


Sometimes in a business setting you can get your body language to say what you want by holding a pen in your hands while paying attention to the people you are working with. The pen keeps your hands in position that seems normal and allows you to project the right message.


Reading body language like an expert requires the right resources, learn how to read body language here.


I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of the hands.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell