Body language of alpha males

Body language: There is something about an Alpha male that eludes men and women’s ability to ascertain what makes them so special. When reading the body language of an alpha male there are quite a few things that the man will do that gets attention not only form the woman but also the men.


Both genders can read into the body language of confidence and that is one of them key items that an alpha male will portray.


Reading the body language of an alpha male in a room

If you are reading the body language of an alpha male in a room you will notice a few things:

  • ·         The alpha male will go wherever he wants
  • ·         The alpha male will do what he wants
  • ·         The alpha male will talk to who he wants even if that person is in a relationship
  • ·         In essence the alpha male will do what he wants when he wants


It doesn’t matter where the alpha male is in the room he gets attention and it is almost magnetic because he knows that he can get away with what he wants when he wants it.  That is the alpha male.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares how to read the body language of alpha males
Reading the body language of alpha males


In some instances the alpha male will use his special powers to get the attention that he needs from the men or woman that he wants to mate with.


Some people may confuse his confidence for arrogance but in some instances his arrogance is beyond his confidence. This arrogance may be seen through the eyes of contempt


Reading the body language of an alpha male in business

The alpha male will normally take the lead in many things in life and while in the business world he will do the same. You may find that he will live life by the motto of “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission” and sometimes he will cross the line and forget to ask for forgiveness.


In a room of business people the alpha male will take the best seat at the table or in the room. For the men in the room who don’t have the same type of special powers they may not say anything to the man when it comes to him doing something out of place.


The alpha male may have a natural ability to lead others or he may be ineffective but just goes with whatever because he feels that he can.


At a table he may take up more space than the other guys by spreading his arms or legs to take up more space. He may be fidgety while others talk and verbally he may just talk over the other men and woman in the room.


Whether standing or sitting you may find that the alpha male may break the unwritten laws of body language when it comes to proximity or the “Bell bubble”  


You would read his body language and find confidence in his actions no matter where he is in the room or who he is with.


The alpha male may display arrogance and sit with his fingers locked behind his head and lean back in his chair while others are talking.


The alpha may seem impatient with others ideas and thoughts and tell everyone what he thinks no matter what the outcome is.  


Reading body language of an alpha male in dating and relationships

There are many similarities between what an alpha male does in the business world and in the dating world:

  • ·         Taking the best seat
  • ·         Walking in front of others
  • ·         Stands and sits with a wide stance
  • ·         Holds and maintains eye contact longer than most
  • ·         Touches others freely
  • ·         Keeps his chin up
  • ·         Leaves his body open not covering vital body parts
  • ·         Has the consistent body language of confidence
  • ·         Automatically tells others what to do and yes it may come across wrong


While out on a date or in a bar the alpha male might display any of the characteristics that you may find in the business world.


The clothing of the alpha male could go a few ways. Pick up artists would say that the guy would “peacock” his clothes and or accessories as a way to get attention from others, but in most instances the alpha male would not have to do this since he would know how to get attention without gimmicks.  


Body language expert Scott Sylva Bell interprets the body language of alpha males
Reading body language of alpha males to understand their nonverbal actions


You may find the clothing of an alpha male to be trendy for whatever group or association as he would be seen as one that may be a leader. It doesn’t matter if he rides a Harley and wears blue jeans and leathers or if he is in the business world and wears a 5,000 suit. Whatever group he is associated with he is the one who sets the trends of his association.


Reading the body language of alpha males can be done best at bars or clubs. You will notice how the interactions happen with those who are not alpha males almost as if it is an unwritten code. The men who are not the alphas will automatically allow the alpha to take the lead.


There are some people who do not care for the nonverbal actions of the alpha male and this could be seen as a huge turn off.


Taking the time to read the body language of others means that you must first learn the “norms” of the man or the woman by watching them to see consistent behaviors. This base lining of the body language will help you read the situation better.


Learning how to interpret and understand body language like an expert can be done here:


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Scott Sylvan Bell


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