Reading body language of sunglasses

Reading body language: When you take a look at people with sunglasses you may not have realized or understood that there is body language involved.


Sunglasses can be used for more than blocking the sunlight form your eyes, they can be used for so many more reasons:

  • ·         Style
  • ·         Following the crowd
  • ·         Intimidation
  • ·         Medical conditions


Reading body language of sunglasses and intimidation
Reading body language of sunglasses and style


Body language reading of reasons to wear sunglasses

There are times that style dictates that men or women wear sunglasses. Now these sun glasses could have light or dark lenses. Some people would interpret that dark sunglasses could mean that the person is hiding something. Now sometimes in order to fulfill a persona with the style men or women will wear their sunglasses indoors or even at night. If the glasses are for style many times they will be from a designer, in some instances part of style is to use cheap sunglasses instead of the more costly designer brands.


Now style and following the crowd are two different things when it comes to the body language of sunglasses. Style can be an individual effort while following the crowd is a little different.


In some instances the lenses of the glasses will have a mirror reflection on them. This coating on the lenses will cause even more intimidation to happen. The hope is that you will feel desperate to understand what is going on in the other persons mind or even left out.


In the case where a man or woman would need to intimidate another person they may wear their glasses so that their eyes cannot be seen. This means that the other person has no real contact or feel and that the intimidation can be felt but the other man or woman can’t really put their finger on it. This disconnect causes the intimidation.


Mirrored sunglasses have a body language of their own. Reading into why people wear them and why they need to intimidate others or they could be wearing them as a way to hide from society.


There are some who feel that they need to hide and no matter the style or intimidation factor they will put the glasses on so they can’t be read easily.


Reading body language sunglasses and interpreting their meaning
reading body language of sunglasses at night


The last explanation of the body language of sunglasses is that some people have to wear them because of medical conditions. There are some men or women that need sunglasses to help see outside whether it is bright or night. There are some people who even have to have some sort of tinting to their glasses at night to help protect their eyes.


If you do have to interpret the body language being portrayed by sunglasses on a man or woman it is important to take the time to read the person to understand why they are wearing the glasses.


Reading body language of super hero articles or accessories

Lastly there are some who would wear the glasses because they may increase the internal feelings of the man or woman almost as if they were a super hero. In a sense it is like dressing up and role playing while being a kid. Some men or women will have complete changes in their body language of more confidence by just using sunglasses so they become more than an accessory. This personification of this one article changes the whole persona of the person wearing them.

Learn how to read and examine body language like an expert.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your questions or comments on the body language of sunglasses.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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