Body language of jealousy

Reading body language: The body language of jealousy seems to be something that boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives seem to want to know about when it comes to reading the body language of a man or woman. 


Jealous men and women have specific traits for their body language actions when it comes to being having jealous traits or actions.


Now there may be a few reasons why a man or woman could be jealous:

  • ·         A boyfriend or girlfriend could be getting attention from another person for dating or mating
  • ·         There could be a misread threat
  • ·         There could be general tension in the relationship to begin with
  • ·         The man or woman can be jealous for no reason


Reading body language of jealousy and frustration 

One of the first signs of jealousy in reading the body language of men or woman is that of frustration. The body language will be animated and hand movements will be sharp. The man or woman may shake their hand or their head in disapproval. The man or woman may get close to the person that they are jealous of and you may see their feet pointing at that person.


In some instances the jealous man or woman will watch their partner or perceived partner from a distance and their actions may either be considered stalking or may be borderline stalking.


Reading body language of jealousy and hand movements 

The hand movements and the rest of the body may be jerky when frustrated and jealous. The man or woman may point at their target of frustration and jealousy. The hands may be closed in a fist, open or they may be pointing at the man or the woman.


If the person is doing things that would help consider them to be a stalker they may hide their hands so that their anger and frustration does not “leak” as to what they are doing or may do.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell demonstraits how to read the body language of jealousy
Body language of jealously explained


Reading body language of jealousy and facial expressions

The facial expressions of a jealous man or woman may vary form one person to another. When reading the body language of a jealous man or woman start with looking at the eyebrows and the forehead and then go lower from there. You will see signs of anger or sadness in the eyebrows. The face may be tight and the lips may show disgust or anger. In some cases it may look like the man or woman ate a lemon and on the other end of the spectrum you may see the man or woman show no facial expression at all.


When looking at the man or the woman who has no facial expression their body language will still show frustration and shortness or they may try and hide their facial expressions and emotions as to not give away their thoughts, anger, disgust or even contempt.


Reading body language of jealousy and eye contact

The eye contact of a man or woman that is jealous will be focused on one of two parties or both. The man or woman will keep an eye on the person that is the center of attention. This will be more of a stare than eye contact to keep up with the state of being jealous. It may be uncomfortable for others to be around for the amount of eye contact that is involved on the part of the jealous man or woman.


The jealous man or woman may not pay attention to others to keep their eye contact with their “target”. It may seem that the man or woman who has the jealous issues cannot focus on anything else but the person that they are attracted to or have a fascination with.


There may be an implied possession by the jealous man or woman by the eye contact made to others who are near the target of attention. If someone were to get near the person who is the object the jealous woman or man may give that person a stare down to create the belief of ownership.  


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows you how to read the body language of jealousy
Body language of jealousy for woman and men


Reading body language of jealousy and physical actions movements and proximity 


A jealous man or woman may find the need to stay close to the person that they are interested in. The man or woman may stay close to their target and need close physical contact and in some instances they may need to be held or touched constantly. The obsession may just be to have some contact with the “target” by being near them.


The physical actions may be from holding hands all the way to holding the person. Now some jealous people do not need to touch they just need to watch the other person and in some cases the stare towards their male of female target may be intense. It may be a control issue that needs to be understood or that is never interpreted correctly as to what the meaning is of the intent of the jealous man or woman until some physical actions take place.


The jealous man or woman may point at the man or woman who is the target of the jealousy or make signs or signals to show and threaten to the person they have their attraction of fascination with. These signs and or signals can be used to scare the “target” into submission or even to create fear if they know that they are the center of attention.


In some instances of jealousy violence may occur. The jealous woman or man may initiate a fight with other people who may be seen as a threat to their ability to be with the person that they are obsessed with.


In any instance jealousy is not something to be taken lightly whether if the object is a person or an item. People who exhibit the traits of being jealous may take actions into their own hands in order to protect their “target” or item so that they do not lose what they have “possession” of.


In order to understand the body language of men and woman like an expert go here:


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Reading body language when hugging

Reading body language: There are many mysteries on this planet that has baffle people and scientists for years and that is understanding or reading the body language when hugging.


Ok so the scientists are not baffled in most instances but many times people are in general when it comes to interpreting hugs between people.


Think about the last time that you received a hug from someone and how would you categorize the person who gave you the hug, were they:

  • ·         A friend
  • ·         A relative
  • ·         A significant other
  • ·         A stranger


Now reading body language when hugging you really have to determine what category the other person falls into for the basic hugs out there. Interpreting hugs will help you determine what type of relationship people have or even


Reading body language when men and women hug
Reading body language of a hug


Reading the body language when giving or receiving a full hug

A full hug is what you see goods friends or people who are in a relationship give. The body language or non verbal cues come from the proximity or distance apart that the people are when giving a full hug. The two people in question are comfortable enough to not just touch shoulders but embrace and allow the rest of their bodies touch. This is something that would be uncomfortable for people who are not close to perform without strange facial expressions or even making the embrace faster than what should seem normal.


Reading the body language when giving or receiving a full hug with embrace

Now a full hug with an embrace is a full hug but longer almost to say nonverbally this is a hug that has been waiting a long time to happen. Normally you will see this when the people in question are very good friends or intimate. You would see this type of hug in the news when a Marine or soldier comes home after a long tour and hugs his or her significant other. It’s a long hug but almost may seem like a celebration at the same time.


There is more to this hug than meets the eye, when a person hugs another person and wraps their arms around the other person fully it takes
plenty of trust on the part of the person who is getting the hug. This is not a simple act. Sometimes people who are cheating get caught this way, the hug is too familiar. People who receive full hugs are not strangers and this hug is not an accident or casual.


Reading body language of a half hug when in public  

The first hug would be a half hug. This is where you may stand side to side with a person and use one arm to hug the other person as they hug you. Reading this body language would give you the idea that the person is an acquaintance or a relatively new friend. This hug is safe for those involved because it really has no jealous problems that could arise with most people. The half hug may be used in a social situation where there are many people to meet and greet with.


The types of people who could give you a half hug would be friends, relatives, sometimes significant others but it may be uncomfortable for a stranger to give a half hug depending on regions or countries. In the United States there is a barrier for most people when it comes to touching someone unknown for some.

Reading body language when women give a half hug
Reading body language when men give a half hug

Reading the body Language when giving a A frame hug

The A frame hug is an unusual type of hug when seen from people who are observing 2 people use this type of embrace. This is where the two people hugging don’t want to get too close to each other but lean forward to meet and give a hug, from a distance it looks like the two people are making an A. Now this may be a bro hug where one arm is used to wrap around the other person or it could even be a full hug where both parties wrap their arms around each other. This encounter may seem unusual because the body language shows a lack of comfort. The whole aura is this hag may even mage bystanders who are reading the body language subconsciously uncomfortable.  



Reading body language when giving an leaning A frame hug

Leaning A frame hug is similar to the full A frame hug but done from the side as a half hug. Once again the people observing this non verbal communication may read into the situation and see the people as possible friends, people who are have a stressful relationship or even new acquaintances. This type of hug can also be seen from people who are first dating or pre teens this can be commonly seen after school or at malls for this range of ages.


A hug can mean something or a hug can mean nothing, it depends upon the situation and the context of where the people are.


If you would like to learn how to read body language like an expert, this would be your best resource to understand and interpret body language and read situations.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading and interpreting the body language of hugs.   


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Reading body language of a first date part 3

Reading body language: As the first date goes on and you have made a good first impression, you have met in the right spot and used the correct body language so far as to give off the best body language that could be read. The next areas to make sure that you have paid attention to correctly is to not touch the other person too much or be too close in proximity.


What you are looking at can break body language rapport

The communication that you portray from giving good eye attention can make or break a first date even if you have done everything well so far. Now this is beyond eye contact in a sense it is more of what are you paying attention to in your peripheral vision. He or she may react to your lack of attention being paid to them.


Reading body language for a man on a first date
Reading body language for a woman on a first date


So you haven’t inappropriately stared at his or her body parts but you keep checking out another person across from you at the other booth or at the counter. Your lack of interest can be read through your body language.


Most people can tell when and where you have lost interest in them and their story.


One of the biggest distractors possible is a cell phone. The best idea is to turn yours off and put it in a pocket you’re a bag to keep you from looking at it all the time or creating a distraction that isn’t needed.  


What you are wearing not just for clothes but also accessories

Your body language and how other read you will be determined your clothing. Wear the wrong clothes to a first date and you have lost social value to your date. If you do not dress up enough for him or her they may think that you do not care enough or think that they are special. If you dress up too much it may seem over the top and your nonverbal communication could be saying that you are showing off.


Your clothes do matter


How they fit matter also


If they are too tight it may seem to the new date that you do not care about yourself or your image and the same goes for if your clothes are too lose.


Your attention to detail

The details that you pay attention to when it comes to your body language and clothing and how other will read it may give you the upper hand on your first date.


You make sure that your shoes are polished, your gig line is straight (that is where your placket or button line on your shirt matches up with your belt buckle), your belt color matches your shoes, your clothes have been rolled with a lint brush, your grooming has been done correctly or your ear, eyebrow and nose hair have all been trimmed or dealt with in a fashion that makes you look better. All of these small things will make the difference in how the other person sees you and once again your body language will react to the other person.


Reading body language of a man while on a first date
Reading body language of a woman while on a first date


Part of the details for you to pay attention to also would be to show up on time another huge nonverbal communication of respect.


There are so many little things that go into how people read the body language of men or women and how all of those little items interact with each other to form your nonverbal communications that could be taken as signs or signals of flirting or rejection. The interpretation of your actions may be misunderstood without the proper planning.

 Reading body language is a skill you can learm here

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about body language on a first date.


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Reading body language of a first date part 2

Reading body language: First dates can cause the butterflies to pile up in the stomach especially when you take into account how much the other person is reading your body language.


Your handshake is the first kinesthetic touch from you possible new partner. Then the eye contact but before you get into the next areas did you prepare correctly? It’s not just your body language counts but so does your nonverbal communication of clothing.


That means how did you dress for your date?


Did you dress for the occasion correctly?


Reading body langauge while on a first date
Reading body language of a woman on a first date


Now for women dressing is super important and their body language will be defined by their clothes. For men you may not understand because for you it may be a matter of a pair of slacks or jeans an undershirt and a button up shirt and what about the shoes… that was too easy. The fact is it takes a woman long to put on her make up than it takes you to get dressed.


You say so what…


This has everything to do with your first date and you were about to blow it.


Now for women and their nonverbal communication of dressing the clothes, makeup, accessories and shoes are the big deal that is their non verbal communication. It’s not just the body language, if she feels good about herself then for her it will be a good first date no matter how good looking you are, how great the conversation was or even amazing coffee.


No remember you will react to the other persons body language male or female and then they will react to you. They may think that one action, signal, sign or movement means one thing because they could have heard a rumor as to what body language is. For a woman it will come down to how she feels when she dresses up.


Make the wrong comment and the great first date can be a really bad first date, but more on that later.


Now that you know what she had to go through for her outing what about you? There are a few things that you can do to screw it up. Here are a few ways:


Where or how you stand

As your first date approaches you how you are standing will make a difference, is your body language showing confidence?


Are you standing up straight?


Are you crammed in the corner?


Do you look scared or do you look calm?


Are you standing with a crowd or away from the crowd?


Reading body language signs on a first date
Reading body language of a woman on a first date


All of these things matter. If you are too far away from others it would seem that you are an outcast or possibly nervous as to meet with your first date. These cues of nonverbal action can break the date for you. If there are people at the meeting place sit just a few chairs away from them instead of sitting too far from them.


If you are going to stand and wait outside for the person being too close to the door may cause similar problems. All of these little things add up if you have never met the person before and they are a blind date or you have met on the internet.


Where and how you sit

So you have met and you passed the test and stood and waited in the right place. Now where to sit, this has everything to do with your nonverbal communication? If you sit too close to the other persons proximity this may make them nervous. If you sit too far away the other person will think that there is something wrong with you.


Now to sit the right way is your body facing theirs? Is your body facing away from the person for the first date? Now this does matter because if your body is facing away from theirs it may show that you are not into them. This may cause the person to react to your body language. The best way to sit would be a few degrees off so that you do not have full contact that may seem aggressive. You would then slowly move inwards in small increments until the both of you have built comfort and rapport as they turn inwards over time.


Turning into someone can happen in a moment or in a few minutes. Comfort may take a little longer for some to build over time than others. Depending on the man or the woman that you meet and what has happened previously in their life the timeline may change.


It is ok to sit next to the first date or away from them but remember too close or too far and there will be some repercussions.


For a guy sitting at a table sitting straight up with a slight relaxed posture would be fine the show confidence. The legs slightly spread keeps more comfort than crossing legs. For women it would be completely opposite typically crossed legs.

Slouching in the chair would have a few signs possibly of boredom or lack of interest. This body language to some would be considered offensive.  


What you touch on your body and theirs

Touching the other person beyond the handshake or the hug may take some time to build up to. Now remember different regions, countries or areas may have different beliefs in touch so this guide for the first date may not apply to everyone.


For men to touch women there are few places that can be touched that would be considered appropriate and many places that would be considered inappropriate. For men to touch women the best place to keep out of trouble is the upper arm from the elbow to the shoulder. Inappropriate places would be the upper chest, the neck or the lower back along with the legs, areas near genitalia or the belly.


Now these are general guidelines in some situations they may be thrown out the window depending upon the intention of the date from both parties.


For women to touch men there is a little more latitude when it comes to touch. Women can touch many more places and be seen as flirting but when done wrong they may seem more like sexual advances. If she goes too far above the knee it may mean more than just a touch.


There is so much to body language of the first date and this has just scratched the surface. Non verbal communication has many moving parts from clothes, to locations where to stand, to how and where to sit and even a hairstyle.

 Learn how to read body language with expertise

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the body language of the first date.


Scott Sylvan Bell


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Reading body language of a first date part 1

Reading body language: The first date has a huge pressure built about it to leave a fantastic impression on the person that you are meeting. It’s not just that your body language or nonverbal communication has to be great, so does what you say or your verbal communication while meeting your new potential mate for the first time.


While it may not be something that you think of you the other person is reading your body language and reacting form it either positive or negatively. Remembering that most nonverbal communication comes from your reactions to the other person’s body language are just as important as your reactions to theirs.


Reading body language signals from a first date
Reading body language on a first date understand what his body is saying

Men will react to body language differently then will that of women. Knowing what the right types of signs or signals that can be used can and will increase your chances of a better date.


Reaction is so important but is not normally talked about when discussing how to read body language or understanding and interpreting non verbal communication.


When it comes to meeting your date for the first time your body language really does matter. The situation on a first date would include:

  • ·         How you shake hands or your physical greeting
  • ·         Eye contact
  • ·         Where or how you stand
  • ·         Where and how you sit
  • ·         What you touch on your body and theirs
  • ·         What you are looking at
  • ·         What you are wearing not just for clothes but also accessories
  • ·         Your attention to details
  • ·         Your grooming style or lack of it
  • ·         Your reaction to their body language or even rapport


On a first date the first few seconds are probably just as important or even more important than the whole meeting itself. Your date will react to you either in a positive or negative reaction if they have never met you before.


The hand shake or the half hug?


Greeting a new person for the first time in real life can be awkward if you get caught up in a bad handshake of the wrong type of half hug. When reading the body language of a first date what happens when someone goes for the air kiss?


Start with a handshake, it is safe and you are not breaking the proximity rules from the “bell bubble”


Reading body language of a bad first date
Reading body langugae and understanding a first date

Now as you shake someone’s hand there is an appropriate way to do so, your hand straight up and down with a firm but not strong grasp with 3-4 easy shakes. If you go into the handshake where your hand ends up on top it may give the cue nonverbally that you think you are in control. If you go in and let your first date roll their hand over yours it may tell then unconsciously that you are weak.


Now what’s wrong with a half hug?


Everything as this is something that is saved for friends or semi friends. Now some cultures may find this a good thing to do it is a little personal, the better thing to do is to save it for the end of the date not the beginning where it will be more comfortable. If you break the “comfort factor” from the beginning you will have a tough time making a good impression. The comfort factor is the initial response that a person has when first meeting another person. This is a gut reaction and it may be wrong but people go by their gut instinct.


Now for the air kiss, once again some cultures do this and it is common, in some areas of the country it may be common. For the place where it isn’t common it isn’t a good idea to do especially if you are a man and meeting a women for the first time.


Eye contact on a first date


Your eye contact on your first date may create comfort or it may create difficulties. What you are looking at should be the person that you are meeting for the most part and not all of the other people who pass you by. This lack of contact and looking at other people is rude and if you are not into the date you are meeting for the first time then let him or her know you don’t think that the two of you will work out.


On the other hand too much eye contact is beyond creepy. Too much attention is not a good thing. Just think back to how comfortable or uncomfortable you were when someone stared at you. Now amplify this feeling because it is a first date.


50 – 60% may be the right match of eye contact in the beginning and if it feels more comfortable you can add a little more over time.


Now what you look at as body parts can get you in trouble also. Sometimes people dress in a way to get attention but even then if the person that you are meeting for a first date has dressed in a way where it is tough to keep eye contact pick an object slightly beyond them. Reading the body language of a stare will make one uncomfortable.


Staring at someone’s mouth can be seen as a sexual advance while staring at the forehead is uncomfortable. Keeping eye contact from the nose to the eyebrow can keep comfort while having a first conversation.


Reading the body language of a first date should not be difficult as long as you keep good eye contact and do not break the proximity rule from the beginning.


Learn how to be a expert at reading body language


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the body language or nonverbal communication of a first date.


Now go implement!


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Reading body language of the All Blacks and the Haka

YouTube Preview Image

Reading body Language: The Haka from the All Blacks is definitely something that needs to be broken down and given an explanation of reading their body language. The All Blacks is a Rugby Union Team from New Zealand that just won the Rugby World Cup after a 24 year wait.


Reading body language of the haka and the all blacks
Reading body langugae of the all blacks and their Haka


The Haka originates from Maori’s from New Zealand and is similar to a dance that can be used for more than just intimidation it can be also used for celebratory reasons. The Haka is not just limited to men, children and women can also perform the Haka.  


Reading and understanding the body language of the Haka

The nonverbal breakdown consists of a few points:

  • ·         The stance
  • ·         Leg movements
  • ·         Arm movements
  • ·         Facial features
  • ·         The chant is more of a verbal communication rather than nonverbal


Understanding and reading the body language of this ceremony starts with the stance of the team. The Haka being used by the All Blacks would be considered a war chant meant to intimidate the other team. Generally the performer in the team starts with something similar to a squat with the feet planted on the ground. Typically there is a leader who starts the chant and then the body movements change with the chant. The Haka is performed by the members of the group at the same time simultaneously doing the same thing.


Next the legs of the performer can start to move while in the squatting position and a stomping motion starts and stops. This stomping does make the war dance appear more fierce especially in a squatting position.


The arm motions are added and consist of some sharp movements up and down or side to side. Now if you were to have to face a group of men 100 years ago on the field of battle and they appeared doing a Haka it would probably be enough to scare the opposition who had never seen it or against those who may have had a weaker Haka.


If you have a rugby team performing a Haka on the field it may just strike the same fear into any opposition.


Now you add in some of the facial movement that would add to the fear that could be created just through the body language or the nonverbal communication.


But wait there is more to this intimidating Haka: Add in the chants to this war Haka and you have a group the All Blacks vigorously synchronized stomping, shifting their body different directions, moving their arms, and then layer in intimidating facial features and you have a very intimidating formula for an opposing team.


Reading body language of the rugby team All Blacks Haka
Reading body language signs of the Haka from The All Blacks


The type of intimidation for the other team may start with shock and then move to an uncomfortable feeling. Watching the body language of the opposing teams they just stand there on the sidelines or on the fields looking confused.  It does seem that some of the teams lose their confidence while the Haka is being performed meaning that their stance goes from confident or standing straight up and erect with their chests out to almost a depressed stance where their shoulders slump and move inwards.


What causes even more damage to the morale is the crowd chanting and screaming with the team. It would be loud to begin with at a sporting event like The Rugby World Cup and add in some fanatical fans to the Haka and you have the ability and power to change the body language of an entire team.


For sure the All Blacks have an intimidating Haka and their body language proves it.


War Haka

Going back 100 years from today body armor was for the most part not used, guns had been around for a while but most battle were still close in distance. There were not airplanes or mechanical vehicles built to deliver troops or even artillery.  If you were to have to battle a group of men on the field of battle there was not much distance between you and them.


For the Haka war chant going on out in the open where someone could be hit with a bullet, a spear or even some sort of arrow the body language shows no fear. This action is designed to intimidate the opposition. Now if this Haka was only performed for a few seconds by one man out on the field of battle that would be one thing, add some time and extra or all men into the mix and the confidence that the group would have to hold would be amazing. When used as a war chant this would be a fierce thing to see firsthand and should impart fear into others.



Understand that this article was specifically written for the War Haka used by The All Blacks, if it was all about all Haka’s there would be more explanations of other types of Haka’s that are and were used for ceremonies for events.

 Learn how to read body language like an expert

I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the body language of The all Blacks and the Haka that they use.


Now go implement!


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Reading body language: Proximity and The Bell Bubble


Reading body language:

learning how to read nonverbal communication or even learning how to communicate more effectively through learning body language may take you to many places or events that you have never been to before.


You may just find that your communication verbally and nonverbally becomes more fluid and people understand you better. When people understand you better they do not have to take the time to try and interpret what you mean or what you are saying.


Just about every time you learn something new there will be specific parts that you learn that you will be uncomfortable with and there will also be parts or ideas that just seem to flow well.


What is body language specifically? The answer is what others read into what you are doing with your body while you are communicating and how you think it is being perceived in real time along with what the other person believes is going on. In essence someone or a group is reacting to you and then you are reacting to them. In some instances their reactions or your reactions are not even being done on purpose they are unconscious. Some questions from the person or people watching you or the other way around may be is the person:

  • ·         Telling the truth or believed to be trustworthy
  • ·         Looking for a date from a man or a woman
  • ·         Acting normal or overly animated
  • ·         A threat


While communicating there are rules to follow with your non verbal communication so that your message is seen as being effective and easy to follow, some you may know and some you may have never been told.


Body language can be perceived and will be perceived wrong from the person or the people that are watching. Proximity can be confused from person to person along with regional or national implications. In the United States people tend to like their space and that area is at least 18 inches around their body. This area or Bell Bubble is a comfort zone and when infiltrated tension occurs.


Understanding body language or nonverbal communication skills
Interpreting body language is a persuasive selling skill


The best way to define the area within the bell bubble is to stand up and swing your forearm up while your elbow is at your side. This distance from your elbow to your fingertips will range from 14 – 20 inches in most instances (for some people longer for some people shorter). This area would be considered your personal space and if you were to meet with another person for the most part here in the United States and other parts of the world that is what other people would consider part of their personal space.


Yes there are some things that translate from one country to another when it comes to body language.


Now you can also use this Bell Bubble to the right and left sides of your body as well. If you were to bring your forearm as if you were pointing to the right or to the left you would still be out the 14 – 20 inches to the side the Bell Bubble would still apply. Even if you could fold your arm backwards your comfort zone will be within 14 – 20 inches. This non-verbal tip is meant to help you to not break a proximity boundary.


Some people require more room so that they feel like they are not being threatened or it just may be a comfort zone in general.

Sometimes you have no verbal cues when you meet a person for the first time. In these instances communication skills are very important. One of the ways that you build rapport or comfort is by mirroring or doing similar actions as the person near you. By staying in an area of comfort which is at least 18 – 20 inches away from the person or even sometimes double that you have a better chance of getting your valuable message across.


What is body language? learn how to read your own communication
Proximity and the Bell Bubble for non-verbal skills


One easy way to keep outside of another person’s Bell Bubble is to be two arm distances away from the other person.  Now you can go too far away and that will seem strange and unusual the same as standing too close. When people react to you in a way that is easy to understand and interpret you know you have done something wrong almost instantly.


You know you are too close to a person or you have invaded their Bell Bubble when they either cringe or take a step back, in such an instance you would want to slowly move back over a few step as to not jump away too quickly. If your movements at this point are strange it will give the person a reason to not like or even trust you. This may lead them to strange facial expressions or they may even bulk up like they are about to fight. If done repeatedly the other person may think that you are playing mind games.


Learning how to read body language and even understand in interpret body language can benefit you once learned for business, dating, maintaining relationships, determining is someone is lying or you could even learn nonverbal communication skills just for fun. Learning how to read people can give you huge benefits.


Remember to keep people comfortable by not getting too close or too far and that for you to determine your Bell Bubble it is usually the distance from your elbow to your fingertips.


As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or questions in advance.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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