Body language of holding hands

Body language of holding hands: Reading body language is all about looking at the person or the people and then taking the time to make an interpretation of what is going on. It really depends more about what the viewer thinks of the activities because the other person or people will react to what they think you believe is going on.


First off it’s a good reminder that it is important to baseline any situation that you are reading.


The nonverbal cues given by men and women holding hands can be read through a few different criteria:


  • ·         The proximity or the distance between the two people holding hands
  • ·         Where the hands are being grasped by the men and women
  • ·         The pace or speed of walking of the men and women in question
  • ·         Where the people are or the social surrounding  

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Body language of Proximity:

When reading the body language of holding hands it is important to look at how close the people are in relation to each other. It’s not just how close they are but it’s also how they hold each others hand. You have probably seen the guy holding the girls hand where he doesn’t really seem like he wants to hold the hand. Typically you will see a firm grasp but light grasp of the hand instead a lose grip on the fingers. You would see men and women in a loving relationship have a common grasp with each other.


Body language of relationships

When looking at how men and women hold hands you can get a feel for their relationship in some instances. There are times where one of the people has a scowl on their face, in some instances their may be the micro expression of contempt or possibly even the flash of anger.  There are times where you may see one of the people holding the others hand with wrap around the wrist. Some men and or women in close relationships will hold or pull each other close as they walk together or even sit together.


Normally the men and the women who are getting along well or in a good relationship will have a natural glide. Sometimes when there are problems or issues in the relationship you may see one person pulling the other as they walk or the man be walking faster than the other. On the other hand you may see those who are in a loving relationship walking slow and looking or gazing at each other.  


What you want to look for is a common stride or pace between the two whether fast or slow.


If the couple is sitting you may see the man or woman holding the other person hand close they may even have the hand pulled up onto a part of the body. There are times where the hand may be getting rubbed by either person.


Body language of possession

When looking at the proximity of the men and women holding hands there are times where the bodies of the men and or the women are just too close, at sometimes just flat out awkward to look at. You will see people in a relationship within the bell bubble but when the proximity becomes too close it is may of a sign of possession or a really close relationship. You would only be able to tell by looking at the two people and base lining what their actions are.  


The body language of possessiveness may just go one step further and that is when the man or women will have a good arm lock around the shoulder of the other person with them. When the two people walk together the person who may be possessive is standing straight up while the other man or woman is pulled in almost to the point where the man or woman who is being possessed has to walk leaning into the possessor.  You will typically see this type of possessive activity between younger couples.


You will want to look for jerky movements between the two and staring at others from one of the parties at the people around them.


Reading body language risks

There is always a risk in reading body language and that is you can make assumptions too quickly as to what is going on and you may have the possibility of being wrong. Learning how to read the nonverbal communication of others takes time and patience. While reading the body language of others it is important to baseline the actions nonverbally as to what the men and or the women are doing.


Reading body language takes training and or a home study course for you to learn the right way instead of guessing.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of holding hands.


Now go implement!



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Reading body language of happy couples


Reading body language: With all of the negative reasons why people look up how to read body language one may believe that there are not many happy couples out there.


There are plenty of fantastic relationships out there and you may want to see if you are in one of them.


There are some very specific non verbal actions that people make when there is happiness in their relationship.


Reading body language of happy couples in love
Reading body language of happy couples in public


Reading the body language of happy couples is not as complicated as you think but there are some very similar aspects as you would find in the body language of couples in a bad relationship.


The first thing that you want to look at when looking at a happy couple starting at the top of the body will be the head.


The amount of time that a person stares at their partner in a good way or the amount of eye contact given will be one of the first cues as to what type of relationship the two people have.


The eye contact between the couple who is happy will be consistent. The glances will not be a stare but more of a caring look. There may also be a smile after the look between the two and there will be feeling of comfort just looking at the two.


These glances are a way to hold contact with the other partner more of a sign or signal with their body language to say “I am here and thinking of you”. Now some couples do go overboard with this and makes the whole process seem creepy and strange. When this eye contact goes wrong it makes the people around the couple feel weird also.


From reading the body language of a happy couple and starting at the head the next step would be the touch between the couple. Happy couples will be more willing to touch their partner in a soft way. Women can be seen in pictures placing their hand on their partners chest or shoulder. If there is a hug involved the bodies will be close to each other and it will appear from looking that there is comfort and the smiles will be real.


The proximity or distance that is kept whether standing or sitting is normally close.


Body language of a happy couple sitting next to each other


When the happy couple sits next to each other their signs or signals of body language once again will include touch.  The couple may be holding hands or one person may place their hand on the leg of their partner or on their back. It may even be that one person leans on the other person. Their body language for the most part will seem comfortable when looking that them.

In an instance where the couple is sitting next to each other they may or may not glance or keep eye contact but each person will normally have a smile or even a small smirk almost to say that they are happy without even having to say it.


Reading the body language of couples that are happy can be done out in public places like busy public parks or gardens, out at dinners on the weekend or even at churches or synagogues.


Reading body language of happy couples standing


When the couple is out on the town or just in public the body language that can be read will be similar to that of a happy couple sitting. The two will be close to each other and will normally have some sort of physical contact with the other partner. When the two are not standing next to each other they make keep or make the occasional eye contact with a slight smile and sometimes you may even see the happy couple flirting with each other while standing or sitting next to each other.


Reading body language of a happy couple in public
Reading body language of happy couples a how to guide


Not everybody has positive role models of happy parents but there can be places where you can go out and watch some people who do have these traits.


As you watch these people remember that they have had their ups and downs no matter what age the people are and it taken them some work to get to the point where they are happy. There will also be times where their body language has not been so positive.  


So you may think that some of this may too good to be true? Go out and look for happy couples so that you can read their body language.


Learn how to read the body language of other like an expert


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of happy couples.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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