Body language of successful women


Body language of successful women: Having the ability to read body language like an expert  can help you in many situations whether professional, personal or even when it is dangerous. Understanding the cues or nonverbal actions that men and women take will allow you the ability.


Women have some specific traits that they have when it comes to body language and typically women are softer when it comes to their actions and what they do than what you would find with the body language of a man. This is not a judgment or a bad thing it just is what it is.  


The approach that women have when working with others is different than what a man might do and this ranges from the way that they walk up to a man or woman and what body language or nonverbal actions that they use.


Women have come far in the short span of the last 50 years just going back that far it wasn’t common for a woman to own a business or to be successful without a man. It’s a great and fantastic thing that it is more and more common to see successful women.


When it comes to the nonverbal signs of successful women there will be plenty of “maybe’s and “possibly” statements as there is no exact uniform body language of successful women or men just some common threads that may or may not happen as with any other reading of nonverbal actions.


As a general guide you will always want to baseline the man or the woman that you want to read the body language of especially if you are going to interact, you will not want to have some issues with the law of reaction.  


When successful women read your body language or nonverbal actions know and understand that you will be under far more scrutiny than you would be of that of a successful man, they will know what to look for.


Body language of successful women and confidence

Typically for all of the issues that have held women successful women back they will normally show good signs of confidence. The successful women will normally glide while they walk and it will seem like its even. The eye contact may be stronger than normal as successful women have probably been “eye checked” to see how serious they may be about their business strategies and or tactics and this may really be the case when a man doesn’t believe that “she” will be able to succeed.   Women can tell when a man or another woman lacks confidence as they have been approached for dating and can interpret the bad sigans and signals from the lack of confidence.


Body language of successful women’s hands and touching others  

Typically women take better care of their hands than what men do. You may notice that a successful woman has possible manicured hands and clean skin. A woman who is successful may or may not touch others but when she does it will be appropriate to make sure that the wrong message is not sent to the recipient especially if the recipient is a man. To put it simply a successful woman will know where to touch and where not to no matter what her hands look like.


Pay attention to how you touch a woman successful or not for them it will be a comfort zone issue. Know that the general rule is that it is ok to touch a woman after they have touched you in limited locations like particularly on the back of their arm from the shoulder to the elbow. Now for the guys who think that they are pick up artists or alpha males the men may think that these rules do not apply to them.


If you are a man or woman reading this women will be looking at your hands to determine what they can decipher about you without even talking.  


Body language of successful women’s clothing

You may find that successful women dress well, now that doesn’t always mean expensive cloths but you will find that most of the time successful women will make sure that their presentation of what they wear is acceptable to the other women and men around them.


If you get the chance to ask women who they dress up for whether its shoes, clothing, makeup, accessories and they will normally say that they way that they look is for other women to not be judged by them. This may not be the case for men, for the most part men only worry about what woman think (this is not a 100% for every man).


A successful woman will show through he nonverbal signs of her clothing that she is a force to be reckoned with especially if she is used to seeing the micro expressions of contempt.


Women whether successful or not will typically pay attention to how other women and men are dressed and make their decisions based upon what they see.


Body language of successful women’s accessories

You will find that successful women will typically know the limitations of what accessories should be worm in each occasion. You may find that “she” has bracelets, earrings, pendants on a chain or a ring that are tasteful but not excessive. This is not a 100% rule as some successful women make sure that you know she has money and the diamonds and gold will prove it.


You may find that the successful woman is carrying a nice purse and that her accessories have to match what she is wearing.



Body language of successful women’s shoes

Men typically don’t understand that for women shoes are an accessory that can make or break an outfit whether a woman is successful or not it is typical for women to pay close attention to shoes but not just theirs, but your also.


For some women dirty shoes are a deal breaker especially if you have not taken care of yours. That means that they better be cleaned and or polished and this could be for a man or a women. Women usually pay more attention to details and make their decisions based upon “gut instinct” more than what men do.


If you tell a woman that you are successful the shoes that you wear as a man or a woman may just give away whether you are telling the truth or fabricating your abilities.    


Body language of successful women’s nonverbal actions

Successful women will understand the rules of proximity even if they don’t know a name like “bell bubble”. Women can be more intuitive when it comes to dealing with others and may have a better sense of paying attention to what their body is doing so that they do not have to answer for it later.


A successful women will pay attention to your nonverbal actions to see if what you are saying will match up to what your body is saying or doing.


It is not ever a good idea to lie to someone but lying to a successful woman would be a mistake especially if they have kids because they are used to seeing kids make things up to not get into trouble. If she thinks for a second that you are not being truthful chances are you are done and will not get a second chance.  


Body language of successful women and double standards

Over the years with women being around business the unofficial rules have relaxed but there still is plenty of room to make changes. You may see successful women show the signs of frustration while dealing with others especially if there are double standards as to what they are doing and dealing with men. Women can touch other women or men but its not the other way around for women getting touched by men there is a double standard but that isn’t a bad thing.



Body language of successful women as times change

It’s a good thing to see women making their way more into the business world. A recent article said that 70% of all new businesses being started are by women. It will be interesting to see the types of changes that move forward as women become more successful and the culture of business changes. Hopefully the endeavors work out for the women and you will get more of a chance to read the nonverbal actions and signs of successful women in the future.


Reading the body language of anyone can be beneficial to your professional, personal and even dating life. Home study course can be used when you want and at your own pace.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of successful women.




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Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares the body language of successful women: Video credit.

Reading body language of shoes

Reading body language: One of the most common items people look at but don’t think about until it is brought up in conversation is the condition of shoes.


For some nationalities and places in the world the type and condition of the shoes mean just about everything and determine your social status.


Clean shoes may show the signs and signals that you are conscientious about your work. Reading the body language of someone with clean or nice shoes might show that the person being read has an extra bit of confidence.


For some trust comes from the details of knowing that the person that they are working with of for pays attention to the small details.  


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell describes the body language of boots and shoes
Readig body language of shoes and boots


Reading body language experiment #1

If you were going to get a custom suit made and noticed that the man or woman who was taking the measurements had shoes on that were scuffed would you think that they would be able to do the work necessary to ensure that the suit was done correctly?


Chances are that you would have a tough time believing that they would do a good job.


Now there might be a light amount of scuffing on their shoes where the shine might have been slightly marred but excessively dirty?


In service technicians and personnel it is not uncommon to find that they have not ever cleaned their shoes and think nothing of walking into your clean house, condo or apartment without even thinking about what they are tracking in.


Think of your shoes appearance this way. If you were going to be judged by a man or woman from the ground up he or she is sizing up your nonverbal communication this way:

  • ·         Shoes and what they look like and are they the right shoe for the event
  • ·         The fit of the clothing that you have on
  • ·         Your gig line (where your fly meets up with your belt and button down shirt)
  • ·         If you have any weight hanging over your belt line
  • ·         If your clothes are clean or not stained
  • ·         Your teeth and if they are clean
  • ·         Your hair
  • ·         Your body language that is being computed, calculated and the tallied into some internal mental score.


Your shoes start the chain of events for you to be judged or end the chain of events when looking form the top down and having your nonverbal communication read.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows how to read the body language of pollishing boots
Reading body langugae of clean boots and shoes


It may not just be a woman that is reading your body language and nonverbal communication it could be a man that is judging you. It may not even matter what your mouth is saying or your nonverbal of what you are wearing the belief in your previous lack of attention to your attire may skew the message while reading your body language.


Reading body language of your attire and shoes

In reading the communication of your shoes it is important to note that there are a few things that you can do to help your mental score from the man or woman viewing you.


1.      Make sure that your shoes are appropriate for your industry or event

2.      Make sure that your shoes are clean and or polished

3.      If your shoes are too damaged then replace them if possible

4.      If your laces need to be replaced then do so, it will cost you less than $3.00

5.      If your shoes need to be polished then get it done or do it yourself.


As a person in business or dating there are too many other areas where you can have a tough time making an impression so why would you risk not dealing with this one small area that can be made into a huge deal and ultimately determine what the person reading your body language decides about you.


If you are in the service industry it is a good idea to clean off your shoes throughout the day and wear floor savers inside the homes of your clients (these are the medical convers that would be worn inside of hospitals).


If you are in a business setting drop by a local mall and see if there is a place where you can get your shoes shined it should not cost you more than $10.00 in most places. As an added marketing benefit you never know who you might be sitting next to where you can make a connection or with the guys or girls polishing the shoes, they know many people you may not be able to connect with through social media or in their office. Treat them good and tip them well, they will remember you after a few visits.


There is so much to look at and inter[ret to understand what the body is saying. Understanding and reading body language is a skill that really is more relevant in today’s business life than ever before.  Your advantages get smaller daily why not learn how to read body language here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of shoes.


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Scott Sylvan Bell


Black Combat Boots by nuttakit ,Polished boots by body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell :Photo credit for reading the body language of shoes!