Reading body language of shoes

Reading body language: One of the most common items people look at but don’t think about until it is brought up in conversation is the condition of shoes.


For some nationalities and places in the world the type and condition of the shoes mean just about everything and determine your social status.


Clean shoes may show the signs and signals that you are conscientious about your work. Reading the body language of someone with clean or nice shoes might show that the person being read has an extra bit of confidence.


For some trust comes from the details of knowing that the person that they are working with of for pays attention to the small details.  


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell describes the body language of boots and shoes
Readig body language of shoes and boots


Reading body language experiment #1

If you were going to get a custom suit made and noticed that the man or woman who was taking the measurements had shoes on that were scuffed would you think that they would be able to do the work necessary to ensure that the suit was done correctly?


Chances are that you would have a tough time believing that they would do a good job.


Now there might be a light amount of scuffing on their shoes where the shine might have been slightly marred but excessively dirty?


In service technicians and personnel it is not uncommon to find that they have not ever cleaned their shoes and think nothing of walking into your clean house, condo or apartment without even thinking about what they are tracking in.


Think of your shoes appearance this way. If you were going to be judged by a man or woman from the ground up he or she is sizing up your nonverbal communication this way:

  • ·         Shoes and what they look like and are they the right shoe for the event
  • ·         The fit of the clothing that you have on
  • ·         Your gig line (where your fly meets up with your belt and button down shirt)
  • ·         If you have any weight hanging over your belt line
  • ·         If your clothes are clean or not stained
  • ·         Your teeth and if they are clean
  • ·         Your hair
  • ·         Your body language that is being computed, calculated and the tallied into some internal mental score.


Your shoes start the chain of events for you to be judged or end the chain of events when looking form the top down and having your nonverbal communication read.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shows how to read the body language of pollishing boots
Reading body langugae of clean boots and shoes


It may not just be a woman that is reading your body language and nonverbal communication it could be a man that is judging you. It may not even matter what your mouth is saying or your nonverbal of what you are wearing the belief in your previous lack of attention to your attire may skew the message while reading your body language.


Reading body language of your attire and shoes

In reading the communication of your shoes it is important to note that there are a few things that you can do to help your mental score from the man or woman viewing you.


1.      Make sure that your shoes are appropriate for your industry or event

2.      Make sure that your shoes are clean and or polished

3.      If your shoes are too damaged then replace them if possible

4.      If your laces need to be replaced then do so, it will cost you less than $3.00

5.      If your shoes need to be polished then get it done or do it yourself.


As a person in business or dating there are too many other areas where you can have a tough time making an impression so why would you risk not dealing with this one small area that can be made into a huge deal and ultimately determine what the person reading your body language decides about you.


If you are in the service industry it is a good idea to clean off your shoes throughout the day and wear floor savers inside the homes of your clients (these are the medical convers that would be worn inside of hospitals).


If you are in a business setting drop by a local mall and see if there is a place where you can get your shoes shined it should not cost you more than $10.00 in most places. As an added marketing benefit you never know who you might be sitting next to where you can make a connection or with the guys or girls polishing the shoes, they know many people you may not be able to connect with through social media or in their office. Treat them good and tip them well, they will remember you after a few visits.


There is so much to look at and inter[ret to understand what the body is saying. Understanding and reading body language is a skill that really is more relevant in today’s business life than ever before.  Your advantages get smaller daily why not learn how to read body language here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of shoes.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Black Combat Boots by nuttakit ,Polished boots by body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell :Photo credit for reading the body language of shoes!

Reading body language of approaching women

Reading body language: Attempting to talk to a man or woman takes a few skills that you may not know about and they have everything to do with your reading body language and nonverbal communication skills.


If you are a man and you are about to walk up and introduce yourself to a new woman you will have to be careful to not screw this approach up…


…and yes you can make some huge mistakes when it comes to approaching a woman.


When it comes to someone especially woman reading your body language you must know that above all else women need to protect themselves from harm. You must absolutely remember this fact: Women will do what they have to so that they can be protected and if you approach the woman wrong you will get shut down.




Reading body language of approaching a woman
Reading body language of approaching a woman the right way


Really it’s that quick?


Yes instantly,


if you break the boundary of trust of a woman before you have her trust it may never happen and you get no second chance.  


So what are the best ways to approach a woman that allows them to feel safe and read your body language and or nonverbal communication?

  • ·         Always approach a woman from angles and not from behind of straight on
  • ·         Never touch an unknown woman from the back on the shoulder
  • ·         Never grab a woman to get their attention from the front side or the back (this should not have to be stated but some people out there need it)
  • ·         Interrupting a woman speaking may cause you harm
  • ·         If you hang out too long to talk to a woman you have lost value
  • ·         As an added bonus approaching a woman in a bachelorette party will not work out 99.99% of the time, especially when the woman is with their friends.


Reading body language of approaching a woman

If you are a man just for a second imagine the harm that go towards a woman and think about what happens if you startle her? If you scare a person especially a woman from the beginning you will have a tough time gaining her trust. If you scare her good luck getting her phone number, email address or even being friended on Facebook. In all realities you are going to get a fake number.


The best thing to do is to walk into a woman’s sight form an angle so that they can see you so that you do not scare or startle her. You will also want to observe her “bell bubble” and not get too close so that she can see you fully. In this approach you will also want to keep your hands visible so that she can see that you are not a threat. If you have any type of threat that is felt at also she will go into survival mode and you will get rejection instantly.


Reading body language of touching an unknown woman

Approaching a woman from behind and then touching her shoulder to get her attention may get you hurt instantly. It is not a good idea to get attention of a woman from touching her unless you have been out in the dating field for a while or have learned some tricks from Pick up artists (PUA) and even then this approach can go wrong.


Grabbing a woman will do the same thing as touching her but her danger level inside her mind will go up instantly and you will lose any ability to persuade her for contact information.


Reading the body language of interrupting a woman

Sometimes men will want to interrupt a woman to get their attention while approaching them for the first time. You will want to look for a break where she has the chance to address you.


Now PUA’s will teach you the three  second rule and that is: If you see someone that you are attracted to you should and will approach that woman within 3 seconds of seeing her or making eye contact.


Body language expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares how to approach a woman
Reading body language of approaching a single woman


 If you have made eye contact and approach a woman it is different than just walking up and interrupting her.


Think about it for a second you had eye contact and it’s not really interrupting her if she knows you are on your way to talk to her. Now this can go either way you will be received well or you will get shut down.


There are really no other options when it comes to approaching a woman.


Approaching a woman does takes some body language skills and some reading of the situation on your part. Remember that you must think about how she sees your approach as safe or dangerous. If you approach her in a safe manner where she does not see you as a threat you will have a better chance of winning.


If you approach a woman wrong, touch her or interrupt her and your chances of getting another chance of meeting her again with positive results.


Reading body language like an expert requires you to understand and interpret the signs and signals of nonverbal communication and those skills can be gained here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your questions and or comments about approaching a woman.



Now go implement!



Scott Sylvan Bell



Young Woman by David Castillo Dominici, Happy Couple In Night Club by photostock:Photo credit for reading body language of approaching a woman expalined by body language expert Scott Sylvan Bel

Reading body language in pictures part 2

Reading body language of looking at photos: While learning how to ready the body language of others photos do give you some insight of where to start to learn this skill. In the last article on reading body language on understanding and interpreting photos we started out by determining what is important to look at.


Now there is the location of where the person or the people are, the proximity that they are to each other, the hands, the facial expressions and even the shoulders.


Now comes the question of what to look at when reading the body language of men or women in photos?


Reading bodylanguage of photos and filrting women
Reading bodylanguage of photos and attractive women


Who do you look at first in while reading the body language of people in photos?


The best place to start when looking at photos of people to determine their body language or their non verbal communication would be in the center.


The center of the photo is where the focus is normally where the center of attention is and then you would work your way out.


While looking at photos first determine:

  • ·         Who is happy in the photo
  • ·         Who is angry in the photo
  • ·         Who is sad in the photo
  • ·         Are there any weird facial expressions
  • ·         Is anybody holding any objects
  • ·         Does anything seem out of place


 Body language mismatch, who wants one?

Now after looking at what is going on in the photo you will look for a body language mismatch. While reading people you are going to look for people with different emotions. This could mean that nonverbally you see someone with body and facial expressions of being happy and the other person or people being angry.


If the person of the people in question are in a place where they should be happy and their facial expressions and nonverbal communication show that they are not happy this would count as a body language mismatch also.


The same could go from where a person should be surprised and then they are not, this would be another case of a body language mismatch.


If one person is dressed up and the other


Reading body language of the context of the photo.

If there is no mismatch in the body language of the person or the people in the photo next to the main person in the photo what is the context of the situation.

  • ·         Is the photo just for fun?
  • ·         Was there an event that people were going to?
  • ·         How are the people standing are they close or far away?
  • ·         Are the people in weird positions or places?
  • ·         Does it seem like the people want to be there or does it seem like they are trying to get away?


Reading the body language in photos, now you are ready

There is a ton of work to do upfront before you get the chance to read a photo for reading body language. There is so much to look at and understand so that you interpret the photo correctly. Where people make mistakes is where they jump to conclusions and judge a photo too quickly. All of the underlying work is that matters.


Look at the photo two separate times before you make the final analysis of what is going on nonverbally. There isn’t really any rush for you to make a determination as to what is going on.   


Next ask some other people what they think is going on.


Reading body language of men and photos
Reading body language of men in picutures


Once you start getting the same conclusions as other people you will be on the right path when reading the body language of others. You are right it seems like there is more work that imaginable when it comes to determining what body language means. Once you have done the readings a few times it gets easier.


Your interpretation of reading body language through the use pictures is how or where the best way to start to learn how to read nonverbal communication.


To learn how to read body language and get an understanding of what peoples actions, signs and signals mean here is your best source.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading the body language of others in photos.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Reading and interpreting body language photo credits:  Blowing A Kiss by Ambro, Boy by africa

Reading body langauge:Knowing your social value – part 2

Reading body language:
Learning how to read body language is a skill that compounds over time. Your
abilities to read nonverbal communication will become faster and more intense.
It may be that your skills for reading body language is not very advanced and
you may know the basics. When taking a look at pictures your skills may even
take longer in the beginning.


You may have learned about social value and what it means
when people see your non-verbal communication in real time.


There is a second part to learning about social value but
also living it. Self-control would be the missing aspect of social value.


Your ability to control yourself or the self-control factor is
always on display when in public or when transmitted on video and maybe past
the non-verbal area in audio form.


You are constantly being judged by those who are watching
you whether they are part of or associated with what you are doing.


You should be asking yourself:

  • Who is watching my actions?
  • What are others thinking?
  • Will there only be positive thoughts of my
    actions or can there be negative beliefs about what I am doing?
  • Can my actions be misconstrued?


These self-check questions are just guide lines to make sure
that you are being perceived as being seen as a positive light. Remember there
is always going to be a person who has to interpret what you are acting it.
This becomes even more important where you can lose value from others who are


Self control is a huge part of your non verbal or body language
communication and just for a second you are a salesperson and you do make
mistakes that would cause you to lose social value, do you think that you will
make the sale or transaction?


When was the last time that you were somewhere and there was
a person who was acting out of place? Was it uncomfortable? How did you feel
about the person? What thoughts did you assume about the person?


Every day when you are in public and you are communicating
your nonverbal communications are being judged as:

•           Positive
social value

•           Exempt
social value

•           No social
value or negative social value


One of the best ways to increase your body language skills
is to go to a bar or pub and watch people after they have a few to drink. The
people who have had a few drinks will let their guard down and not pay attention
to what they are doing like a person who is sober. Just remember if you decide
to drink you may be the person who is being judged if you do not control


I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and
or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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How to ready body language a short explaination part 1

Reading body language now: What is body language may be a
common question asked from so many people. Body language is a snapshot of what
your body is doing while you are talking or listening to someone talk or even
just what people think what you believe someone means from their actions and
not words.


In today’s business climate there is no room for error in
communication to the slightest. Every advantage that you can have in your tool
bag gives you and advantage over your competition or even someone else in your
company. This may help you get or save the job or even help you make your
company look better in a bad situation.


What happens when you misread a situation and react to what
you consider someone’s non verbal communication or body language and you are
wrong? What happens when you are right?


What would your persuasive selling skills do if you were
able to read the language of someone’s body and you had the upper hand in a


What would you give to know if someone is fabricating the
truth or even lying to you?


What would happen if you could read the body language of men
to determine if a guy was into you or your best friend?


All of these skills can be used for everything from getting
a date to making a sale. You can use your abilities to use verbal and nonverbal
communication skills to your advantage in just about every situation.


Having the ability to read body language may be confused
with mentalist techniques or the ability to read minds but not in some freak
show fashion where people are scared of you.


One of the many questions asked about the ability of body
language communication skills is: Does it take time to learn or is it difficult
to learn?


Your answer would depend upon how much time you have and what
specifically you would like to be able to do.


There are plenty of myths and so called secrets of body language
and while some of them are true many of them are false.


What you will learn over time is that just like all learning
you will get out of the subject what you put into it.


There are so many skills to learn and situations where you
can determine who is trying to influence or persuade or who is not having a
good day. Learning how to read people can be fun and sometimes time consuming.


Reading non verbal communication is more than just an interpretation
or snapshot of a moment it is looking at the surroundings and the context of the
situation to determine what someone is saying with not just their words but
also their body. Facial expressions, hand movements, proximity and even
clothing may determine what communication is saying vs what is really being


As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell



Reading body language: What not to do with your hands

Reading body language: One of the largest mistakes people make when communicating is probably something that they would not ever think of off the top of their head.

Many times people have no clue as to what their hands are doing, where their hands are going. Even worse the Person who is under scrutiny has not idea what non-verbal message that they are delivering. While reading body language it is important to note that whatever the internal meaning of the body language is to the viewer that is their reality. The viewer thinks you are put off so they react. The viewer things you are interested so they act accordingly. There is plenty of room to be wrong in any instance when reading body language.

Super huge point: You can guess the wrong thing as to what body language is saying. Deciphering is not just the case of looking at just one picture and knowing instantly what the other person is thinking or feeling. You can read a situation wrong and it can be detrimental to whatever you are doing.

When it comes to you or someone else out in public where you can go wrong is by touching your face. If you are in sales it is absolutely imperative that you do not touch your face with your fingers. If it is possible using your shoulder or the back of your hand is recommended.

Just think of what this action says to your potential client whether they are reading your body language the right or the wrong way.

If you touch your nose for instance that person may be thinking “I hope he doesn’t try and shake my hand” instead of focusing on your sales message. This is just one way that your body language can hurt your abilities.

Another possibility is that the person who is reading your body language may think that you are fidgeting and may not be trustworthy. Now remember their reading of your body language has nothing to do with your intentions  just what they believe.

Pinocchio was this mythical creature that when he lied his nose grew. In many instances where people lie they start touching their face and you may or may not pick up on it subconsciously. This is a huge reason alone why you should not touch your face whether in a sales call or talking to a significant other.

Many times when people lie their body language will show through as they will try to either cover their mouth after lying or they will with motions try to put the words back into their mouths by making a cupping motion. In some instances the offender will actually use both of their hands and roll them over the top of each other.

Lastly some people will rub their necks as a result of a lie but this is not always the case the person may be under stress and the neck rubbing is how they deal with it.

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.

Now go implement!

Scott Sylvan Bell

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Reading body language: How to learn how to read the language of the body

Reading body language now: It seems that having the ability
to read nonverbal communications is all the rage right now. The reason is that
it gives you a leg up on sales, negotiations and just every other aspect of

It seems that everyone want to take a course on the subject
to become some sort of body language expert to get on television.

For you to learn how to read body language now there are a
few tips that you can use almost instantly.

  • Start watching television for a few moments with
    the sound off to get the context of what the people are saying.
  • Go to a bar around midnight and watch how people
    interact at about midnight
  • Go to places where your language is not the
    common language used.

Reading body language comes easier when you understand the
nuances of the people around you. To use the body language tip of watching
television with the volume off, there is a second part. Your job is to take
notes and guess what is going on. You will then watch the show with the volume
on to see how close you were to the context of what you wrote down in your

It is super important that you actually take notes and not
just do them mentally. Yes you can shortcut your learning process of reading
body language but that will end up hurting your persuasive abilities in the

If you go to a bar a few hours before they close the people
who have been drinking will be more relaxed and their body language will be
slightly more exaggerated. Your ability to detect what the non-verbal context
of conversations will be easier. As you learn how to read body language this
tip does make it faster.

Lastly if you go to a place where you do not speak the same
language like a restaurant or store you will be almost forced into reading into
what is going on around you. Your job once again is to guess the context of
conversations around you.

The first place to watch is the hands of the people who are
your subjects you hope to learn body language from. See how the people you are
watching use gestures to communicate, is the pace fast or slow? Is the stage or
area they are using small and within the areas of the body or are they huge and
way outside the frame of the body. The stage that people use can help determine
the context of the conversations people around you are having.

Lastly on word of caution when out and about to learn how to
read body language and that is to act normal and calm. Of you seem that you are
too interested in the people around you they may feel uncomfortable and start
to react to you. Your job is to be covert while learning this persuasive skill.
If you are watching the people or group too much and they feel uncomfortable
you may want to introduce yourself and explain what is going on. You would be surprised
to find out how interested the people will become about learning how to read
body language.

As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or
questions in advance

Scott Sylvan Bell

Now go implement!

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Learn how to read body language here. Increasing your non verbal communication skills is almost a must know to get ahead in todays business world.

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