Reading body language of a first date part 3

Reading body language: As the first date goes on and you have made a good first impression, you have met in the right spot and used the correct body language so far as to give off the best body language that could be read. The next areas to make sure that you have paid attention to correctly is to not touch the other person too much or be too close in proximity.


What you are looking at can break body language rapport

The communication that you portray from giving good eye attention can make or break a first date even if you have done everything well so far. Now this is beyond eye contact in a sense it is more of what are you paying attention to in your peripheral vision. He or she may react to your lack of attention being paid to them.


Reading body language for a man on a first date
Reading body language for a woman on a first date


So you haven’t inappropriately stared at his or her body parts but you keep checking out another person across from you at the other booth or at the counter. Your lack of interest can be read through your body language.


Most people can tell when and where you have lost interest in them and their story.


One of the biggest distractors possible is a cell phone. The best idea is to turn yours off and put it in a pocket you’re a bag to keep you from looking at it all the time or creating a distraction that isn’t needed.  


What you are wearing not just for clothes but also accessories

Your body language and how other read you will be determined your clothing. Wear the wrong clothes to a first date and you have lost social value to your date. If you do not dress up enough for him or her they may think that you do not care enough or think that they are special. If you dress up too much it may seem over the top and your nonverbal communication could be saying that you are showing off.


Your clothes do matter


How they fit matter also


If they are too tight it may seem to the new date that you do not care about yourself or your image and the same goes for if your clothes are too lose.


Your attention to detail

The details that you pay attention to when it comes to your body language and clothing and how other will read it may give you the upper hand on your first date.


You make sure that your shoes are polished, your gig line is straight (that is where your placket or button line on your shirt matches up with your belt buckle), your belt color matches your shoes, your clothes have been rolled with a lint brush, your grooming has been done correctly or your ear, eyebrow and nose hair have all been trimmed or dealt with in a fashion that makes you look better. All of these small things will make the difference in how the other person sees you and once again your body language will react to the other person.


Reading body language of a man while on a first date
Reading body language of a woman while on a first date


Part of the details for you to pay attention to also would be to show up on time another huge nonverbal communication of respect.


There are so many little things that go into how people read the body language of men or women and how all of those little items interact with each other to form your nonverbal communications that could be taken as signs or signals of flirting or rejection. The interpretation of your actions may be misunderstood without the proper planning.

 Reading body language is a skill you can learm here

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about body language on a first date.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


Photo credit:  Lovers by photostock, Romantic Honeymoon Couple by photostock