Reading body language of fashion

Reading body language: Understanding and interpreting human behavior can take someone many places. When it comes to reading body language there are so many things to look at to determine what someone is thinking and in a way people who are good at reading body language may sometimes come across as clairvoyant or even mind readers.


There are some significant items to look at while interpreting nonverbal communication and in some instances these items may carry more weight in given situations.


One item in specifics that may give a huge insight as to what people are saying without saying is it is their choice for fashion.


Reading the body language of a CEO

Think about it this way for a second. If you were to look at a fortune 500 CEO and see him in his custom business suit would his body language read differently while he was in his uniform vs if he were out on a beach working on a tan in board shorts?


The answer would depend upon the CEO and how they view themselves but for the most part a person’s attire will directly affect their actions verbally and nonverbally.


For some people what they decide to wear becomes their outfit to become a super hero. Now this may or may not sound strange but some people build their confidence from what they wear. If they are in some attire that they feel makes them better for any given reason they become more confident.


There are some people who don’t care about what they wear and there are others who care about what they wear because of the opinion of their peers.  


In a business setting with one of these CEO’s their attire may cause them to be seen as a hero or as a villain to their peers.


Reading the body language of fashion attire causes one to question, is the person wearing their outfit, gear or costume because they want to or because of the peer pressure to fit into a mold or category that has been defined by another person or group.


Take for instance the CEO who is in the board shorts, would his message be the same visually if he were to give a presentation in those board shorts vs. in his custom suit?


Is there a reason that his suit would need to be custom because it is expected or because he or even she is worried about what people think of their fashion sense or style?


The answer may be both reasons. He or she may need to wear their attire that is specified to fit into the mold that has been created and followed since who knows when.


For a man who would be used to some of the custom labels like Canali or Ermenegildo Zegna with a super 160 fabric or higher, an off the rack suit basic super 110 fabric may destroy his confidence (for the intents of this article the higher the number on the fabrics the better the wool used). This could be the same for his tie, shirts, shoes and even cuff links. In some instances peoples watches can be their super hero attire that they use for confidence.


Reading body language of fashion and women
Reading body langauge of fashionable clothing


Reading body language of women and fashion

Some women and even men are really into fashion. The designer for them really matters, the colors of the clothes really matter, the fit really matters and even the materials really matter.


Name off a bunch of designers and these people would know who they are easily: Versace, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tom Ford, Brioni, Armani, Prada and they could talk about each of their fashion lines. Now these names could go on forever whether European or even some of the American designers.


When someone is confident and comfortable their body language reads entirely different from when a person is uncomfortable and lacks confidence and clothing plays a big part of that.


Confident people tend to:

  • ·         Walk more smoothly as it almost seems as an unlabored glide
  • ·         Sit up straight more consistently
  • ·         They may keep their hands away from their body as protection
  • ·         Their breathing pattern may be relaxed
  • ·         There is more of a calmness to them overall
  • ·         Verbally they seem to talk faster with an almost exacting knowledge


Some people gather these feelings and abilities from what they wear.


Reading into the body language of a man or woman who is uncomfortable would show:

  • ·         A general lack of confidence throughout their body, they may try to make themselves smaller in stature to not stand out.
  • ·         Some stress in their facial expressions and even sometimes sheer fear or frustration could be seen in the reactions
  • ·         Maybe a rapid pace of breathing almost to a panic
  • ·         A haphazard approach to their nonverbal actions where they would not seem consistent or smooth. In some instances they would seem out of place
  • ·         They may be shifty or fidgety with their hands playing with buttons or even a pen


Reading the body language of a man or woman’s fashion may show both the positives and negatives of their nonverbal communication.


For a man or woman who is used to being seen in a specific clothing style or designer they may have problems appearing in public or in the board room in something that would not be deemed good or desirable from their peers.


Women love their shoes and they are not just and accessory they make the outfit, if they had to show up somewhere in a pair of shoes that would get them ridiculed by other women their confidence would be decreased for the most part and their body language would show the signs of their stress. A women who is used to wearing $2,500 Christian Louboton shoes may have trouble going out for a night in $20 off brand basics especially if she knows that she will be judged by other women.


Reading body language of fashion and women
Reading body language of fashion through deisgner brands


Reading body language of purses and watches with confidence

Celebrity women or even just regular women may also need to have the latest or greatest purse or handbag by one of the top designers Hermes comes to mind with their $25,000 Birkin Bag. Sometimes just this article alone can be the device used as the super hero powers like a man and his Rolex or other similar watch that shows status to the rest of the world.


Some men or women seem to float as they walk by with their fashionable attire. In some instances this float may become arrogance or may even make up for a lack of confidence. The body language that is read may sow contempt to the people who are around them for whatever reason or the man or the woman may just turn their nose up at others around them.


Take away some of these peoples status symbols of fashion or accessories and the men or women lose their super-secret special powers and abilities.


Reading body language of fashion and designers may help you understand and interpret why a person has confidence of lacks it.


Reading body language homework

You have something in your closet or drawers that make you a super hero or feel like a villain sit down for a moment and figure out if those items or that single item is your source of confidence or if you are confident in general. It is a help to know what makes you feel better when your body language is being read and needs to project confidence and knowledge. For some it may be a tie, a suit, a watch, underwear, a pair of slingbacks (that’s a type of women’s shoe for the men who are reading think high heels), a bag or even a big fat diamond ring.


Take the time to understand why these items make you feel better and become your own internal super hero and it may surprise you what you find out.


Reading body language like an expert is a skill that can be learned. Understanding and interpreting nonverbal communication is a strategy that can help you in business life as well as your social life.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or question about reading the body language of fashion.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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